1. I wouldn’t wish Covid on anyone and I hope these people all survive to tell others they should have been vaccinated. This video also really shows how these healthcare workers are brave and go to work every day in a highly risky environment. We would be completely toast without them!

    1. @TH3 M0NK That’s another lie. There’s so many hospitals across the nation that are practically empty. The hospitalization varies by hospitals. Numbers can be easily be manipulated. Plenty of people that I know that work in the medical field tell me half of people sick are vaccinated. They also tell me that diet and fitness is the best way to combat this illness. Not vaccines

      You’re also wrong, there’s so many jobs that are forcing vaccines by pressure of the county.

    2. Even if they do speak out about it, never underestimate the sheer stupidity of the anti vaxxer. Many of them are very determined to be as ignorant and dumb as possible. Its just their nature…

    3. @Adrian Geh What do you mean by anti Vaxxer. Some anti vaxxers are concerned of the consequences of the vaccines. Not all of our bodies will respond positive to the vaccines just like not every body will respond negative to Covid.

      Can you blame that large chunk of US population specifically Black Americans and Hispanics that have mistrust in the government given the history of vaccines?

      Learn to take everything with a grain of salt. There’s so much grey area. Not every anti vaxxer opposes the vaccine for the same reasons. You can’t pile everyone in the same pot.

      That just proves how close minded you are.

    4. @Freshnewz   Sorry dude, what you’re claiming about hospital occupancy seems a bit distorted. If what you’re stating is commonplace, surely there’d be a credible article or two you could link for me to read through?

      You don’t know how many times I’ve heard the “I know a ton of people who work in hospitals that say…(fill in the blank)”

      I don’t tend to take second and third hand accounts too seriously. Sure, a lot of hospitals may be at low occupancy at this stage of the pandemic, but correlation shows its vaccine numbers that have brought things under control. And on the flip side of the coin, some hospitals are at very high CoVID occupancy, and that same correlation shows them to be in areas with high vaccine hesitancy. Virtually none of the people in hospitals with CoVID are vaccinated.

      It seems you have a general mistrust of anything beyond your personal take on the situation. It’s good to be skeptical, but skepticism can be taken to an unhealthy level.

      If I were you, when someone tells me something, or I read something online, I’d find several articles for both sides and go with the the one that’s most plausible, most likely, and most supported by credible serious evidence.

      The things you’re saying have been floating around on social media for months, and when you look deeper into these claims they’re often based on hearsay or unverified sources.

      And as for businesses requiring staff and patrons to provide evidence of vaccination, it’s up to them, I understand that it may seem unfair. But you have to look at it from a business perspective, if more people feel a greater comfort in going to an establishment where they can be confident everyone around them is vaccinated, that’s likely to be better for business. And who can blame them if they’re trying to recoup lost income from lockdowns?

      On the other side, if a business is openly promoting a “we don’t care if all or none are vaccinated” attitude, I think it’s safe to say that will likely cost them some much needed trade. That’s just the way free markets work.

      And for the sake of a harmless vaccine? It doesn’t make sense to deliberately add yourself to the growing minority with that stigma attached to them.

      Whether you’re a selfish person or not, declining a vaccine and refusing to wear a mask around others will undoubtedly tar you with that brush, like it or not.

    1. Jolly The Space Pimp do obese people not matter? Should we just let them die?? Give me a break! The USA is filled with ignorance!!

    2. @Elmer Reed your being racist! im a black transsexual female im the top of the food chain don’t forget your place!,

  2. It causes even more death , as the taking of hospital beds means someone really sick can’t get a bed and is at risk of dying , like someone who had a heart attack .

    1. @Emmanuel Dedovets Yes, the answer is yes. When beds are full patients must be diverted elsewhere. You should’ve learned this basic Math in elementary school

    2. @Emmanuel Dedovets yes they do turn patients away when the Covid unit is full they are transported to other hospitals that have open beds or to another state where they have a low Covid count …this is talked about consistently in high case areas they are begging people to mask up or vaccinate because they are running out of beds …THEY CAN NOT MIX COVID PATIENTS WITH OTHER ICU PATIENTS

    3. @InfoJunkie why in God’s name do to you think hospitals would mix highly contagious patients with cancer heart respiratory patient or HIV positive individuals putting them at risk …you’re so smart you’re dumb ..but I forgot who I was dealing with here

  3. “I got sick before I could get vaccinated”
    No, you made a conscious choice to “wait and see” about the “first batch” of the vaccine results. That might seem like some form of common sense, buts its staggeringly dangerous. Equivalent to saying “i didn’t want to leave the theatre when the fire alarm went off…I wanted to wait an see first”

    1. @Dahra Brofford israel is nearly 90% vaccinated and has much stricter border control than the US but are now seeing huge outbreaks of infections. If the vaccines were ever going to create “herd immunity” we’d already be seeing it there.

