DJ Frass: TVJ Entertainment Report Interview - April 24 2021 1

DJ Frass: TVJ Entertainment Report Interview – April 24 2021


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  1. Alkaline found out who he really is and drop him like a bad habit
    Alkaline wiser and old an know the street codes (real G’s move in silence)

  2. Lol, Notnice really expose this fool & Khago is gonna get some money outta him especially if he sues him in an overseas court.

  3. Sense alkaline left from roun frass , frass col up . Apologise to d vendetta crew n start find bk yuh self.

  4. Dj frass a nuh damn producer him just have some talented hungry belly yutes round him with the real talent weh him can use

  5. I honestly think guys like dj. Frass are musical vultures that use the little money they have to overshadow,prey on and buy out the youths with the real talent.

  6. Most producer a thief but dem cyaa tief khago him no The business am a upcoming learning From khago grass astonished

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