1. @Pho-King Soup  @chopper20210  the Swamp nazi deep state world order MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX NATOSTAPO PROVOCATEURS and cia clowns,known as the Globalist imperialistic social fascists aka coronazis counting false votes bodies infections and vaccinations agree with you.

    2. @Pho-King Soup  @Sun Dial  Trump is still President and in command of the Military. Notice there is no US Army in Ukraine,unlike the 19 Wars since 1945 . Its not about the optics of the White House resident,its about bringing down the nazi deep state world order. A WORLD WIDE STING OPERATION.✅🕊️🕯️

  1. Thousands of Russian and Ukrainian people who all have different talents, dying for one lunatic. All these people who probably haven’t done anything wrong. Much respect for all Ukrainians and also the Russian protesters, you are showing the whole world what true braveness.

    1. @Наталья Столповских I’m with you it’s a scary time for so many Ukrainians our hearts and prayers are with them

    2. @Jerry Beloin You probably won’t believe it, but this strike with weapons of mass destruction was inflicted on March 14 by the troops of the Ukrainian army on the civilian population in the city of Donetsk. It’s a pity, but you will never see this video on CNN channels and the like that.
      21 people were killed and many injured! The video was shot by local residents who speak Russian, but you will understand everything anyway

    3. @dunhillsupramk3 Putin  is an old “Cold War” warrior who wants to stay in power and make Russia strong again and restore its prestige in the world and rebuild the USSR. Being 70 yrs old- Putin is seeing his dream slip away. This Ukraine gambit is a last ditch effort by Putin to get some concessions from the West before his dream is completely dashed.

  2. Even the reporter is dead-eyed. No emotion in her voice. It’s just a job spewing lies. You can actually see the light dying in her eyes.

    The protestor, on the other hand, was brave. I hope lots of people viewed her protest.

    1. @Ninja 77 They don’t have to because you have media choices here, you don’t have to listen to those networks, you have the freedom to tune into FOX and other conservative media platforms, in Russia you don’t any choice, so that’s why this brave lady did what she did. America is not perfect but at least we have the freedom to watch what we want.

    2. @will robinson You really think any of those stations are telling you the truth? And just to let you know conservative real news has been getting censored every day for the past several years now. Its not as free here as you think, only for Woke lefties.

    3. @Ninja 77 I already said in an earlier post in this same conversation that no news is 100%, but you should at least be mostly honest. This is not about the American press because I watch news sources from all over the world especially from Europe, I don’t just watch American news. But Putin controls the media out of Russia, you can’t believe anything he say. And I’m not here to fight about left or right, I’m a military combat veteran, and Putin want to see us fight and be divided, so I’m not here for that, it shouldn’t even be an issue in this conversation.

    4. @Gary May LMAO you should pay rent…he’s living rent free in your head . The man broke your already feeble brain

  3. Kudos to this lady. It takes guts to call Putin out on live TV. Respect, Ma àm. Bless you for that.

    1. They have no more room in jail. I’m sure she will be called back in time. Hopefully by then Putin is no longer…

    1. Yep, we know all about Putin’s GRU assassination squads killing people all over Europe with nerve gas.

  4. What a courageous woman, speaking out against putins regime, on lies and propaganda, on live russian TV, a fine of 30,000 rubles, and with a population of 145 million, I’d say that was definitely value for money, well done marina, such bravery, ⚘😊🇺🇦👍

    1. Yeah, how did Putin, as an honest civil servant, accumulate a net worth of 70 billion dollars? Did return a lot of empty beer cans?

    2. @Whatabout Wumao Where does the figure of 70 billion come from? Why not 70 trillion? Can you say anything? But without proof, these are just words

    3. Wouldn’t it be great if someone would do that on every CNN AND MSNBC FAKE PROPAGANDA NEWS SHOWS her in America?

  5. If she put up a “Go Fund Me” — I’d contribute to her “30,000 ruble fine.” Heck, I got more than $280.00 worth of ‘satisfaction’ just seeing her shove it to Putin and his illegal and unjustified war against Ukraine. That woman should be a HERO among journalists.

  6. I really hope they get Putin and the good people get bailed out. The russian people standing up against this are imprisoned for what? So petty and so shameful.

    1. I am from Russia! this woman is a propagandist, for 8 years she deceived the people. This is a task from Russian security agencies!its propaganda for you to believe her, its all deception. Think!!

  7. Such a brave woman.The world owe you so much especially Ukraine.That 14 hrs interrogation you endured is really terrible.
    I hope you stay protected.

    1. Hahah, no 😁. This is not entirely true.
      On the morning of March 14, Marina Ovsyannikova quarreled with her boss because he did not dare to leave his wife. Marina said: “Oh, good!” “Well, you’ll get what you deserve, you baldhead!” She took revenge on him out of jealousy.

    2. @Green party of Wakanda Tell us what part was bullshit? Cameras don’t lie and what she wrote was true.

    3. @cutesta 007 14 hours being interviewed by the pigs, that’s the untrue part, unless you have proof, do you?

    4. @Green party of Wakanda True, I don’t know about the interrogation but neither do you.
      Just because they let her go for now it does not mean she won’t end up in jail.
      Could you imagine how crowded the cells would be by now?

  8. That moment was just as powerful as the one Chinese person who stood in front of tanks. GOD bless and help Ukraine and the Russians opposing Putins war.

  9. Kudos to this brave lady! Although the idea that LIVE-TV exists in a country like Russia seems almost unbelievable to me. It would be interesting if people in russia have really seen this segment of the news. Any thoughts?

  10. A truly brave person, and the same goes for all the Russians who have protested despite the consequences. Glory to 🇺🇦 and to a democratic 🇷🇺

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