Doc: Close Conditions At Trump’s AZ Rally Are ‘Terrifying’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Dr. Mercedes Carnethon explains why she believes the conditions at Trump's Arizona rally are "terrifying" to see amid the coronavirus pandemic. Aired on 06/23/2020.
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Doc: Close Conditions At Trump's AZ Rally Are 'Terrifying' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. brilliantly said, ty dr carnethon and mr williams. we need to hear this kind of straight talk more frequently. we have danced around little donnie’s feeling for far too long.

  2. Trumps Sycophants Clamor to be included in the next round of ….
    “The Darwin Awards 2020” So much Winning in Hospitals Nation Wide
    DJT Ltd Corp Disavows any awareness or responsibility for anything. (Patent Pending)

    1. @robin chetan What about them? The police decided to stop fighting actual crimes when they got called out for executing people over petty offenses.

  3. Trump thinks it’s cleansing racist economic and age.So let’s put vulnerable together genocide.Trump is mad!!!!!

    1. But they all took temperature checks before entering the building, and asymptomatic spread is very rare. Compare that to the hundreds of thousands of Democrats rioting and looting and marching in cities across the nation. No masks, no social distancing, no temperature checks.

    1. To be fair, the street protests amidst a pandemic aren’t too wise either. Not the same risk level, but still giving the coronavirus a boost.

    2. Stupidity and selfishness. If they feel ready to die( to each his own) , they don’t have the right to spread it and cause death and suffering to others.How utterly vile and selfish!

    3. Li Mo – Did you feel the exact same way when people protested/looted a few weeks ago? Were they just as vile and selfish?

    1. economicist2011 “make another grave available” – I’d read it as, “get ready for the next spike in coronavirus deaths”

  4. Natural selection in action = good riddance to those who support that psychopath, I have no sympathy for them.

    1. @Ray S I believe every word of that, and I apologize for spending my late childhood and early adulthood supporting the wide variety of laws that turned your childhood hometown into a war zone by making drugs, prostitution, and organized property crime more profitable than an honest living. Indeed, the local hoodlums you grew up around had a choice to make and chose the path that harmed you more. However, their choice began with my and my family’s support of a fascist police state that presumed guilt until proof of innocence was given, and with our blind eye to the legal system that gave them an incentive to turn away from the honest path and toward their predatory lifestyle. I and my family spent decades simply assuming that any poor Latino or black civilian who had their teeth knocked out by the police we financed must have deserved it, that if they were shot in the street it must have been for a reason, and that if they lost everything to civil asset forfeiture and couldn’t get it back without spending thousands on legal assistance, they must have had it coming. Now I’m watching looters and rioters reap what we sowed. I can’t lecture you about what is good or bad for you or yours, but please understand that bad people don’t make bad decisions in a vacuum, and that the looting and rioting we witness today could have been prevented had we taken a less militaristic stance against crime, and instead put more effort into improving the conditions that make it so attractive to those who commit it. Again, I’m sorry for not seeing how much I and those I relate to did to actively make your neighborhood even harder to live in than it already was. Don’t give us a free pass — people in privileged positions like me can’t make things better magically, but we can at the very least stop turning a blind eye to those who make it worse, and that means recognizing why somebody raised in your neighborhood might feel like choosing an honest path isn’t worth the trouble, and how we contributed to that problem.

    2. economicist2011 – I see where you’re coming from and I expect nothing from nobody. I just admitted to you that POCs hurt each other more than any cop has. We each have to take responsibility for ourselves.

      Also, I assume you are white by the apologies. None needed bc you didn’t do anything or owe me anything. Also, when whites do this, its actually disparaging for both races.

      I don’t believe whites have privilege the same way I don’t believe blacks are victims. When this “white guilt” is shown its actually saying that you apologize for your life being so awesome that you will never know what it feels like to be lesser.

