DNC Will Recommend Nixing Iowa’s ‘Virtual Caucus’ Plans Over Hacking Fears | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

DNC Will Recommend Nixing Iowa's 'Virtual Caucus' Plans Over Hacking Fears | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1


The Democratic National Committee will be working to reject plans for a "virtual caucus" in Iowa over fears that the process could be hacked. NBC's Maura Barrett has more details.
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DNC Will Recommend Nixing Iowa's 'Virtual Caucus' Plans Over Hacking Fears | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

31 Comments on "DNC Will Recommend Nixing Iowa’s ‘Virtual Caucus’ Plans Over Hacking Fears | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC"

  1. Do it anyway~ They can’t stop the People from putting Bernie through the FAIR way.

    • @Raging Monk I am sure they wanted either Hilarity or Dump due to their seemingly unhinged statuses from time to time. But really, to explain, we’d both need factual proof…. But I HIGHLY doubt Bernie is Russia’s goal at us.

    • @TheAileZX2 You really don’t know?
      The intelligence community testified before Congress that Russia backed Trump and Bernie. But once Bernie didn’t get the nomination they switched tactics. Then Russia tried to persuade Berntards to back Trump since Bernie didn’t get the nomination. This official record and Mueller report backs up the information.
      People like you should not vote. An uninformed vote is far worse then no vote at all.

    • @Raging Monk hey dummy, Russia wanted anyone except Hillary. That doesn’t make Bernie or Trump complicit, although Trump definitely dipped his toe in it. Hillary has a record of being tough on Russia and Putin hates her personally to boot. Bernie is going to be president so maybe you should get used to it.

  2. Konstantin Polyakov | August 30, 2019 at 3:05 PM | Reply

    is this how theyre gonna force biden on us? DONT TRUST THE DNC IT IS COMPROMISED.

    • Russia is trying to install Trump for a second term, they aren’t interested in Biden getting into office. Biden won’t bend over backwards for Russia like Trump does.

      But I agree with you, the RNC is compromised and in bed with Russia. Republicans have shown us these past two years that they no longer represent Americans or America.

    • Mike Artillery | August 30, 2019 at 3:18 PM | Reply

      Says the guy with the Russian name 🤔 not this time guy….

    • His health is so bad he won’t remember he’s running by election time. He’s done bar and very creepy

  3. In person caucuses are impressive. In the last Dem primary, the people there for Bernie hugely outnumbered those in line for Hillary. I see the point about not everyone being able to make one in person, but that could be overcome with some planning and coordination.

  4. Colorado went to a primary from a caucus a few years ago, and it’s handled very much like a general election. We get mail-in ballots for both, and the system makes it extremely easy to vote, as it should be. IMO, every state should adopt a similar system.

  5. ‘Russia if you’re listening, I would love for you to hack into the DNC nomination process so that Vladimir Putin becomes the winner.’

  6. Ask China about hacking Crooked Hillarys emails that she let them do.


  8. if its the DNC do the opposite !

  9. Just go to paper ballets

  10. unknown unknown | August 30, 2019 at 4:05 PM | Reply


  11. Iowa, the racist voters who always reelect the overtly racist US Representative Republican KIng. Iowa, the moronic farmers and Republicans who helped Trump become President. DEPLORABLES!!!!

  12. A virtual caucus is dumb idea. If you got time to do it on your phone you got time show up and participate.

  13. She's my President | August 30, 2019 at 4:53 PM | Reply

    If anyone is hacking the election , it will be MSNBCannibals doing it.. America hates MSNBCannibals and their ratings show it (Even when America is force fed their MSNBCannibal Propaganda!)

  14. They hate Trump because he works for the people and not them.

  15. DNC …. Demorats… They are all mental patients whom care only for illegals,NOT AMERICANS…. LOSERS

  16. Jasper Perrywinkle | August 30, 2019 at 6:54 PM | Reply

    When you die the dnc uses your name to vote for democrats.

  17. Christopher Edwards | August 30, 2019 at 8:04 PM | Reply

    It’s about time.

  18. christian navarro | August 30, 2019 at 11:44 PM | Reply

    DAM! Hallie Jackson is one good-looking woman. Love her eyes. She’s a hottie. For real! 😉😘😎

  19. Wow is There any diversity Iowa …..are they supposed to represent the hole nation

  20. SISYPHUS VASILIAS | August 31, 2019 at 1:48 AM | Reply

    The DNC was never Hacked.
    Am indictment isn’t PROOF it’s an accusation.
    A US Court has already ruled the DoJ’s charges against the Internet Research Agency was FLASE! Everything claimed in the Mueller Report could be false.

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