Do you need to wear a mask outdoors during the winter? Dr. Isaac Bogoch explains 1

Do you need to wear a mask outdoors during the winter? Dr. Isaac Bogoch explains


Do you need to wear a mask outdoors in the winter? Infectious diseases expert Dr. Isaac Bogoch says you should wear a mask outside if you can’t maintain two metres distance.

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  1. Covid travels 26 feet in the air and can stay suspended for 20 minutes. Staying 6 feet apart, which impossible in any public setting, does nothing. Same as novelty masks that don’t filter aerosols, like the ones absolutely everyone of you is wearing. These measures are completely useless.

  2. It’s undisputable that the “lockdown” doesn’t work, it’s been in effect for about 2 months in Toronto, and if masks work, then why do we need lockdowns?

  3. This is really stupidity… what’s the 2 meter can do if the virus can stay in the air up to hour or so!! Just go to any Costco or Walmart or even dollar stores and talk about 2 meters

  4. Do you need to wear a mask if by yourself in a vehicle………………..well it does allow me the laugh each day so keep at er , share the laughter

  5. 750 quebec curfew infractions …. thats a potential 750 court appearances. how many court appearances per hour? if the courts clear 4 per hour, thats 188 hours of additional court hours. QPP, you’ve just set back your other court appearances and added onto your regular court appearances.

    I’ve seen couples driving around in their cars with masks……or walking 6 feet apart……wait!….didn’t you two just get out of bed this morning….together?

  7. All these commenters(Covid deniers and anti mask wearers) here are the reason we’re in a lockdown and will be continuing. Thanks for your continued stupidity.

  8. Denialist mouth breather:
    *Does things to perpetuate problem.
    *Complains problem still exists.
    *Uses complaints to justify perpetuating problem
    Rinse and repeat.

  9. the masks are clearly working as the numbers are dropping every day wear them to bed if it makes you feel better

  10. Why should we it’s a pile of crap,just another way the government can track you. Why is it that the flu cases dropped but covid increased.

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