DNC Chair With Direct Response to Sen. Joe Manchin Bill Decision 1

DNC Chair With Direct Response to Sen. Joe Manchin Bill Decision


DNC Chairman, Jaime Harrison, joins MSNBC’s Alex Witt to talk about the importance of voter access in the country.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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DNC Chair With Direct Response to Sen. Joe Manchin Bill Decision


    1. @Matt T He isnt being moderate numnuts, hes blocking a bill that blocks both parties from doing unfair acts. Hes doing it because hes from a lunatic t***p state. But it doesnt excuse his inaction and servitude to the crazies.

    2. @Aedammair Ornóra the Trump supporters who mob the capital are TRAITORS.
      Get your facts straight child.
      There going to jail !!!!!

    3. Manchin would want jewish people to be bipartisan with the nazis in order to outlaw death camps.

    1. if you vote him out you will get a trumpy repub from VW. VW is a deep red trumpy state

    1. That’s right .i start to get very tired of this guy.he needs to make a choice between good and evil. He cannot be both at the same time .

  1. In a movie, after the GQP retakes everything, Munchkin and Enema get replaced by proper Republicans as traitors are rewarded.

  2. If Manchin would actually do things that help the people of West Virginia, then he would win reelection easily. Joe, it’s about them; not you!

  3. Is Manchin supposed to be a democrat??? He has resisted everything that will move our country forward for ALL people.

  4. Grow a pair, Mr. Harrison. Just tell him and Sinema that if they don’t get with the program they’ll be expelled from the party.

    1. They govern the balance that gives the Dems power and they vote with the party at over 90% of the time. The issue is that when power appears to move away from the white majority these folks in red states don’t want to see it happen.

  5. For the People’s Act removes dark money donations to political parties. Manchin should explain why he won’t vote for it.

    1. No you weirdos who live in costal cities don’t understand southern dems aren’t like you. Lousiana has a democratic governor who signed an anti abortion bill.

  6. Cesure him. Kick him out of the caucus. Strip him of leadership positions. Show some guts for once!

  7. “…one voice, one vote, equal for everybody….” a revelation for Americans, normal for all other free people in the world….

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