DNC Chair Harrison: ‘We’re Going To Fight Against These Oppressive Laws’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

DNC Chair Harrison: ‘We’re Going To Fight Against These Oppressive Laws’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


Republican legislators have introduced 165 restrictive voting bills this year. DNC Chair Jaime Harrison joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the Democrats’ plan to expand voting rights: “We got to do all that we can to protect the right to vote for all Americans.” Aired on 02/19/2021.
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DNC Chair Harrison: ‘We’re Going To Fight Against These Oppressive Laws’ | The Last Word | MSNBC



    1. @Kimberly Winters We have to be aware of the bs legislation they are putting up like they are now in GOP lead state legislatures. We have to help inform friends and family when we learn things, we have to help get people activated to make sure they are registered and know what they have to do to get registered and then help them get out and VOTE. We cannot take things for granted. Too many too things for granted after Obama’s election. NEVER AGAIN can we do that.

    2. @jeps1973
      We need to remember the complacency we had and never give em an inch, every time we have a chance to vote it needs to be done like it’s our life or death, cause for the majority of Americans it is.

    3. @Anubhav Bhoumik tell us how over a dozen democrat incumbent congresspeople lost their House seats in November 2020 to republicans?

    4. It is easy for Democrats to underestimate the power of the racist voting block. It’s a third of voters, and the Republicans have it locked up. That means that if they can get 1 out of 4 other voters to go for them, they’re at least competitive.
      The Democrats *shouldn’t* lose again (Until the Republicans completely transform), but there is a long long road ahead to make that a reality.

    5. @Robert Alan After the recent display of republicans following the Election, they will soon be replaced by Democrats.
      Even IF the republicans held their current numbers, they will remain effectively, without a voice.

  1. Can Joe make it illegal to suppress voting. Seems pretty simple to me. I mean, as Americans we have a right to vote. Everybody, everybody.

    1. The bill has to be passed through the House. Dems have been trying to pass a bill since Bush Era. Repugnitans won’t vote for it. McConnell said “If we don’t suppress votes we’ll never win another election”.

  2. Why in earth hasn’t the federal government made a simple set of rules up for elections , it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do this and make these rules to be all across the country no matter if it is a minor election or a presidential election , and put in stiff penalties to any political officials they try to obstruct or supress the people’s right to vote , if it is made uniformed right across the country then there would be no more voter suppression across the country.

    1. States Rights. Just like with Education. Why for decades will a kid from FL moving to NY/NJ/CT be behind their peers by over a semester or even a year? That should not be the case but it has been because of the states rights thing that lets states make their own rules to vote and circumvent what they need to teach kids to be on par with kids in other states. Honestly this is one of the reasons (there are others) that kids end up behind in the US vs kids in other countries. There should be more unified rules for elections and more unified rules for education.

  3. Democrats MUST enact the John Lewis Voting Rights Bill right now, while we have the power. This gerrymandering and voter suppression is undemocratic and unconsciounable.

    1. Democrat controlled Maryland admitted that they gerrymander their congressional districts to support democrats over Republicans.

    1. Most of that has to end up going through courts unless Dems take over state houses from the GOP otherwise it would have to be court battles going up to the SCOTUS if need be.

    1. Absolutely, people don’t even know how many cities in Texas turned blue despite the voter suppression. We’re trying guys, my city in Fort Worth turned blue. We need a Stacey Abrams out here ASAP

    2. It’s easier to BLaMe others for your laziness and leech Cheetos off your neighbors like a dependent child. With a. face tattoo. And $300 tennis shoes on. #feeltheleech #morbidlyoppressed

    3. @Tommy Easton the facts speak for itself and why are you so concern of how much he pays for his shoes if he worked for them? Y’all get everything but, a person of color can’t have what they want?
      Well look out buddy

    1. @tj hill There is always a reason God closes one door and opens another.
      God knows he is the best to handle Voter Integrity and Voter Suppression.
      If Stacey Abrams from FairFight had won the Georgia Gubernatorial Elections, we wouldn’t have FairFight and 800,000 voters wouldn’t have been registered.
      Her fight against VOTER SUPPRESSION is having a ripple on effect in other STATES.

      Stacey Abrams had the Georgia governorship stolen for her by a ‘corrupt’ secretary of state, then registered 800,000 new voters.
      Trust God. It can be difficult to sometimes….take care and God bless…

    2. I believe Jaime lost is because Lindsey not any called Ga, but made the same call to the man in SC! Follow the money!

    1. Do you really think it can pass I know it will never pass.Never forget Biden is only the lesser of 2 evils ,don’t get your hopes up.

    2. @Mae Gary Everything he has done so far has been suprising, in a good way, to those who think like you lol. How about you shhh with that negative agenda you’re pushing until we see what happens It’s only been FOUR WEEKS ffs smh

    3. @Mae Gary Based upon the large support that the Democrats have, in addition to their current mass of power; It indeed will pass.
      Plus, with the recent turnout by allowing mail in ballots, with zero fraud I might add, they will make mail in ballots permanent. Just that alone would render the republican party useless. Not to mention if they disappear the Electoral College. So, in summation, yes, this will pass with much ease.

    4. @Mae Gary This analogy is not valid. His opponent was/is a twice-impeached, one-term, bankrupt president that is mired in several criminal and civil lawsuits/investigations. Biden is not a lesser evil. He’s a pure saint compared to his predecessor.

  4. It’s ridiculous that the federal government is not in charge of federal elections. I can’t believe that you allow so much voter suppression in 2021! By the way Jaime, the US is NOT a great country! The US is one step away from being a failed state. Perhaps y’all should stop telling Americans how “great” they are and tell them the truth that, for the most part, they are racist, mysoginist, religious bigots with NO idea of what goes on in the world outside their precious borders. In other words, they are ignorant and proud of it!

  5. What gets me is states requiring voter ID, if that is a requirement of the state, that state should provide all eligible voters with a valid voter ID card.

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