    2. @Jack Saloman Glad you think that way. LOL! Tell your family too… We don’t anyone with your genes polluting our pool.

    3. @SMS2884 Hey, yes more people have lived than have died after getting covid, but we’re concerned about those that died and those who will die, the strain that this delta surge puts on hospital staff, that have to take care of other patients that have other illnesses. This is so more complicated that what you think. 99% of the covid deaths and hospitalizations are from unvaccinated people.

  4. It took me 30 minutes 2 times to walk into Walmart and get my vaccine while I picked up dog food on my way home from work. Not having time is a bs excuse.

    1. HEB here in Texas. I went ahead and did my shopping while there, and there was no long wait to get it. They want someone to hang around for fifteen minutes in the store afterward, in the event that there is a reaction of any sort.

      I had no problems. I shopped a few minutes in the same department, got the shot and shopped afterward. It was one of the most convenient things I have ever had to do.

  5. It’s actually a socialist thing to treat all of them the same, socialist or not.
    Imagine being a CEO of an Insurance company and saying: people who get the vaccine will get a bonus, people who don’t take the vaccine habe to pay for CoVid treatment themselves. That would be the capitalist approach

  6. This reporter and cameraman are doing some fine reporting. Putting themselves in danger by walking into a den of CoV like that is wild. Good story. Even better reporting.

    1. I wish they did it via video. But to be fair, they are vaccinated. So low risk of catching it, low risk of getting sick, low risk of hospitalization, low risk of dying. IT’S ALL ABOUT RISK MITIGATION! NO DRUG OR VACCINE IS PERFECT.

  7. This was pretty good. We need more interviews like this on a VARIETY of topics, not just Covid. It helps the viewer to connect when the storyteller is apart of the story and NOT just a reporter or a talking head.

    1. @DigiMoney Promo,,

    2. @Broderick Coley Don’t always pick the worst possible explanation…. Maybe health providers want to spread the word…. If this nudges some people to get the jab, this means less trouble for the hospital later on. And they’re on the brink of collapse.

    3. @MikeGamerGuy you’re not wrong about The Troubles. Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries had a huge effect on how the world suddenly paid attention to The Troubles when her song “Zombie” was an instant hit and brought that attention to the Troubles.

      1. @Mocro Lion So if you smoked and,’ got cancer. Should that person be turned away they ” knew better “

      2. @Mocro Lion nurses and doctors take oaths. As much as I agree that these people are stupid and it’s their own fault, we still have a moral obligation to treat everyone. If we stop that, then we may as well stop treating people that can’t pay as well. Why? Because then some knucklehead comes along and blames poor people for being poor and bringing it on themselves. It’s a slippery fucking slope when you begin to deny treatment to just one group of people, for *any* reason at all. Hell, might as well stop treating smokers with COPD, cancer, CHF, etc. Might as well deny insulin to noncompliant diabetics and deny inhalers to asthmatics that choose to live in humid areas.

    4. I am praying for the speedy recovery of these poor souls. Recovery of their bodies, and recovery of their minds. SNAP OUT IT. The GOP does not have your back. They are self-serving evil critters.

    5. These people operate like little children. They disregard what qualified individuals tell them, and then proceed to get treated by these same very people for not listening to them initially.

    6. The vaccine was able to be developed so quickly bc scientists already understood the general family of the coronavirus. The Covid-19 isnt the same but close enough that the previous research allowed scientists a jumpstart and instead of having to map the Gene’s, they could focus on a vaccine.

      1. @mark williams actually I didn’t vote for trump either time but willfully ignoring the ignorant comments your heroes, kamala and biden, made last year about the vaccines shows your lack of honesty.

      2. @starventure incorrect. Viruses mutate to try to get around antibodies which attack the virus. In this case antibodies caused from the vaccines. But you don’t have to take my word for it because one of the leading covid researchers admitted the vaccines are causing mutations. And no he’s not an anti vaxer, in his paper he still supported vaccines.

      3. @Saying Like It Is it took . 51 years to develop. The tech was patented on Jan of 2019. A Godsend so to speak.

