Do Democrats Understand What They’re Up Against? | MSNBC 1

Do Democrats Understand What They’re Up Against? | MSNBC


This weekend’s CPAC conference in Dallas featured plenty of nonsense from conservatives about voter fraud that doesn’t exist, and stolen elections that never happened. One thing is clear: this rhetoric isn’t only coming from Trump anymore. It has worked its way into the mainstream of the Republican party. “American Voices” host, Alicia Menendez, discusses the weekend’s takeaways with three top politicos, and digs into how Qanon has begun infiltrating school boards across the country. 

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Do Democrats Understand What They’re Up Against? | MSNBC


    1. @Jeremy Ramey And the hysterical part is that the cyber ninjas are not even a real company. They have no office and operate out of a PO box in Florida with one phone # that never gets answered. However I’m sure they picked up the phone when they were helping trump with his stop the steal campaign.

    2. @Charles Austin Their next planned event with be dealt with harshly. The police and the military will take swift action against these Hatriot morons.

    3. @Abelis It’s just another trump scam. The cyber ninjas are not even a real company, plus they are working on trump’s stop the steal campaign.

  1. We need to VOTE VOTE VOTE. We need to remove these corrupt republicans. I hope there is enough of us to win this fight. DeSantis is just another trump

    1. Yep- he’s a Patriot too- The election was a sting operation- isn’t that becoming apparent yet? It was the only way to get rid of the cheatin’ machines.

    2. @TheWolfdoctor Than we need twice as many registered than we have right now is all.. Let’s get to work!

    3. @Tom Smith Trumping Ratings… Making money of Trump’s, Anything Trump Sales, whether it’s all the bank frauds fake stories…. I wish people will stop watching news, and start thinking on their own.

  2. Democrats have to fight for our very survival. The GOP is no longer a party for the good of America.

    1. I fear that if we are relying on the Democrats to save us, then the country is doomed. They are weak and cowardly. There should already be four new justices on the Supreme Court. America is lost.

    2. @Rene Jean The democrats have sold us out to the globalists and communist Chinese- so have too many rinos.

    3. @Guacamole Kid – That would change things considerably. But you know it’s not true and that there’s no evidence to back you up. You got nothing.

    4. @Rene Jean We’ll see what happens- but the insurrection was faked to smear us and to push through the crooked vote. I just don’t like globalism or globalists- bushes- clintons- Obamas – Romney- all of them are globalists- they either have been bought off- black mailed- or they just hate America and freedom- but the globalists financed Hitler and started every war- they actually re-wrote our real history- Worlds Fairs were used to destroy any ancient structures that they couldn’t repurpose of explain away.

    5. @Guacamole Kid – Stop listening to fascist wannabes. You’ve been lied to multiple times a day. For YEARS! No wonder you’re confused and willing to believe lies and jump on any conspiracy theory you hear.

  3. The Republicans are looking for the way to go full fascist without being Trumpist. The Trumpists…well, we know what they want.

    1. Don’t worry, they won’t take your guns and force you to pay for healthcare and education for people that generally just take up space…

    2. The Democrats and the americans as well are sleepwalking to the full scale Putin & Xi kind of fascism not understanding at all what’s really going on. Trump is only an avatar and a patsy and even Trump doesn’t get it. Americans are all too near to see, seeing the big picture needs distance, and we europeans have it. You ought to act by all non-violent legal ways there is, yet be ready to invent and improvize whatever means influencial and effective to save the democracy, and to end the ongoing already long ongone coup and a way which is taking you to russian-turkish-chinese type of one party system with no critical media any longer.

    3. Dems are the party of racism- slavery- jim crow – KKK- all of it-democrats- and there was never a switch.

    1. @Guacamole Kid That’s why agent orange had to call on the fringe groups, supremacists and extremists like the Proud Boys, the 3 percenters, the oath keepers, etc to fight the insurrection for him. He wasn’t acting as “commander-in-chief” and the military would not have taken part in his insurrection anyway.
      He knew the count was legal and those who certified the counts refused to corrupt themselves and falsify his numbers.

