‘Divide And Conquer Strategy’ In Texas To Protect Voting Rights 1

‘Divide And Conquer Strategy’ In Texas To Protect Voting Rights


Texas State Representative Jasmine Crockett (D) discusses the Democratic officials from her state heading to Capitol Hill to lobby U.S. senators to pass voting rights legislation, and says she was disappointed they could not score a meeting with Sen. Joe Manchin

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    1. Only because Republicans REFUSE to work with us. You can participate and work together, or you can obstruct and take what you get

  1. “Divide and conquer” sounds like what the media is trying to do to this nation. The one thing they are actually good at…..cause its definitely not reporting fair and balanced news.

    1. @espy Yet democrats are against voter ID and call it “racist” – no we’re not on the same side.

      They’ve constantly fought to avoid having their voter registration rolls purged of dead people and people who moved out of the state.

      Their claim to be for voter integrity is demonstrably false, so no, we’re not on the same side.

      Secretaries of state are not protecting voting if they do not allow voter registration rolls to be purged and do not go along with voter ID for all.

    2. @ForumLight None of those things are protected in the constitution. You know the same thing that has the second amendment in it.

    3. @Pasiempre It is a GREAT that the MAJORITY of America agrees!!!!!!!!!!!!, But PLEASE by all means inform me of “how deep” it goes!!!! I will wait

  2. Divide and conquer sounds like what this nation’s politicians are trying to do to us and succeeding in many instances.

    1. @Scott Graham doesn’t sound you believe Obiden really won…He certainly didnt the battle within your mind.

    2. @June SC the democrats are stil same party today as they were back then. I also live in the present day but ever since I was shot & paralized in 06 I’ve had plenty of time to really pay attention to whats really going on instead of just listening to what your media handlers are telling you. I’m telling you the democrat party are still the same old racist party they’ve always been the only difference is how they operate. They’re still using & abusing the black people for their gain just like they did in the past , 5hey just use them in different ways since they can’t use them as slave workers anymore.
      Currently 1 of the most racist politicians in Washington is sitting in the white house but when Biden & other democrats make racist comments the media is silent. At the same time they are always telling other people with no history of racist comments or actions that they’re racist.

    1. He didn’t want to hear the truth of how his scheme with his Republican colleagues have helped them rig elections all across America and how from now on the Republican crooks would always win elections thanks to his action to allow them to keep minorities and registered Democrats from voting. Joe Mansions knows what is going on he simply doesn’t care since he is a right-wing implant placed inside the Democratic Party to do the evil biddings of the Republican criminal organization! He, Moscow Mitch, Mark Meadows, Miss Lindsey, Kevin McCarthy, and Ron Johnson are the 6-headed snakes of the Republican Party!

  3. If you need an ID to collect welfare, collect unemployment, or buy a gun, requiring it for voting should be a no brainer.

    1. @Gina Psaki you know youre agreeing with his point yeah it’s a no-brainer you need an ID to vote

    2. @razerfish omg you said the h word and didn’t get deleted. You must be doing fine work for YouTube sir

    3. @razerfish Lmao the stopping of giving out water and food has nothing to do with being black you bozo.

    1. The only instances of voter fraud in the last election included a guy who killed his wife and used her identity to vote for Trump (Barry Morphew,) and a guy in Philly who voted for Trump for his dead mom (Bruce Bartman.) The fact that they were caught is a testament to how unnecessary these new restrictions are; and the fact that there were so few instances is a testament to how unusual “voter fraud” actually is.

    2. Without vote integrity there may as well be no vote and therefore no one has voter rights. Except the socialist dictators.

    3. @Kevin Lawrence That is the problem right there. Accuse EVERYONE of being a racist. For all you know Jimbob could be a 60 YO black man. What he said had ZERO to do with race!!!!!

    4. @camber8883 supporting the GQP and their Jim Crow-era-like voter suppression efforts is and always will be a demonstration of white supremacy/racism.

    1. @Frank Police Squad ,greedy capitalists like Trump are responsible for a lot of deaths. Keep fooling yourself.

    1. Its get how we are stopping these marxist fools at the state level. the extreme left wing news media are going crazy over it. hissy fit after hissy fit

    2. Can you explain that? I don’t some people think the truth should be hidden if it will upset somebody. As if saying “Trump is a liar” is an attempt to divide because Trump supporters don’t like it. Or that Obama was divisive because he elevated people others don’t like.

      Do you think it was divisive to have politicians name calling and putting Americans against each other for years? Eg. One of the replies seems to be influenced by that effort. Attacking liberals the way it does

    3. @AllYourBase All I know is that President Trump will be visiting the Border with Texas Governor Abbott. President Trump will be the first to visit the US border… before Biden or Kamakla ……unbelievable.

  4. Why would he hear from texas democrats when he represents west virginia? Your coverage and the DNC is a joke.

    1. @June SC a troll at least has free and original thought, a bot just does what its told to do. Later China June

    2. @Mike Morgan You go from arguing the need for Voter ID.. which doesn’t need to be solved due to our Voter Registration practices.. to then arguing about how we tabulate and store votes.. which would still be faith based even if you replaced those counters of the vote with partisan poll workers.. at this point you’ve lost the debate and your’e throwing anything at the wall hoping the superstition will stick.. stop watching Faux News and listening to Q.

  5. How are they doing drive-thru voting, if they “can’t get a drivers license”. Hmm…get your lies straight ladies.

    1. Right…so they can find someone to take them to vote, but it’s apparently impossible to get a ride to get an I.D.? A state I.D. Is free…

    2. @Marc Anthony Jr. not worried at all. They say they don’t have means to get to a DMV for an I.D. But they sure can find a ride to a polling place . They can’t be this ignorant to think “they got me!”

    3. @Charles Rezac
      Says the people who say it’s impossible for people to get rides to get a free I.D.

    4. @Jacob Talley what “free” ID? I live in a state where you pay extra to get your picture on your driver’s license, and it’s not optional. Who’s paying for these free IDs you claim are available. And if some people have to get voter IDs, why shouldn’t everyone?

    1. @Barbie Dahl and we’re saying that voting shouldn’t be easier than getting alcohol. Most countries that have elections have voter ID. Do you hear them screeching about how it oppresses minorities?

    2. @Ix -XIC I live in New York, have been a poll worker for over a decade and we don’t have problems like you guys are crying about here. There is no widespread fraud here or elsewhere. It’s a boogie man that’s used to get simple-minded people upset over nothing. And by this they steal eligible people’s legitimate right to vote. Also, buying alcohol is a privilege, not a right, so it should be harder to buy alcohol.

    3. @Barbie Dahl alcohol is a right actually. If you had read the 21st amendment you’d understand that. Getting state issued ID isn’t hard and you are insulting the intelligence of the people you pretend to help with that kind of rhetoric.

  6. How about some facts instead of hearsay and opinions. Exactly what restrictions are you referring too?

    1. They ARE the fraud, the vote ELIMINATORS, going after black voters who vote Democratic. That’s it. Vote tampering is a federal crime, punishable by prison time. That’s it.

    2. Got any proof? Is it Italians with spy statellites? Did you take the small school bus when you were a kid?

  7. It’s the least that Junk Mansion could have done was met with you all this shows is how disrespectful he is!

  8. I would like to see the exact wording in any law that would stop a legal living U.S citizen with Identification from voting on voting day.

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