Doctor acts out final moments of COVID-19 before death: ‘What you’ll see at the end of your life’

Doctor acts out final moments of COVID-19 before death: 'What you'll see at the end of your life' 1


A doctor in St. Louis, Missouri acts out final moments of COVID-19 before death from the perspective of a patient.

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63 Comments on "Doctor acts out final moments of COVID-19 before death: ‘What you’ll see at the end of your life’"

  1. What a joke
    Its called a scare tactic and he calls himself a DR

  2. Maybe he wants to do a reenactment of a suicide caused by ridiculous lockdowns and business closures.

  3. Dr Tam’s 3D house of horror

  4. Henry Ford Was Right | November 25, 2020 at 5:28 PM | Reply

    In your final moments, as you’re fading and losing consciouness from something completely unrelated to C-vid, you would hear your doctor in the background making a call to the government saying “okay, I marked his death as C-vid, where’s my $30,000?”

  5. I dont even understand what he’s getting at? I’m sure if anyone dies in a hospital it is with a doctor over them trying to save them lol.

  6. Tom Green – Scubahood

  7. Absolutely it’s real. I had it back in March. Stayed home, got plenty of sleep, alkalined my system and treated the symptoms (just like the flu). Oh yeah, also I’m 55, 100lbs overweight, have sleep apnea and I have high blood pressure. 3 comorbidities. It lasted 2Β½ weeks. Why? Because I took care of myself. Simple as that.

    Everything else is merely panic porn.

    • I’m glad that you did what you did, and recovered so well, but there many who are younger than you and fitter than you who did not. Long haulers, they’re called. This virus comes in many different forms, and can cause multiple organ damage, including the brain. Your taking full credit for bucking the disease is naive and arrogant. You did your part well, but you were also lucky.

    • 0.03% of the population has died. 0.05% more then influenza.

    • Glad to hear you survived it. One of my best friends lost their father to it. He was only in his 50s. Really sucks.

    • One friend who was in his 20’s died of Covid, you are a lucky one mister, now keep practicing safe precautions

    • @Angel_Zero my guess is they aren’t practicing anything. This comment comes across as nieve and lacking compassion

  8. FREAKIN OUT…lol

    This is messed up

  9. Macrostiff Productions | November 25, 2020 at 6:46 PM | Reply

    3rd leading cause of death. Medical error, I stay out of those trap houses

  10. Gianna Hibbard | November 25, 2020 at 6:51 PM | Reply

    Thank-you Doctor and ALL the health care professionals.

  11. Wow… all these idiots down below with the comments all of sudden know more than a doctor!

  12. Rita Slotsalot | November 25, 2020 at 7:43 PM | Reply

    I enjoyed reading everyone of your comments πŸ‘

  13. So this is what it takes to see a doctor…..

  14. Thank you doctors and nurses for your sacrifice

  15. This is not political.

  16. I noticed most anti-maskers and covid deniers don’t wash their hands in public washrooms

  17. Poor guy, his voice was shaking towards the end. Thank you to our medical workers! True hero’s

  18. Wow this is an eye opener. Bless his heart for demonstrating such a scary reality.

  19. Not graphic enough, scared straight needs more reality.

  20. Extracted Beats | November 25, 2020 at 10:08 PM | Reply

    Tell this to the politicians that say to stay home for the holidays but jump on flights anyway.

    • To be fair he is only a mayor and now a questionable one now. My guess is he wont win reelection because of this stunt.

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