1. LOL….was watching your take on this video, and clicked on this video just so I could dislike it!
      YIN YANGS 2020 / YANG GANG 2020 / YANG ARMY 2020 /

    1. @Scott yes, but corruption works even better on bigger scales. State rule allows SOME corruption, but works against monopolistic federal rule.

    2. @Damián “el Salsuero” people who lose their composure so quickly on the net don’t really have the capacity to understand politics, though they will angrily insist they do.

    3. @rastapatch Mail The Iowa democratic party took their marching orders from the DNC. The DNC told the IDP that they had to use the app developed by Shadow Inc. They knew full well that Shadow Inc was tied to the Clinton campaign. They were just as much at fault as the DNC. So where was the state flexing its muscle against the DNC? Seems to me that they were working in tandem to allow massive election fraud and worked together in favor of the monopolistic neoliberal federal system.

    4. @Scott so? That doesn’t dispute my point.
      … did you read me? Can you … not understand? Maybe English is not your first language? I can try in Spanish or German … ?

    1. @Johny Smith @richard Edwards Has good troll game that’s all.

      You on the other hand, using the term *Killary*, well, sound like a fckn idiot.

      HiLlRrY Is El ChAp0 mAn

  1. Perez is a Poodle, and the DNC now needs a Cane Corso. I want this man to be REALLY, “mad as hell”, and I don’t see the passion and conviction we can count on, and that we need to lead us out of the Dump Era, truly one of the darkest times in our modern history.

    1. It’s because he hijacked the party when he’s not even a Democrat. He’s the reason why things are so divided in the Democratic party.

    2. America will not elect Bernie, who is a Democratic Socialist and they will not elect a gay man, sorry Pete. Please don’t revoke my Gay-Card.

    1. @mike marshall I didn’t say it had to all happen, tomorrow. Replacing Perez can happen after a Progressive is inaugurated in January. And, the rest of them can be weeded out of the DNC over the Progressive’s two terms,… and, if necessary, his/her VP’s successive two terms.

    1. Tom Perez & mayor Pete, are about as bright as crazy Joe Biden, who bragged about threatening that if the prosecutor of the Ukraine, who was investigating Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, WASN’T fired, there would be no1 billion in foreign aid!
      LMAO & on T.V. no less!
      The Democrats are delusional & need to find a new line of work!
      We can help them by re-electing TRUMP for 2020 & vote Republican & take back the House! If

    1. Theo Biddle It doesn’t matter what they are actually doing, the optics matter. After they obviously worked for Hillary to make an unfair race for Bernie, they needed to look clean here. Instead, they don’t release the poll in the Des Moines Register that would have showed Bernie in the lead. They have an app ran by Hillary people, funded by Pete called Shadow of all things that malfunctions. They still haven’t released the full numbers a week later. Now the DNC is taking over the vote counting. Bernie was the favorite going away, and now they are claiming he lost before the votes are even counted. It looks corrupt, period.

  2. Everytime two-timin Tom comes on TV it’s always “we are starting to have those conversations”
    he never has a plan he’s just a establishment proxy here to keep Bernie in a close race to force a convention.

    Read his emails to Hillary that WikiLeaks released, he flat out says he will do whatever it takes to STOP BERNIE..
    Fukn Crook!

    1. What’s funny is that if Iowa didn’t have a caucus, Bernie would have won by even more. Which is why they spiked the DMR poll as well as the caucus and why Iowa will have a caucus again in 2024. Iowans know that the debacle last week had nothing to do with the caucus and everything to do with the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s Shadow Inc.

    2. @Scott exactly! I think it’s terrible that the media is blaming Iowans when really it’s the DNC that threw the monkey wrench in everything. They should be ashamed for throwing them under the bus!

  3. I’m starting to see a pattern. when Democrats say the American people. they mean their family and their bank account.
    Orange Man… 2020

  4. It was preventable. Imagine if Keith Ellison actually was DNC chair. He would have ensured it was fair.

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