‘Do You Care More About Filibuster Or Democracy Protection?’: Eric Holder Makes The Case For HR 1 1

‘Do You Care More About Filibuster Or Democracy Protection?’: Eric Holder Makes The Case For HR 1


Former Attorney General Eric Holder joins The ReidOut to talk about the nationwide effort by Republicans to suppress the vote: "This is all about power … The Republicans understand the demographics are changing, the ideologies are changing away from them." Aired on 03/24/2021.
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‘Do You Care More About Filibuster Or Democracy Protection?’: Eric Holder Makes The Case For HR 1


      “The Government Accountability Office (GAO) confirmed reports it is investigating President Joe Biden’s move in January to freeze construction of the border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border”
      Look it up before start attacking me

    2. The turtle is still acting like a plantation owner after all these years! He’s all about power, control, money, and subjugating others to promote his own self interests — which are not the majority of the American people’s interests! He doesn’t actually believe the words in the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights.

    3. In Thailand, where I resided for over 20 yrs, village headmen know the ID’s of village voters and who they vote for. Individuals who don’t vote as directed are punished. That’s where US’s Republican party is headed.

    4. @לוין חנניה כהן לוין you as a Jewish person have my respect. The nation of Israel is antisemitic though.

    1. LMFAO more idiots in this thread that THINK they are Saint Supremes!!
      You people are a bunch of empty headed ball sacks!!

    2. Republicans are afraid that the Democrats are going to eliminate the filibuster an it scares them but they would do the same thing back to them they need to make a law filibuster not needed any more majority rules minority dont

    1. I didn’t vote for him I belive they should ask for all Kentucky’s votes and look them over I know nobody that likes him here

  1. There is no evidence for widespread voter fraud and yet we still have to listen to that idiocy and people believe them… what a long fight we have lol

  2. As American citizens, we have the right to vote. It is incumbent upon the government to make that happen.

    1. @Patty Kelly Your responce is truly sad.
      but I have to ask, Who do you thing is responsible for US border security?

    2. @Sonia C Trump holds the all time Filibuster record! 314 times democrats in the senate pushed the filubuster!! NOW dems are laying the ground work to get rid of the filubuster as they move to stack the Supreme Court with 13 justices rather than the nine the US has had since 1869.

    3. @dls951 In what way? This has been a long back and forth. Which comment are you responding to? The one where I said that the government wasnt specifically responsible for secure borders or the one where I asked about having faith in our border patrol officers?

    4. In Thailand, where I resided for over 20 yrs, village headmen know the ID’s of village voters and who they vote for. Individuals who don’t vote as directed are punished.

    5. @Ken Albertsen Here is the US we vote and get a Sock Puppet that opens our borders during a global pandemic, higher fuel prices with thousands that are layed off work with a stroke of a pen to join the millions that lost their jobs due to COVID.
      How does Thailand punish their idiots?

  3. Senator Munchin is one of the members of the Adam’s family. Yes, the “Munsters”.. Is is like a twin brother of the man with white sideburns,

    1. @Paul Wilson It’s refreshing to see that children like you are so aware of politics. Isn’t it time for your nap? Now go ahead and have the last word as mouth-breathing troglodytes like yourself live for.

    1. @Gwendolyn Williams Ya? Call Uhaul, ask how much to rent from L.A. to Texas.
      Then ask how much to rent from Texas to L.A. You already know which is cheaper.
      California is a Blue State with a mass exodus of businesses, homeowners and people sick and tired of being taxed and regulated to death.
      Recall Newsom has hit 2 million signatures!

    2. @dls951 It’s working out fine as you can see we have the house, senate, and the white house. so how is it working out for you?

  4. Not surprised, “Bait and switch Mitch” has lost all credibility. The goal is to block, obstruct, suppress insurrect,lie,whitewash, manipulate, fearmongering, GOP lawyers .

    1. He has Polio Good Im Glad Having Everyone Suffered. While he living its ups. Elaine going to prison.hope they all go they have indictment on her too.

  5. “Liar, liar pants on fire” most accurately describes Mitch. And, Manchin is simply laying bare his authentic disposition against equality.

  6. “Clearly, there is one party that wants to rewrite the rules of our political system.” – Moscow Mitch
    I agree.
    The Republicans are and have been trying to rewrite the rules of the political system.
    The Republicans want to make it so a minority of Americans can take control and dominate the majority of Americans.
    The Republicans are a small minority of Americans. It is only through the votes of independents that they they have ANY chance of winning an election if all American can and do vote.
    The more that vote. The less chance Republicans have of winning.
    Republican elected officials know this … countrywide … they know this.
    Mitch was always a con-man and he has learned tricks from Trump.
    Now instead of hiding behind the curtain with this mischievous antics, he is taking himself front and center to do his little song and dance.
    Leaving most of us to say, “Really? You’re wasting our time with that pathetic display?”

    1. Look up Paul Weyrich’s speech in 1980 regarding voter turnout. This has been a part of the Republican playbook for at least 40 years.

  7. Republicans don’t understand that Ted has no trust, much less ntegrity, to be the face of any argument that supports fairness or trust.

  8. Manchin is a Trojan Horse! He’s alredy on the pay-roll of the republicans. I wonder how much he’s paid by them (money or promises)!

  9. Like Goebbels of the previous Nazi party said: “If you repeat a lie often enough, the peasants start believing it”.

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