    2. @Helen Smith Agent orange? What is it with this obsession that leftists have with skin color? You have made up boogie men dancing in your head. Maga welcomes all people regardless of race creed or color to help us save our country. All we ask is that you come here legally and follow our Constitution. The dems are the party of racism- they destroyed the black family- they are and were the KKK, and they owned the slaves and did Jim Crow- they big fans of Hitler before the war and Hitler admired such democrat icons as Margaret Sanger that he got a lot of his ideas on eugenics from – we love everybody- the Proud Boys I think have a Hispanic president of their national chapter! But these groups aren’t very big or influential- we just don’t globalist or globalists who have sold our country out to communist China and other entities that don’t have our best interests at heart. The globalists have started all the wars and caused all the financial downturns- they financed Hitler himself. We watched antifa and BLM cause real damage last summer and real death- 2 billion in damages and 40 deaths- we saw the leftists smear the drug that could have STOPPED covid in its tracks- oh- and the dems and a few traitor rinos did steal the election

  4. Just let the Republican Party continue to self-destruct.
    It is for the best.
    Many, many, many years from now, something better may emerge from the rubble.

    1. Unfortunately, they will drag you all down and we (the rest of the world) will have to watch in horror… good luck guys!!

    2. We know that we won- when this all plays out the world will know the truth- and everyone will know that many elections have been rigged using those machines

    3. @Guacamole Kid knock it off. Rump never had evidence of a steal. He led to you. He’s a Charles Manson. Wake up

  5. “Nazi propaganda relentlessly aimed to persuade Germans to have faith and confidence in the ideas of Hitler…”

    1. @Guacamole Kid – Hitler was a National Socialist. There are many parallels between the Nazis and the rise of fascism, and the modern day Republicans.

    2. @Rene Jean Hitler was globalist and funded by the globalists- he wanted to take over the world – that’s not nationalism. The nazis were loved by the American left and Hitler got his ideas on eugenics from people like Margaret Sanger.

    3. @Guacamole Kid – The Nazis were liked by many people before they became fascistic.
      Why don’t you go even FURTHER back in history and cite Lincoln so you can claim Republicans are not racists? lol Desperate stuff.

  6. Republicans would rather stick with a proven psycho criminal traitor than take a chance with anyone who might not live up to that standard.

    1. @Guacamole Kid We have had the most violence, riots, protests, unemployment, bankruptcies, sickness, death, lowest GDP just to name a few under Trump Administration. Guess in your world, thats considered “saving the country”……

    2. @Forest Walker Yeah we had a lot of violence from the left who rioted and did 2 billion in damages and caused 40 deaths, Trump brought up the drug that could have STOPPED it in its tracks- but the left demonized it (crime against humanity) and we had the lowest unemployment- the strongest border and Trump was the first president in 50 years who didn’t start a war.

    3. @Guacamole Kid Your facts are at a miss….. Trump Failed…. Trumps all hot air… his definition of “law and order” was a joke…. Trump cowardly sat behind his Twitter account while the nation was deteriorating. You do know why people rioted? Trump failed to address America and its issues… Again, cowardly hiding behind his twitter… your other statements need work

    4. if you actually believe that you are way behind the republican party in your ability to strategize what next ….LARRY ELDER2024

    1. @Kimit Alwaajid what part of your comment correlates to desantis’s demeanor?
      *Please stay on topic.*

    1. What’s killing democracy is the naive refusal to get rid of the filibuster. If they’d only do that, Democrats would have control of Congress and we could get things DONE.

    1. Ted’s wife is a Saint. She still puts up with him even after he accidentally glued her pubes to his face

  7. The majority of the problem comes from the fact that Trump woke up the White Supremacists crowd, who would have thought there was still so many of them left in today’s age. At first it was the mistake of the Tea Party that they took the hate groups in with open arms then the hate groups took over the Tea Party. Today the biggest threat to our security with domestic terrorism is by White Supremacists extremist groups.

