Do Dems Have A 'Wokeness Problem' As Carville Suggests? | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Do Dems Have A ‘Wokeness Problem’ As Carville Suggests? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Democratic strategist James Carville writes in a new opinion column that Democrats have a 'wokeness problem'. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, D-NY, Rev. Al Sharpton and David Plouffe join Morning Joe to discuss.

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Do Dems Have A 'Wokeness Problem' As Carville Suggests? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. You’d think coming up with a pejorative for basic human decency would be hard, but how many of those do we have now ?

    1. @Demetria Karnavas Well it’s funny you should say that. You woke people think you’ve won, and that younger generations are simply going to lap up all this gender identity and white guilt nonsense. But my kids are in middle school and they don’t like it one bit.

    2. @Simon W The intellectual ceiling for anyone with “woke” in their vocabulary should be middle school.

    3. @Demetria Karnavas Well, its is definitely a coordinated strategic political movement… call it neo-Marxism, call it woke, call it Tinky Winky Lala Po… we all know what we’re talking about. Whether you like the name of it or not is irrelevant.

    4. @Demetria Karnavas Great. Well you just carry on with the ideology that is so morally superior that it does not even need a name, and everyone else will just call it woke. Sounds reasonable.

  2. I DIG how the GOP uses the word WOKE as a derogatory term for holding someone ACCOUNTABLE!

    1. @Sam Harris there is climate change, try looking at Alaska where the Inuit live, which were on ice sheets, those have melted and the ones who lived on land well that is gone, polar bears hunt and live on the ice sheets now they can’t. We have extreme weather patterns, like where I use to live we would always have so much so snow in the winter schools would be closed for weeks, now we hardly get 4 inches. Or having tornados in off season, wetter springs than normal or even dryer springs.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis You want to see proof of global warming watch the google 4D of 1984 to present taken from 24 million satellite photos and seamed together to make a short movie ! it’s sad !

    3. @Donnie And The Oathbreakers it is sad, especially when we have deniers out there who don’t believe this is happening. Thanks for the search

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis I’m sorry i just looked it up and its called goggle time lapse. They hive different ones like, the ocean , cities , forest …anyway its hard evidence and hard not to acknowledge .

  3. I think the GOP is mad at President Biden because he didn’t talk about shower heads, dishwashers, or low water pressure!
    President Biden only talked about things that affect working Americans. SHOCKING!

    1. @Sam Harris it was proven that accumulation of greenhouse gases would lead to increases in the earths temperature in the 1850s. Only about 110 years before Ike left office.

  4. As a lifetime, born and raised NYC guy who despised Rev Al during the 80s and 90s I have to say with a big smile and warm heart that I have come to respect and admire him. I suppose we have both matured. I’m a Rev Al fan

    1. @BonefishBoards The TB case (albeit I have read about it) was a bit before my time. But he did seem somewhat of a type of wing nut in my younger days. Couple that with hate indoctrinated from birth; you could see where this was heading. Good to see that some people do (for most issues) settle down and open their minds in later years. Plus, I have always found sarcasm as a wonderful sense of humor (use it myself, and just watch “Honest Government Ad” on here, and you will probably die laughing).

    2. @Gregg A big difference between bias, prejudice and Racist.

      Black activist are not fighting for a superior position based on Race. This is why you see a LARGE diversity of people around the cause of Black activism.The opposition… vastly White, token representation by Blacks, minority numbers of support from other non-white groups.

      Racism, by definition, is…
      “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.”
      “the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another.”

      Historically, the politically conservative or “traditionalist” ideologies and practice match up precisely with the formal definition of Racism.

      No current Activist of stature standing against Systemic Racism at this time can be classified as Racist.

    3. @esobed1 I was just going to respond in a similar fashion but you have broken it down to understanding while making a valid point.

    4. @Punk PaTroll Thanks. It is high time that we show and prove to the political right the futility of their false equivalencies and askew morality!

  5. People complaining about “Woke” are basically just saying “White men need to have a bigger say in this conversation,” except every time they get a bigger say in the conversation, all they tend to say is “This conversation doesn’t need to happen”

  6. Great plan, great delivery! Carville is again picking fights when its not necessary. Tim Scott elegantly disgraced himself by delivering a provocative message that makes no sense!

    1. Carville is of an age demographic that represents a large portion of the voting public, to ignore is huge mistake.

    2. @Fearless Frugé nobody is ignoring his age demographic. He’s not the spoken person for that demographic tho. I don’t think i’ve ever seen him being right on anything.

    3. Tim Scott did not address anything that Biden had said, he just went off on a GOP temper tantrum on what the GOP wants their supporters to be mad about.

    4. Still think Tim Scott is the best out of the Republicans, but his speach was very disappointing. He allowed himself to be used by the other Republicans as their mouthpiece.

