Divisions in the Green Party? Annamie Paul on MPs defection to Liberals 1

Divisions in the Green Party? Annamie Paul on MPs defection to Liberals


Green Party Leader Annamie Paul discusses internal rifts in her party as MP Jenica Atwin leaves to join the Liberal Party.

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  1. It is interesting that regardless of who is at the helm of a political party and throughout time, leaders do not answer the questions that are posed to them. Greens, Liberals, NDPs, and Conservatives have something in common, the ability to respond to a question with a clear and unashamed/unremorseful whataboutism. Theatre at its finest.

    1. Tiny addon: Regardless if I disagree with or have a concern about what an interviewee is saying, it is distracting and the antithesis of integrity when Evan Solomon is engaging in constantly interrupting. Evan appears to be interrupting an interviewee’s response so that he can try to gain a gotcha moment over the interviewee. It’s terrible, immature, and a distracting form of reporting.

  2. Vancouver Coastal Heath slandered my name in file, and has had me blacklisted for bringing up questions about my past medical treatment. I haven’t been able to get my heart medication for over three years now and I am progressively getting worse. All the advocates here are funded by VCH and thus refuse to help me. I do have documents. Please send help.

  3. She totally betrayed the party , she has been plotting for a long time , and has absolutely betrayed her community in Fredricton , they voted you in on green values , NOT corrupt liberal values .

  4. The reality is Atwin just thinks that she will be an MP longer under the Liberal banner than under Green.

  5. Green, liberal, ndp, doesn’t really make a difference, the Conservatives aren’t even all that much different.

  6. So since Jenica didn’t like how Annamie refused to speak up against the conflict, she decided to join a party that completely supports Israel? That’s so disheartening

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