      4. I’d just like to add that those scientists are freaking heroes! The will also have my up most respect.

    7. Even though I want to go to Louisiana in a couple of weeks so BADLY they won’t be getting ANY of my tourist dollars

    8. The part were the lady said she was doing well to the bottom fell out. That was my close friends boss. She said it was not big deal and it was like a bad cold. 3 days later they called the ambulance for her to get the hospital . She kept saying it was hard to breath and her head hurt really bad. On the way to the ER she crashed in back of the ambulance. Again at the hospital she crashed. She was just 50. She was very healthy. She worked out all the time with her husband. She had a brain aneurysm. She, her husband, and daughter all caught it, they were all unvaccinated.. 3 other people got it at the job, 1 unvaccinated, 2 were. The 2 that were vaccinated, returned to work in 2 weeks. The 1 other one is just now getting back to work after a month and 1/2. It was so sad to see my friend suffer the lost of her boss/close friend. I live in Florida, it was the Delta version they all got.

      1. @Susan Hayes I’m healthy & have a reasonably healthy lifestyle but i also got vaccinated against covid. For me getting vaccinated is an extra layer of protection against getting seriously sick from covid.

      2. @Susan Hayes I hope you can see your friend again. Someday this will pass. And hopefully, both you and your friend will be healthy and able to see each other.

      3. @Jay R. Exactly! So simple right? Yes, there are breakthroughs, we had a bunch where I live, Cape Cod, MA but there weren’t severe illnesses or hospitalizations and that’s just what the vaccine is for.

      4. Condolences to your friend. I lost my Mom and a friend in January to covid just around the time the vaccine was being rolled out. They didn’t get the chance to be vaccinated.

    9. I was able to get the first vaccine really early because I worked in a children’s hospital. But 5 days later I got covid. I was probably already infected with it. I experienced three months of long-haul symptoms. Fatigue, nausea, couldn’t work. When I was able to finally get the second vaccine, it cleared up all my symptoms. I was SO thankful for that. Please folks, get the vaccine!

      1. I would understand if the vaccine sites still had crazy lines and not enough vaccines to meet demand, but that hasn’t been the case for any US adult for months. It takes like half an hour at most vaccine sites if they don’t have a big line. Check in, get a shot, get scheduled for a second shot if it was your first one, wait for fifteen minutes to see if there were side effects, then go about the rest of your day.

    10. “We’ve been doing EVERYTHING you’re supposed to do and I still got the virus.”
      Did you get the vaccine?

      1. The virus is the propaganda network stations not even worth calling news and corrupt politicians with phone emergency laws just to take rights away from people. They called most the work force non-essential when in reality they are the non-essential ones. Let’s see how this plays out.

      2. @ANDY I hear about this taking their rights away…this doesn’t make sense……my rights?
        Well you can make a decision not to take the vaccine….but if you spread the virus you don’t have the right to hurt anyone else around you.
        If you have had the mumps, rubella, measle shot as a child how is this any different ………….it is only different if you went down the rabbit hole from all the confusing nonsense and conspiracy theories. That’s what has put us where we are….

    11. Im struggling to care and feel bad for these unvaccinated people who are now suffering from Covid. I do however, have a ton of sympathy for these healthcare workers working tirelessly to treat these patients. For the love of God, please get vaccinated “ I didn’t have time” is a ridiculous and ignorant excuse. Stay safe everyone!! Greetings from

      1. I dont believe for a moment the people who say they “didnt have the time”. They just dont say that they believed in the kooky conspiracy theories because they know sounding lazy and stupid on national television sounds better than sounding gullible and stupid. Its all a face saving act.

      2. At this point I have no sympathy for them at all. Here in Canada we taxpayers are paying for these stupid decisions. If you don’t have a vaccine that’s your choice but don’t take up hospital beds or medical resources. You don’t have to get the vaccine but don’t go to the hospital when you get sick from it.

      1. The only thing Fox News is talking about, in terms of COVID, is so called “breakthrough infections”, seemingly to undermine trust in the vaccines, as if they haven’t already done that with their viewership

      2. I watch Fox for another prospective sometimes. All they do is complain about Hunter Biden and “slamming” CNN hosts. It’s to note that CNN has almost double the subscribers for a reason. They’re reporting consists of giving CNN and whoever else dumb voice impersonations.

      3. The most they would ever show is the outside of a hospital and then say ‘see, the hospital doesn’t look full from here. It’s all made up’

      4. No………..but everything else against Democrats and Biden and stolen elections……nothing that is currently happening in real time….disgusting.

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