1. This has been explained to me several times and I still can’t wrap my head around it lol.

    Why would the cloture vote require so many more votes than a simple majority?

    1. Generally, it makes more sense to make debate end be higher as debate should be encouraged. The problem is whether there is productive debate.


  3. I love Tiffany. This filibuster nonesense ought to be done away with and just go for a simple majority as is required in a true ddmocracy.

    1. If we went by a true democracy then we wouldn’t vote for representatives we would all just vote for ourselves instead of voting for people to do it for us

  4. First chance you get, get rid of that idiocy! It is undemocratic. Bills should be passed by the largest majority possible, but never be blocked by any minority.

  5. The filibuster has been around since Ancient Rome because it happened frequently in their senate, to prevent this from happening several members who were known to speak for long periods of time were given a short amount of time to speak and eventually everyone was given the same amount of time in the name of fairness, not many historians know about the effectiveness of this rule because it was kind of hard to keep track of time during that era, fast forward to now and you get the picture, I believe we have a similar rule in Congressional hearings but I could be wrong 🤷🏼‍♀️

  6. Jeez, but I hate to see Mitch McConnell’s face. He’s definitely the Grim Reaper. I’m so happy that he’s now the minority leader.

  7. In my reading about Central America I came upon the term ‘Filibusterer’. These were men who would go to places like Nicaragua and declare themselves King and institute slavery, as William Walker did. My question is, was this the original use of the word?

  8. Why does the Senate have time limits? If you just let every Senator speak once on the motion, and 50 Senators filibuster for 36 hours each, then they can’t block anything for more than 75 days. Why allow a filibuster to turn into defeated motions?

  9. It’s time that the filibuster be removed from the political arena permanently it’s been the most distructive policy used in politics and it should be got rid of .

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