DNC: U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders urges supporters to back Joe Biden (FULL) | USA TODAY

DNC: U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders urges supporters to back Joe Biden (FULL) | USA TODAY 1


Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont urges his legions of supporters to turn out for Joe Biden.
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Senator Bernie Sanders, who once again finished as runner-up on the Democratic primary, urges his supporters to back Joe Biden at the convention.

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80 Comments on "DNC: U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders urges supporters to back Joe Biden (FULL) | USA TODAY"

  1. This my friends is why we need to abolish the two party system.

  2. Why am I having a very hard time believing the things that Bernie say joe will do??

    • @ironspyder 1734 … the left are most “entitled” ppl? that’s nutz. EVERYDAY trump is bitching about how unfairly he’s treated. he complains about everything although he always just does what he wants. TRUMP IS THE MOST SELF-ENTITLED person, along with all the elite, i’ve ever seen. THEY CLAIM THEY OWN EVERYTHING – the ENTIRE PLANET! if they don’t get their way – they crash the economy or start some war! trump and his cult are the biggest self-entitled cry babies on the PLANET!

    • SoldKidneyForRP | August 19, 2020 at 8:03 PM | Reply

      leo df man if he at least helps people improve their grammar, I’ll be fine with just that.

    • Silent But Dudley but Trump isn’t really 80- he argues like a 16 year old boy. All I hear when he talks is badabing nada boom- But I get it. All good.

    • Mentally Unstable i was – thanks for being mindful!

    • TacitSwine750 it was a joke but context can get lost in texts- all good!

  3. the debates will be something else


  5. This has to be a joke 💀

  6. A sell out just like 4 years ago.

    • …. And let trump win? no thanks

    • Because politicians never endorse others after dropping out of the election

    • Robert Zuccaro | August 18, 2020 at 11:44 PM | Reply

      The guy has three mansions. Not “houses” but MANSIONS all in lilly white rich areas. So at what economic point does a socialist stop being one + becomes a sociaLITE?

    • Robert Zuccaro | August 18, 2020 at 11:47 PM | Reply

      @wlpxx7 Yeah I hate that $100/month from my Navy retirement I get to keep not the IRS + US oil independence + stabil gas prices less than $2.50/gallon. Yes vote “Joe” so I can give the IRS its money + pay twice that for gas! I hate nit being miserable + poor! Save me from my economic bliss, Democrats!

    • Bernie is back supporting the same fail political establishment elites again.

  7. Ah..Bernie. The two time running supporter. How can you complain of how bad Hillary and Biden are for the country, then support them both.

  8. Bruh, I’m disappointed in Bernie now

    • Bernie has always been a con artist, he tells you what you want to hear so that you will donate to his campaign and pay for his 3rd vacation home.

    • @Chase MillerF.Y.I., I.C.E. was wounded in 2003 under republican leadership. The camps they have now are unprecedented and are clearly not what was going on during Obamas term.
      And how many questions are you gonna make me answer? I find when people have a particular bad view they play the whatabout game. Can you give me some reasons I may choose Trump?

    • @Kody Boren The camps literally started under Obama’s presidency. Are you kidding me?

    • @Kody Boren I don’t want you to choose Trump. THEY ARE BOTH “child enthusiasts” thanks youtube for the word filter. The electoral system is a scam, we have to find a solution outside of it

    • Ya can’t change the climate, kid

  9. What a joke all these ppl are. Nothing but corruption.

  10. “I will never tell you who to vote for, and if I do don’t listen” -Bernie Sanders

  11. Bernie nominates his good friend, Joe….and has acquiesced to the whim of the Establishment.
    Thereby endorsing the Banks, War, Corporatism, Free Trade to China(slave labor).

  12. I was a big fan but I’m very disappointed that he is turning a blind eye to the wrongdoings in his party.

    • @Jake Harrison … is that comment referring to me?

    • @Daniel … socialism is indeed not bad. you missed the fact that the U. S. has “socialist” aspects as well, EVERY COUNTRY DOES! if your country has public roads, public schools, court houses, police forces, infrastructure maintenance, a postal service, minimum wage laws, etc, your country practices some level of socialism. but these socialist “programs” can only go so far under any corrupt capitalist system. in other words, socialism and capitalism DON’T MIX! the greed and apathy of capitalism will ALWAYS corrupt the well intentioned goals of socialism.

    • General G. Washington | August 19, 2020 at 7:32 PM | Reply

      You must not be a big fan, because Bernie is an Independent. And he has *always* (over 30yrs) addressed problems in the Democrat party.

    • @General G. Washington In the past, yes, but no longer.

    • c. j. macq I mean England’s accomplished it. So has Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Australia

  13. Literally just a repeat of 2016..

    • @wlpxx7 TRUMP 2020 snowflake. Your corruption will be EXPOSED. The democrats, the media, politicians, celebrities, FBI, CIA, the left.

    • @LostTumbs Trumps corruption overlaps all others. He will be put in jail once he loses. Barr, Dejoy, devos, all of them

    • @wlpxx7 You’re a joke. The left is a joke. Your cult is a joke.

    • @LostTumbs Take a look at your own cult before you start blabbing about others. The right is the party of deception. Both parties are honestly, but the right is worse. #jojo

    • @wlpxx7 You don’t know a damn thing about Trump, you’re brainwashed by the mockingbird media.

  14. Now I see the irony of Weekend at Bernie’s..

  15. “Unprecedented times”…all created by the side you’re backing, Bernie!
    “Fighting systemic racism”…all created by the side you’re backing.
    If Trump ever said anything even remotely close to the racist crap Biden has said…the lefties would crucify him…but ole Joe gets a pass. WTF???

  16. Go home Bernie you’reTired.

  17. Honestly, I can’t trust dnc anymore because, they’re all the same..

    • The republicans are far worse. You’re blind if you don’t see all the bullshit Trump, McConnell and crew have done here… We’re fucked with blind tools like you not able to tell that the Reps are destroying us

    • @Waves BBS mind giving a couple examples buddy?

    • Tom Brady is GOAT | August 19, 2020 at 12:31 AM | Reply

      @Waves BBS did trump hurt your feelings? You’re such a fool you don’t know that trump was a Democrat all his life.

    • ​@Waves BBS I agree that once somebody becomes a career politician it’s also a high probability they become corrupt (side of the isle has no impact on human nature.) As we currently have career politicians unable effectively come to an agreement on the Stimulus Plan negotiation, most industries, small businesses, and the unemployed are becoming more financially distressed. Trump is not a career politician and his administration is currently looking at three separate forms of tax cuts (deferral of payroll taxes, Middle-class tax cuts and reduction of capital gains taxes.) Love or Hate him, name one United States President in your lifetime who has challenged Congress to reduce taxation so the American working class will have more disposable income?

    • Tom Brady is GOAT | August 19, 2020 at 1:21 AM | Reply

      @Nathan senator Brian Joyce in mass. Democrat. Got 1.7 million confiscated from his canton office cash in the basement. He then killed himself instead of going to jail. I knew him very well. They system is a giant lie. Liz Warren is scumbag in my state worth 10 million dollars somehow off being crooked

  18. Sure Bernie that’s a great plan to turn a recession into a depression

  19. It is sad to see that the U.S. has become a nation of dependents than independents.

    • Mermaidtails Geig | August 19, 2020 at 3:26 AM | Reply

      Blane it on Government run school. Look at the comments here and you can see what I mean. Some of these dim wits are really ignorant. Someone said Trump was not a populist because he lost the popular vote😳. And these people vote😱

  20. Don’t go into the comments; you’ll get lost in the sauce. I’ve already been here for hours.

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