DNC 2020: Joe Biden to accept nomination at convention | USA TODAY 1

DNC 2020: Joe Biden to accept nomination at convention | USA TODAY


Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to promote his experience in public office before accepting the Democratic nomination.
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  1. wow ummm, i’m sure it’s just the algorithm but damn youtube, you censored the tribute to john lewis and also a live performance (that is clearly a part of the dnc/video) due to “music rights restrictions”; i’d sort that out….

    1. My assumption is that it was someone botting. Judging by the pretty even mix of pro and anti Biden sentiment in the thread, the number of down votes seemed disproportionately high, but more importantly, unnaturally immediate after the speech.

  2. … and when you go on the CNN chanel, you’ll find this speech separated exactly before this moment…

  3. 2:26:48 last time they duplicated zoom participants and now since they got caught, just leave the squares blank ? 😆 How unorganized is that

  4. You gotta wonder, those unfortunate black folks like me working for the DNC… it’s not fair that they have to put up with such abuse from Biden. It’s 2020 after all, can’t a presidential candidate keep his less polite opinions to himself?

  5. Democrat party has lost my vote!

    I’m not into depending on being a victim like they want me to be.

    And I saw first hand what former First Lady/man tried to divide black white yellow brown!
    Before it was just black and white, now the black crooks in office want us to hate everyone that’s not black!!!

  6. We’re here for a very simple reason :to defend the right of every child, born and unborn, to fulfill their God _given potential. Save the children
    Trump 2020

  7. When I was on this site earlier there were thousands of DISLIKES, Where’d they go? Who’s Biden speaking to besides the prompter? He just said he’s proud to be the next presidential candidate, And nothing, No applauding, NOTHING. And that was not Hunter Biden, Or Ashley. I put their pictures up besides the stills on this video and it’s not even close… Joe of course doesn’t remember, But just 8 month ago America had the greatest economy ever, Right before this political FLU. And Joe! Endorsing Obama when he’s under investigation for Treason among other crimes isn’t such a good idea, Unless you actually think you have a chance in your hell of winning. And the cure for the conoravirus is NOV. 3rd.

  8. 2:25:17 Biden: ” _This is the United States of America. There’s never been anything we’ve been able to accomplish when we’ve done it together._ ”


  9. “I don’t know what Universe”; Michell Obama is living in; Ya “It Is What It Is” Michell ?

  10. The major U.S. media covering up the fact that Biden is a cognitively elderly man who is clearly incapable of serving as president of the United States is anti-American, anti-democratic and under the influence of the Chinese Communist Party. The American people who continue to be deceived by these US media are stupid and threaten the freedom of the whole world and invite the hegemony of the Chinese Communist Party.

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