    1. @Guacamole Kid Of course not all whites who want to keep our country independent and free are white supremacists. There’s nothing about wanting to maintain independence and freedom that is associated with white supremacy. I’m white and want those thinks. All the minorities I know want those things as well. But if you’re driven by fear of white replacement then yes, you are a white supremacist in the sense that though you may or may not be militant, there is a subconcious white privilege that you fear losing. If you think it’s OK to have white privilege then you are a white supremacist, IMHO. Basically, if you think that increased LGBTQ rights, minority rights, etc. translates into LESS rights for whites then that is what this is about. Whites have to understand that increasing rights for those who have been historically denied does not lessen white rights, but it DOES lessen white privilege. The question is, are we a country that believes in EQUAL rights for all or white privilege, i.e. white supremacy?
      In my view all “Karens” are white supremacists. They aren’t necessarily members of the American Nazi Party, the KKK or other violent white-power groups, but they all have the idea of white privilege and the withholding of minority rights in common. This broader group, inclusive of neo-fascists and simple neighborhood suburban “Karens” – all those who fear white replacement, are the target demographic that the Republican Party is trying to grow, tapping into fear (what the Republican Party has always done) and legitimizing racism. Blacks and minorities are tolerated within their party, as long as they demonstrate fear and resentment of OTHER minorities and of course immigrants.

  8. When there are “needed” budget cuts, education gets cut first. Why? When people know nothing, they will believe anything. Ignorance is the foundation of every hate group that hides behind patriotism and religion – including the Republican Party.

  9. Whoever handed out that plan should be charged with advocating overthrow of government under 18 USC SS 2385.

    1. He didn’t advocate the overthrow. While I did not hear his speech in person I obtained a transcript of the speech and there is nothing in the speech that would fall under title 18 USC 2385. Maxine Waters dude come close. Indeed, several times in his speech he told his flock to obey the law. I think you were believing a lot of the propaganda that is out there.

    1. @C Cole 4 comments in 4 minutes trying to start arguments. If only we were all as smart as the random person on the internet C Cole. Wow

    2. Only in among CPAP Q Nuts!!!! Trump is just out to raise the billions that he owes the russian mob!!!!

  10. Dems are up against Authoritarianism, Autocracy, Fascism, Kakistocracy, Theocracy. Scary times indeed!

    1. And corruption. Because he’s currently under investigation for laundering, Tax evasion, banking fraud, business malpractice, and election interference.

    2. While the Dems are perpetually hindered by being “the nice guys” who play by the rules. It’s difficult to imagine a good outcome for the future of the U.S. with so many authoritarian-followers ready to worship an amoral, power-hungry dictator.

    3. @Guacamole Kid Actually, you’re just a gigantic dummy. You wouldn’t know that for the same reason.

  11. When we start referring to Mike Pence as a “moderate” Republican Democrats have also been drinking their koolaid.

    1. @Helen Smith And the military are going to sort this thing out- they had to ‘let’ biden steal it- now it’s a crime- and it’s treason because they used foreign countries to hack the machines.

    2. @Guacamole Kid – lol You seriously need some help. Things are not working right in your brain. But come up with the evidence, and I’ll change my mind.

    3. @Rene Jean The audits are coming out soon Rene- but there’s already enough evidence out there to prove it was a rigged election. But, the audits will be irrefutable.

    4. @Guacamole Kid Of course the courts are corrupt, Moscow Mitch made sure of it with all the right wing incompetents he, and Lindsay Graham, confirmed to the bench.
      Surprisingly, there was quite a number of T**** appointees among the 60+ that rejected his lawsuits. Even his super majority on the Supreme court rejected him multiple times.

    5. @Guacamole Kid – Great. The sources of your ‘evidence’ will of course be checked thoroughly. Because that Maricopa county circus is not good enough. Partisan and amateurish. Hope you have something a lot better than that and Giuliani?

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