Do You Need A Booster Shot If You Had The J&J Covid Vaccine? 1

Do You Need A Booster Shot If You Had The J&J Covid Vaccine?


If you got the J&J vaccine, do you need an mRNA (Pfizer or Moderna) 'booster' to better fight the Covid Delta variant? We asked MSNBC Medical Contributor Dr. Vin Gupta for his take.
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    1. @Mr. Nobody the safe recommended dose was approved for that level to be safe now they want to to double that tell that to the 14 year old kid in Michigan heart damage from the vaccine kids shouldn’t be takin the vaccine at all let alone an adult sized dose of vaccine

    1. @Hey Yo The faster the Delta variant kills off unvaccinated people, the better off and safer the country will be.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas What, you mean all the bribes, vaccine lotteries, concert tickets,lap dances, gift cards,donuts,fast food and God knows what else didn’t get them lining up like sheep? The fuq you say. Why do you think (if that’s something you do) that they’ve tried all these bribes and now deployed the “new variant” propaganda tactic? BECAUSE PEOPLE AREN’T TAKING IT LIKE THEY’RE REPORTING!!! End of story.

    3. @Nathaniel Wallen The quicker unvaccinated Americans succumb to the aggressively transmissible Delta variant and die, the safer this country will be for the rest of us. And, the silver lining in this little rain cloud is that it’s republican voters who will end up in coffins as a result of having taken a foolish political stand. Thank-you for your service.

    4. @Demetria Karnavas Sweet baby Jesus that’s the dumbest retort I’ve ever heard. So the ” more contagious variant” is only going to attack republican voters? 🤣😂? You must not have listened to well to your overlord Dr. Fauci when he said ” the vaccine doesn’t guarantee you won’t contract the virus”. Answer this question, why are people becoming magnetic/bio luminescent after the shot? “They’re not” and you’re a conspiracy theorists” are not suitable answers. We’ve seen the videos thousands have sent in from all across the world and it’s safe to say they’re not all in cahoots with one another to bring down the makers of this poison. Deflection tactic in 3…2…1… GO!!!

    1. @Elaniago UK data on delta varient vs different vaccines, and the available data on not only antibody tiders from the first round of vaccination that have shown no significant decline as of yet and the ability of B cell memory immunity that is demonstrated in original sars patients that show still having significant levels of immunity 18 years after contracting the disease.

      I will add that if you have had Pfizer or Moderna (both 2 shots) my comment stands. However my position does not include j&j or any other 1 shot vaccine where data showes a drop off to 33% in the astrazenica vaccine (vary similar structure to j&j) but a 97% after a second does.

      Tldr: Pfizer 3rd shot = greed. J&j 2nd does may be needed

    2. @SoulHarvester Gaming 1) learn to spell
      2) nobody in their right mind gets medical advice from your gaming channel random comments

  1. Hmm, so the maker of the vaccine is saying you need a booster, but the CDC is saying no you don’t! What’s (which one’s) the public to believe -the makers or the gatekeepers?

  2. Not getting any of these experimental non FDA approved jabs. Let alone a booster. What is wrong with people?

    1. It’s funny how the Sheep believe the same people that lie to them on a daily basis. You can keep the Experimental shot.

  3. I think we need a white board the size of a jumbotron and a lot of markers. Seriously the CDC is so messed up I cannot keep track of their b.s.

    I’ll believe in unicorns before I will believe in the CDC.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 You really are obsessed with him every day. What else do you do with yourself granny??

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 welcome new user. Feel free to do more than copy and paste the same comment over and over. Its kind of, um, fake?

    2. @Sarah F. 4.2 Small vocabulary, eh? A new nug troll. I bet you were a notepasser in school. Trix are for kids. Go home.

  4. I just want to thank and congratulations 👏Big tech and mainstream media for teaching us that we can ban The speech of the President of the United States of America from all platforms and I appreciate them showing us that The Commander in Chief and the leader of the free world doesn’t have freedom of speech and when they banned the chief executive officers speech they banned all the co equal branches simultaneously 👏yup thanx Ya’ll

    1. Bless your heart, another MAGAT who hasn’t even read the Constitution so they realize that it applies to the Federal Goverment and not private businesses. So sad 😞

    2. @Pine Soul so why they trying to force private business to bake cakes and change bathroom signs for transgender when it’s a violation of their terms of service

    3. @Pine Soul when the private business incorporated in The United States of America and receives the freedom and protection of being a United States corporation they knew the citizens have constitutional rights and if they don’t like it they can always go reincorporate as a Chinese company or something

    4. Too bad so sad. Republicans are the ones who wanted corporations to have the same rights as human individuals. You wanted it, you got it. Now live with it lmfao.

  5. Ya’ll make sure Ya’ll social distance from the dirty test tent vaccine parking lot pimping stadium vaccine sights are Hot Spots super spreader events and you might catch the virus if you go over there and don’t open your door to strangers who show up maybe showing up with the virus so social distance instead and stay away from the hospital unless it’s a absolute emergency it’s a hot spot and get back to nature’s remedies for healing

  6. 11 months after New Zealand’s last Covid death, looking at American media is like stepping back in time.

    1. New Zealand…New Zealand…remind us again, which countries border New Zealand? Oh, that’s right, IT’S AN ISLAND NATION! Quite a bit easier controlling an international outbreak when you can simply shut down your airports to outside visitors.

    2. @atheist28403 Darling, what’s your excuse for the US, compared to other (and more densely populated) countries that have conquered COVID?

    3. @Real American As a “Real American”, you should know, liberty and personal freedoms come at a cost.

    4. It does make it seem like stupidity is a national pastime, doesn’t it?
      The irony is we forget that vaccines have been saving lives since their development. Where would we be without some of the vaccines we got as children, i.e., measles, mumps, polio, chickenpox, smallpox, Rubella, Hepatitis, TB, Tetanus, even the recently added HPV, and a host of other diseases that I probably missed? We would be facing a different reality without them I am sure.
      It’s incredible to me that people are so “intelligent” they can’t see the correlation.
      I wonder if the vaccine was for AIDS/HIV or any of the deadly cancers out there if there would be this reluctance.

    5. @cheshirecateyes All of the vaccines you mentioned had been tested in animals for years prior to human trials (for at least seven _more_ years) and receiving FDA approval.
      Also, funny you mention AIDS/HIV. AIDS has been around four decades, and yet, we still don’t have a vaccine to prevent transmission.

  7. Once you start compromising your immune system you can never stop. You will be reliant on “shots” just to fight off the common cold.

    1. I’m assuming you were involved in the development of the drug, and therefore you really know? A scientist maybe? A doctor?

    2. @A. Barrera Fun fact: Vanguard and Blackrock own NBC, CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS News, Fox News, and MSNBC. They also own significant shares of Apple, Facebook and Alphabet (owns Google and Youtube). Any guess as to who the number 1 and number 3 shareholders of Pfizer are? Yep, you guessed it, Vanguard and Blackrock (respectively).
      To recap: They own nearly all MSM outlets (including the one you’re watching now), they have major influence over social media (swaying your opinions by controlling the information you receive) and they have huge investments in one of the largest pharmaceutical companies that make the “vaccines”. But yeah, I’m sure they just care very deeply about the people.
      If you believe that, you should try researching Blackrock’s current activity in the housing market.

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