Docs: Donald Trump Discussed Squashing Stories About Affairs | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Docs: Donald Trump Discussed Squashing Stories About Affairs | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


Search warrants related to a 2018 raid of Michael Cohen’s home and office released today by the Southern District of New York describe a series of calls between Trump, Cohen, and Hope Hicks that resulted in Cohen agreeing to make an illegal campaign contribution paid to Stormy Daniels. NBC’s Tom Winter joins Stephanie Ruhle to break down what we know. Weighing in: Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner and former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance.
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Docs: President Donald Trump Discussed Squashing Stories About Affairs | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Another day, another scandal involving the orange dunce. 25th amendment for cinnamon hitler, before it’s too late.

    1. @FBI duty your comprehension skills are lacking… or… yep, you’re just a Drumpfuck. Now go brush your tooth.

  2. And I quote. Don the Con once said on TV, ” I don’t engage in coverups”. Let’s see those Tax returns Donnie Boy!!

    1. @Rob Dim You are for sure too stupid to insult. Donald Trump is not nearly as corrupted as I am and I’m a pretty moral guy in church most every Sunday and some Thursday’s and guess what I was in the Navy in my early 20s so is there a giant log in your eye while you try to concentrate on Trump’s twig in his I think so. Acts chapter 25 verse 7 When he had arrived the Jews who had come down from Jerusalem stood around him, bringing many and serious charges against him they could not prove, you are too stupid to insult.

    2. @taichou Levi What is wrong with you? He’s taxes are so complicated it has taken years to audit them. The irs probably passed out when they saw how much money he lost. 1.17b

    1. @Renn Rodriguez

      Hah ha

      Racist goobers so infatuated with OrangeCaligula that he flushes them down the toilet…..and they throw kisses to him as they circle the drain.

      Hah ha. Misguided people, but entertaining nevertheless.

  3. Bill Barr will go down in history as the man that destroyed democracy in the USA and helped facilitate it into a banana republic

    1. @waylander75 dying on the right side of history is good for the soul. this dream like world is not as important as it seems, as the choices one makes are what matter.

    2. @Enstigator Official Acts chapter 25 verse 7 When he had arrived the Jews who had come down from Jerusalem stood around him, bringing many and serious charges against him they could not prove.

  4. Mark my words, Donald Trump will pardon himself and his children on his way out of office.

  5. As of June 10 The Washington Post has cataloged 10,796 times Trumpo The Aryan Clown has lied to the American people since taking office.

    1. The only low quality is trump and his zombie brained supporters. No morals, no decency, no respect for the law or Constitution. Can’t get any lower than that.

    2. @RhondaH LOL, with an attitude like that you should understand the restraint required to be civil. Of course you don’t, or won’t and will not. I love the ridiculous hyperbole; keep on proving your leftist credentials!

  6. Last week, Big Baby Trump said that the Supreme Court was very “unfriendly” to him for not allowing him to violate the Constitution, by throwing out his Census case. Trump is so convinced that he’s an entitled, and omnipotent dictator, that he doesn’t realize that Federal courts, and the Supreme Court, doesn’t exist to be friendly or nice to him, or anyone else.

    And God bless Judge William H. Pauley III, for allowing this latest information to be released to the public.

    1. @David J, thank you for your post. I hope for the day when Big Baby is in prison, complaining that the warden and guards are being very unfriendly to him. And getting no friendliness from all dark skinned inmates as well, who are aware of his history of inciting racist mania among the American depraved, against people of non-aryan pigmentation.

  7. How long before Mrs Trump is forced back to where she comes from. Stormy said the money she got paid for last time was only a finders fee.

    1. Before: judging others is wrong, open borders…. etc
      Now: trumps wife is an illegal deport her.

    2. ‘Sauce for the gilded goosey’ and all that, William…
      Or perhaps you prefer the more Biblical “…eye for an eye…” quote.

  8. Campaign Fraud, Tax Evasion, Bank Fraud, Wire Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Racketeering, Perjury, Not Stable Genius..Hmmm?

    1. @Scott Gordon – And *so many more* …
      *Every* state, *every* bank, *every* insurance company that #45’s *lied to* in his filings WILL be ‘comparing notes’ soon.
      And *then* #45’s life becomes…a *neverending nightmare* of litigations and losses.

  9. hitler trump Will do anything to hide ALL Any thing incriminating, What happened to getting his taxes ?

    1. Hide? These documents were released by the presiding Judge. You moronic leftists can’t get over the election. 2020 is going to feel like a tonne of bricks.

    1. hategreed1 – I hope you realize that you are getting into a spat with a foreigner that is interjecting into US politics.
      Just because somebody says something you agree with, doesn’t mean that they aren’t a foreign agent.
      Wake up.

    1. @CyberWarcraft We, are the ones who were also part of the former British colonies in North America. We also had many loyalists from their colonies come to Canada. We’d be Prussia or Poland, and since I don’t think we’d up and join them, that would make us Poland.

      Or, maybe we can split up … Our conservative mid-west = Prussia, Italy, and Spain … Ontario = Poland … Quebec = France … Newfoundland, being an ocean island, can play England … NWT = Russia …

  10. Barr puts Trump before the law… wonder what the motivation is? Kompramat or the promise of a payoff…? Or both?

    1. Everblue – We’re wagering that #45’s kids *and* cadre have been gulping Xanax by the handfuls, *praying* that SDNY *isn’t* outside their door…with *arrest warrants* in hand.

    2. @lil jack russell he isn’t recusing himself so he can steer the Epstein matter to an “acceptable outcome”.

    1. Well, the Antichrist (according to Fundamentalists) is supposed to come to earth as a politician….and Jared Kushner does own 666 Park Avenue…so you do the Kabbelahist math….

    2. @CyberWarcraft Trump plays sympathy for the devil before he takes the stage at rallies. also trump put his office on the 66th floor. if you want to free the children, someone must comet pizza the basement of trump tower

    1. Don’t insult the Mafia. They at least have SOME honor about some matters. And they would feed you a great meal if you needed one. The GOP actively work to starve those who are made poor by the GREED.

    1. Before: we know he committed some sort of crime.
      “He’s cleared”
      Now: he committed a crime and I have no proof.

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