    3. @Ray S Glad I could find some common ground with you and that I’ve done something to convince you I’m not just trying to be an antagonistic Soviet-sympathizer or something. To be clear, however, I don’t feel guilt over being white in particular, I feel guilty for the fact that I (as an individual) was born into wealth that, for all i know, your ancestors shoveled into the pockets of my ancestors. There are whole swathes of the Deep South with my family name printed all over them. As an American liberal, I’m not trying to give the lazy and indolent a head start, I’m just trying to create a world where folks born into a disadvantageous situation don’t have to put ten times the effort into getting half as far as I was when I started. I’m seeking a world in which there’s _less_ incentive to engage in crime (I harbor no delusions about a crime-free world), and part of that goal sadly means having to make tough decisions where there’s no good option. It saddens me perhaps almost as much as it does you to see poor neighborhoods on fire, but until we admit that the proximate cause at the moment is that the police threw their hands up and said “screw it, let it burn” just because they’re no longer able to get away with treating people like animals, I’m afraid there will not be any meaningful progress toward crime reduction or the rehabilitation of those neighborhoods rotting because of it. Sorry for making bogus assumptions about you, and for any condescension you may have seen in my statements, and I hope that you can find some peace in these disturbing times.

    4. economicist2011 – Much appreciated! And yes, thanks for keeping this civil.

      I agree with you regarding wanting to do better and better those around you. One thing Ive learned is not to hate, let go of the anger and treat others the way Id want to be treated.

      Out different backgrounds and upbringings are what makes us. You and I didnt choose our skin color or the families we have. Therefore, we owe nothing to anyone. What society and our colleges are teaching us is that one side is privileged whereas the other side is less fortunate. I grew up believing this myth. Skin color doesn’t define you. Your character and how you treat others does.

      I truly wish you the best!

    1. Let’s see, rioting and looting in the streets by the millions a few weeks ago. For some reason, those people are exempt.

    2. @Albert Green An observation I noticed 1st people were protesting because they wanted to go back to work! then to me personally it kinda looked like “someone” decided the WRONG people were outside mixing and that needed to change! 2nd George is knee lynched and suddenly NO BODY is protesting about wanting to go back to work but LOADS of “a different section of america” are suddenly out mixing and mingling under the guise of BLM protests and outright criminal activity! 3rd when enough of group 2 had mixed for long enough in comes the military to break it all up! in a society that is financially crippled to rebuild you need group 1 more than you need group 2 it would appear inside of this “someones” brain! now the numbers, when group one came out your country went from 94 000 to 100 000 dead! But in the 3 to 4 weeks since group two came out deaths have skyrocketed to 122 000!! or more people have died since Georges Murder than in the 1st 2 to 3 MONTHS of this virus being found in your country! NOW EVERYONE WHO CAN READ THINK ABOUT THAT FOR ONE MINUTE!

    3. @0n3m1s1s0
      This is how leftism works. It’s never the issue. It’s always who the wrong people are but they are too dishonest to say it.

  5. What a crying shame these kids attended. These kids will take covid back to their elderly family members. If they get sick, the burden will be heavy.

    1. @bill
      I don’t understand these new rules. Nobody blamed Obama for H1N1 deaths even though he declared a national emergency after more than a thousand americans died.

      By contrast president Trump declared a national emergency after what 9 people died and he’s to blame.

      I just don’t get it.

    2. @Wacn Wacn
      Yes I remember well, when those people in Michigan who did not riot who did not do a single cent worth of damage to any property went to protest, they were mass murderers for spreading the virus but when leftists protest, it’s a different story.

    3. @Albert Green H1N1 was a known virus that happened to undergo a particularly destructive mutation in 2009. The pre-existing knowledge and vaccines for prior strains allowed for producing a functioning vaccine in a fraction of the time it takes to produce a vaccine for a novel virus. There is nothing wrong with comparing the two cases, but those who refuse to contrast them as well are being just plain dishonest.

    4. @economicist2011
      So to understand, the President isn’t responsible for the virus if it happens to undergo a particularly destructive mutation and vaccines can be produced in an arbitrary length of time.

      Otherwise, every death is the president’s fault?

      So this rule you just fabricated from thin air only coincidentally works against the president you don’t like, right?

  6. 🤭A whole stadium full of people and not one of them knows what the “19” means in covid19? 😂🤣😂 Hey Trump, try asking Siri because your team is full of morons.

  7. It’s ironic that the people who’ll vote for Trump will be the ones who get infected and possibly die first!

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