    1. Just be sincere, have empathy, and tell the truth. You will end up with the right audience.
      Carville is an old school manipulator.Its what he was paid to do.

  7. I thought the term woke came from Buddah when coming back from the wilderness, and was asked how are you, he said I’m “awake”, – I’m aware

  8. If being awake about Republican Leadership corruption is wokeness, there is nothing wrong with being awake about this corruption.

    1. @Clyde Hawkins That’s why all your insurrectionists at the capital should be charged with treason.

      Instead, they whine about tear gas, or how they aren’t getting organic food while in prison, or that being put on a no-fly list due to committing actual terrorism gets them “treated like black people”.

      How hard you project is simply staggering.

    2. @Drake Fire arrest all the BLM filth and put them in federal prison for domestic terrorism charges

    3. @Clyde Hawkins Now I am laughing at the ridiculousness of your position of me. What race am I baiting…no doubt you the same color as me? Bigot…there’s a really good one, but we’ll discuss bigotry…I call out criminality and bigots; so calling me a bigot, you’re going to have to try a bit harder. Now, I get that some of the individuals being shot were criminals, but do you feel that shooting a man that steals $20 deserves to die; do you feel a man that has a search warrant for drug use and poses no threat to anyone deserves to die? So if you feel that way, then I feel these peoples families who have witnessed these horrific crimes committed to their child deserve something way worse than death. But I will settle for their job and incarceration instead.

    1. Well, I think we can all agree that this year’s Oscars was the wokest spectacle any of us have ever seen. And with its dismal viewership and roster of films most people have no interest in seeing, it’s safe to assume nobody was impressed.

  9. A few years back I didn’t know who was Latin or Hispanic. I just remember the young guy looked Mediterranean

  10. A lot of these people who are complaining about wokeness and it being a problem Is BS and the truth is their choking on the rong word. they have a problem with being held accountable

    1. He sounded more like Clayton Bigsby to me! I guess that would get him the Trump vote South Carolina!

    2. @Cornelius Squalls
      Why would anyone vote for him?..I got the impression he came off as a smooth talking, (quoting scripture ect), oreo..

    1. These guys are still in the late 80’s with both their political analysis and their class icons. Ooh la di da! Look who just got a microwave!!

    2. @M15TRR3CT4NGL – So true. They’re always like, “You young people, with your phones…” Um…it’s a PHONE! That’s what phones generally ARE now. Sorry if people don’t carry around their wooden crank phones with them…

    3. Woke people don’t actually order a normal latte… It’s usually something like a half-almond milk half-skimmed milk decaf latte. It’s not because they’re lactose intollerant, it’s because they want to feel special.

    1. the only people that use Woke are people who don’t know what it means. the idiots talking “woke” don’t have any interest in actually understanding the issues and want people to shut up and not demand more from your government. Woke is just slang that lost meaning the instant it ended up on corporate media.

    2. I think it’s very appropriate. It implies a certain air of superiority over those who aren’t woke, as if this idiology is inherently superior. And that’s exactly how it plays out.

  11. Latinos such as myself do not use latinx because we have a whole other language that includes grammatical male and female. It’s not woke to ignore Spanish.

    1. @Friendly Neighborhood Jesus Freak – Serious, who cares? Most Americans don’t speak Spanish and most Americans spend their time on things that matter. Ur stupid culture wars r just to distract M&L class republican voters while republican politicians pass more bills to shift $ and power from the M&L classes up to the upper class and corporations. If gender really gets ur panties in a ruffle when our income and wealth inequality is very high, we r seeing all the social issues that come along with that, Russia, China, and Iran r trying to con Americans, divide us over stupid crap like gender that don’t matter, con us into electing republican politicians who push Russian disinformation, propaganda, and fake conspiracy theories while they get the advantages they want from the US which disadvantages the US while China and Russia try to become the dominant superpower, re-write international rules and treaties based on their screwed up ideology to benefit themselves and weaken the US and our allies, to take more of our jobs, steal more of our intellectual property, etc. Stop wasting time on stupid culture wars and stay focused on what really matters or at least get out of the way so the rest of us can win this war w/China and Russia. U ppl must have no life if u have time to spend on stupid culture wars w/other Americans. No one on the left cares if u get ur panties in a ruffle over stupid culture wars. U’ll need to go back to the far-right or discuss ur gender issues w/other Russian trolls bc we don’t care about ur gender issues.

    2. The woke joke wants to change your language and culture. You have to be non-binary now or they will cancel you.

  12. Resourcing funds to the working class (including miners and thier unions) for job retraining is ” Thinking on your feet.” Putting into action.

  13. If anyone has to choose between being ‘woke’ or ‘snoozing at the wheel’
    Choose to wake up and stay alive!

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