DJ Boom Boom: TVJ Entertainment Interview - April 30 2021 1

DJ Boom Boom: TVJ Entertainment Interview – April 30 2021


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  1. Dont beg Andrew holiness nothing mek him move from yah so because him nuh have no power over we kmft dutty government

  2. Desperation cause a man fi give in….so mi know sey DEPOPULATION a happen right in front we eyes ….last days we living now!!! REVELATION..

    1. Fr bro…The key is to depopulated no vaccine we nuh frighten fi foreign or money (Ntn)

  3. Music a one of the best thing ina Jamaica that can make u be wealthy without any qualifications and legally

  4. The dancehall artist give away more than the government system jamaica right now..

  5. The people them fe just neat up the ting and do the right ting so the covid cases go down and the PM can ease up the restrictions

  6. I personally love how BumBum did MC the virtual stage show on TV. I hope they use him as MC when things open up back. He got that Tommy Cowan yes indeed vibes and Bagga Brown energy. Barry G was hot back then. BumBum a good MC and him not in no mix up fi real.

  7. Please We Have To Repent And Gives Our Life To JESUS CHRIST He’s Worthy To Be Praise!!!

  8. What Is It For A Man To Gain The World And Lose His Soul…Give JESUS CHRIST The Glory The Vaccine Is A Trapped Set From The Devil…Whole It Mi Bredda Your Soul Values Way More Than Anything Money Can Buys You On Earth !

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