Dive boat owner gives insight into deadly California boat fire

Dive boat owner gives insight into deadly California boat fire 1


In an interview with CNN's Alisyn Camerota, dive boat owner Ken Kurtis, who was familiar with the boat in the deadly California fire, said he is certain they had firefighting capabilities on board, but probably couldn't get to them because of the severity of the fire. #CNN #News

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  1. This is not a Freak incident, there was Malice. As a diver with over thousands dives under my belt, this was very disturbing.

  2. HORRIBLE HEADLINE!! It implies this person owns the boat that caught fire!!! Who’s the idiot editor in charge?

    • YouWillbe Mocked | September 3, 2019 at 12:06 PM | Reply

      @B Bodziak You sound very ANGRY… have you been sniffing TUKHUS ODOR? Usually if you sniff a lot of TUKHUS ODOR, it can make you angry…

    • I agree. Now everyone is going to think he is the owner of the boat because most people only read the headline and see his face. The network puts people in danger. Whatever staffer or intern wrote this headline, you need to beg your editor to change it stat. CNN doesn’t even read the comments on youtube. It’s considered low level.

    • Yeah they should have put a dive boat owner. But they dont care. Lol. CNN is one of the worst. They’ll do anything for views. Even interviewing traumatized kids.

    • @I. M. well your in the minority!! Or your looking for an argument cause nothing their implied he was the boat owner! Don’t be one of THOSE guys!

    • @YouWillbe Mocked No, I just think it’s ignorant for a handful of people like you to hurl insults at others for something the majority of people did. Grow up!

  3. TheDesert IsPatient | September 3, 2019 at 10:04 AM | Reply

    If a fire is so threatening to a boat like that why don’t they have basic fire alarms? Did the crew just chicken out?

    • YouWillbe Mocked | September 3, 2019 at 12:03 PM | Reply

      @shortyshark1 Jokes aside thate Bub….Why have you named yourself “ShortyShark” – don’t you know that’s the NAME of a BUTTPLUG?

    • @YouWillbe Mocked I personally have never purchased an anal toy. Have you bought many?

    • @shortyshark1 Not funny at all. Well, I am laughing at the ignorance of both of you. We all know that men, like you two, who throw jabs at someone simply because they happen to be gay, are not secure in their own masculinity, and many, just like you, continue to have emotional issues dealing with the “gay encounter” you experienced as a young boy — the exploration encounter most boys have with their best friend in their young years. The problem is that you are unlike most men and women who are mature enough to understand that the majority of adults have at least one of these same-sex encounter as a child. It’s a normal curiosity youngsters have about their own bodies, and when two of those kids are playing together, that instinctual and natural curiosity comes out. Also, studies show that the earlier a child is “accidentally” exposed to a visual of something sexual, ie, finding their dad’s hidden Playboy/girl will usually spark the curiosity earlier, and if he/she shows it to a same sex friend, often that friend is the one with whom they have the “encounter(s)”. So, @Shortshark1 , while not everyone is like you, there’s still no reason for you to be insecure in your masculinity simply because you were 6yrs old and “played with/touched” your 6yr old friend’s scrotum because it really is considered a “normal” experience in childhood. That means you no longer have to constantly defend your “manhood” by using the term “gay” as an insult– your 1st grade friend didn’t” turn you even a little gay”. Once you’re comfortable with that, you can move the big kids table and eventually the grown-up’s! Yay for you!

    • @YouWillbe Mocked My comment to @Shortyshark1 is also directed directly to you.

    • @B Bodziak sweetie… I’m a female. This kid is obviously trolling. He isn’t funny and I keep proving that. Calm down

  4. Anybody else think this is mass murder? It’s sooo shady.

  5. 5/6 crewmembers made it out but not the passengers?

    • @Craig Gomez Dude! Sid is right. You literally compared it to a terrorist attack, Flight 93, then said where did I compare – blah, blah. Certain brutal irony in your ignorance commentary.

    • sid r were you there no we don’t know how bad it was it was at 3 in the morning people were sleeping not thinking adrenaline rushing I want to see you save people in that situation and do everything right I bet you would run off the boat and not help anyone in the situation

    • @sid r They may not have had access to those below if the fire started there. A caller on Brian Sussman show, who’s been on that very same yacht many times, THOUGHT it might possibly have been caused by a lithium battery from a phone, camera, computer. He said the boat very safe and up to code.

    • Jawbreaker Snack yes

    • sid r , the boat had a tight stairwell , and once a fire got near the diving cylinders they became bombs

  6. Highly unlikely it was locked and no extinguishers with tons of tanks on board for divers and 3 days of diving

    • DIVINE DECREED DEVIL DAMNATION: Doomsday destruction – desolation – depopulation. Deliberately doing devastating damages, delivering duly deserved devilish deaths + demonic demises!!!

