DNC Chair: GOP Reaction To Biden Vaccine Mandate Is ‘Unhinged’ 1

DNC Chair: GOP Reaction To Biden Vaccine Mandate Is ‘Unhinged’

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison joins Jonathan Capehart to discuss why the GOP meltdown over President Biden’s vaccine mandate is “crazy” and how Democrats are “moving forward with protecting the American people.”
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    1. My 3 year old grandson has spent half his life in a pandemic he deserves a normal childhood. Thank you president Biden! I’m tired of it too.

    2. Your immune system may not protect you from your leaders vaccine he lied to you about. You know which one that is right? The one you already took 2 shots for and now got to get a 3rd. We will have to wait and see but while we do the clock still ticks for those vaccinated. Tick tick tick.

  1. “Calamari, who started as ex-president Donald Trump‘s bodyguard and, over the course of four years, rose to become COO, might also be charged in the investigation headed by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance…”

  2. Republicans: “How dare you protect my child from a deadly virus?! I need to sacrifice this child for the Republican party, so the Dems will look bad. Don’t you understand my priorities?!”

    1. @Daniel Dos Santos yet they look good compared to q nuts, trump supporters and the entire GQP. Not the GOP mind you. Wait….those two ARE the same thing.

    2. @Tyeler Nowell no they dont. Look around, everything is a mess under democratic leadership. There hasnt been one shred of good news since this administration took over…its just crisis after crisis.

    3. @Terje Oseberg
      Covid doesn’t have anywhere near the death rate your rhetoric would suggest.
      I’m a nation on over 325 million, fewer than 1 million deaths is completely acceptable. There’s no excuse to react, much less overreact.

  3. The way things are going, this virus may never go away.
    There’s a word for that,. It’s called, “endemic.”

    1. @Google User At a recent rally, Trump told everyone that the vaccine works and all of you should get it. Don’t say it’s fake news, ‘cuz we have it on video.

  4. Federal law requires ALL babies born in the USA to be vaccinated against smallpox, polio and other diseases. So is that “tyranny,” too..?

    1. @A lot of people think I’m sure you’re vaxed now go get you’re booster and stand on one leg hop around your house until you get tired and then roll around in flour and then jump in a pot of boiling oil because you are fried

    2. @Allen Reddick He took it, did he not? You can also bet his family has had it. The fact that for purely political reasons he lies to his base is just sad for them. But after all. “It is what it is”. Take care Allen.

    3. @Allen Reddick No vaccine is 100%. Don’t be fooled into thinking that there ever was a 100% effective vaccine. What is known is that communities that vaccinate have lower cases, less hospitalizations, and fewer deaths. The vaccine works — this is proven.

    4. Who said ppl agree with vaccine mandates on babies?
      A doctor or even teacher at some point will use any opportunity to prescribe Ritalin to your child as well, if u go through with it u consented. If they force or coerce you, different story.

  5. One of the problems is people who do Not respect themselves generally do Not respect others. Those people can not get help because they do not believe they Need Help.

    1. @Dennie Saunders then you have people so fearful of the government and so scared of science that they would rather die of a virus when they don’t need to.

    2. @Ian B the minute they injected government and politics in science i lost all respect for thier opinions….its called common sense something alot of americans have lost

    3. @Dennie Saunders The ultimate irony here is that a lot of the people who think they’re refusing masks, vaccines, etc. are scared into doing so by their own information sources. They still try to self-treat with bogus treatments and they ask for the vaccine at the hospitals because deep down they know it’s real and they don’t want to die.

    4. @Dennie Saunders No it is not common sense. That is a self delusion from you thinking you are sending a message to “the man”.

      Science is all around you, from the electricity that light your home to the car you drive and the the fuel you put in it. Just because these things are familiar to you does not remove the science from their development. Yes governments were involved in all of these developments. Do you reject these things as well?

    1. If u want to give ur bodily autonomy to the dementia dictator, and allow him to do as he pleases with ur own body, then that is ur own sheep decision to make.

  6. Jamie Harris is 100% correct a lot of Americans see it that same way! WE AREN’T HAPPY ABOUT COVID, BUT YOU FOLLOW THE SCIENCE!

    1. It’s become a battle of wills between those who demand obedience and those who refuse to be dominated.

      This is meant to identify and punish the disobedient, nothing more. It is the most deliberately divisive authoritarian power play I’ve seen in my entire life. 42 years and nothing compares.

      I’ve never seen such abject dismissal of State sovereignty. Between invitations to, “have at it,” with lawsuits and threats to “run over” governors or “get them out of the way, using presidential power,” is *full next level.*

      This is how he wanted to change the news cycle? This is a transparent maneuver to shift attention away from the Afghanistan catastrophe. And this is the direction he headed.

      At this point, we’re supposed to be refreshing the Tree of Liberty, because we have an entirely insane tyrant in the White House whose cognitive decay cannot be hidden or ignored.

      Joe Biden as President is a serious crisis. It went off the rails on day 1 and train cars have been piling up since. It didn’t have to be this way. Tulsi Gabbard wouldn’t have made *ANY* of Biden’s blunders upon blunders or just start acting and talking like a totalitarian dictator.

  7. Noem is more interested in kissing the ring of the former guy than caring about the health and safety of her constituents. She needs to be voted out of office.

  8. My patience ran out a month ago. They sound like toddlers throwing a fit because you wont let them play with the knobs on the stove.

  9. Biden wasn’t just channeling avery palpable anger from most of the country (USA), it is from most of the world! The anti-vaxxers are vexing us all in the extreme.

  10. When parents and governors are held responsible for murder and child endangerment, etc, hold these irresponsible people liable legally !

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