    • thoughts and condolences are nothing!! we need to ban assault boats with high capacity gas tanks!!! BOAT CONTROL NOW!!!!

    • YouWillbe Mocked | September 3, 2019 at 11:54 AM | Reply

      @Girraft Very True…! And all those Killed were GAYS, so this is OBVIOUSLY a HATE CRIME!


    • YouWillbe Mocked | September 3, 2019 at 12:02 PM | Reply

      @Girraft It was WHITE, MALE, and CIS-GENDER… (the worst of the worst!)

  7. Have the remains of Jeffrey Epstein’s partner in crime Ghislaine Maxwell been identified yet?

    • conference Justice lmao. That’s hilarious. If the military had any moral and ethical standards, this would never happen. But if Trump wanted it to be so..I would not be surprised. Lmao

    • @Seven Eighty Communists will take your guns and rights.

    • Seven Eighty         You said something along the lines of ……………….   *”Us working class people don’t have time for this nonsense””   ………………………….    Yet here you are. Why aren’t you working?

    • Linda Wagner you do realize that the idea of gun rights is not a God given right, right? The constitution is a government contract with the people. That contract, those rights, can be taken away, and your ability to feel entitled to own anything can be removed by simple motions of a government takeover. All you need is a President who fires evryvody, hires the wrong people, politicizes all branches of government, and tries to take America back to a time where laws and policies were made to benefit the few.

  8. I highly doubt that boat was a smoke free zone.

  9. Install a super alarm bell, that wakes everyone up.
    Effectively: EVERYONE ON DECK!!

    • like the navy has? Yeah that will wake everyone up on the boat and most likely in the area too which is why the navy has that to both alert the crew on board and send a signal to others that there is trouble on the boat that requires that alarm being triggered

  10. Chris Drakerton | September 3, 2019 at 10:56 AM | Reply

    20 bodies? Damn. So sad. My thoughts and condolences, truly heart broken.

    • thoughts and condolences are nothing!! we need to ban assault boats with high capacity gas tanks!!! BOAT CONTROL NOW!!!!

    • YouWillbe Mocked | September 3, 2019 at 11:39 AM | Reply

      20 ? I thought it was 25? Can you imagine it? 25 GAYS killed with one single BOAT? We need sensible BOAT LEGISLATION now… No one should be able to kill 25 Homosexuals with a single BOAT…

    • That’s just the truth sorry if it disturbed your fragile millennial mind 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Chris Drakerton | September 3, 2019 at 12:18 PM | Reply

      Lots of heartless clowns on right now. Some things should go unsaid as courtesy and respect for human lives, no matter what year you were born. Sadly our president has lowered the mental capabilites and morals of his followers.

  11. Why would there be locked in a compartment with 2 ways out but 1 is locked

  12. This guy is laughing and telling jokes. Disrespectful.

  13. It’s pretty obvious he’s here to run damage control for his boy not to give insight into a possible cause

    • No dummy. It’s not his boat. He’s articulating that all vessels are required to have firefighting equipment and are subject to regular inspections.

    • True. You could tell when he said that “only” five of six of the crew made it off.

    • McNulty's Sober Companion | September 3, 2019 at 12:29 PM | Reply

      I disagree, bloodstar. I personally don’t come away from this interview thinking any less or any better about the owner of the accident-boat, based on anything the man-being-interviewed said.

      I just have a bit more insight into what *may have* happened. Which was the point.

      As a boat owner who is active in the dive community, his insight into what may have happened is valuable.

  14. We gotta find out who was on that boat. It could be a key importance for this case😉

  15. My questions are simple.
    Do any of the crew have burns from trying to save anybody?
    How fast did the whole crew jump ship and leave the passengers?
    Who regulates and checks off on fire extinguishers/suppression system on Commercial Boats and did they follow it?
    Other than that, it is a terrible paradox to be in water but be on fire and the only way out is the same way the fire is going bc it wants oxygen to keep growing, and if u happen to pass out, youll just drown. secret hatch or not they still would’ve had to have some fire extinguishers/suppression system and at least some wouldve been saved.🙏📿 God bless their families.

  16. What a tragedy. 3AM they might be some drunk ppl on broad. 🙏🙏🙏

  17. Everyone is so quick to attack the crew. I mean it may come out that they ran from the people they were supposed to protect but we don’t know yet. If it was gas that lit up it could have happened so fast they couldn’t respond before the heat was simply too intense. IDK they already have to live with this, lets all be patient and support the victims.

  18. I’m so glad the conspiracy theorists had joined the discussion. It adds so much.

  19. The stupidest people on the planet are in the YouTube comment section. Why investigate when they can just log on here and find out??

  20. CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, “How can we blame Trump for this”?

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