Doctor Blames Right Wing Media Outlets For Spreading Vaccine Misinformation 1

Doctor Blames Right Wing Media Outlets For Spreading Vaccine Misinformation

Dr. Rob Davidson, emergency room physician and executive director of the committee to protect Medicare, is concerned by the large number of people, many of whom he treats in the Covid ICU, who refuse to get the vaccine because of misinformation spread by right wing media outlets and social media accounts
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  1. The sedition continues . Vote 2022 and Crush the Trump/Putin Chaos Machine and the Collaborator Republicans.

    1. @thom wessels The only way Orange Sack’o Feces could return to power is if his cult worshippers commit a successful coup. That’s your plan, right? That’s treason, by the way.

    1. @Michael Shigetani your want for it to be wrong is leading you astray. Let go of your bias. Open your mind. All you have to do is apply logic without to whats going on. Let go of your hate and the political religion of indoctrination.

    2. @ToadSauce Do you agree with Biden that Obama was the first clean intelligent black man????

    3. @IHC Terra That’s a lie. I guess you just listen to your CNN and MSNBC news for your information. Fauci in his own book admitted that he funded for the gain of function. 4 million lost souls. And you guys believe him.

  2. Explains why Biden had a word with Fox News earlier today in the news, I think that it’s time for the network to be dissolved and their assets used to pay the hospital bills of the people Murdoch and Trump have lied to.

    1. @Matt T you mean like Texas ? They are banning any teachings of history that doesn’t support the KKK and domestic terrorists agenda. Which means no history of European settlers relationship with Indigenous people, slavery, the civil
      War, Revolutionary war, civil rights era etc. they are firing teachers for teaching all of American history which is all age appropriate teachings. That is state run education like in China and NK. Only teaching what the state says is appropriate. I find that far far more disturbing and very much the new Fascist MAGA party. It’s spreading

    2. @Amberlee Sibley What did you think was going to happen when you started calling white people as a whole “oppressors”. Whites are still the majority in this country. You did this to yourselves.

    1. @Sandra Stone

      I never said I was worried about covid girl, no need to put your hair up. Curb your suppression

    2. @Tim

      I live in South Texas buddy, I speak to ranch owners and see the destruction AND the crowds of people coming in. The illegals kick doors in and tear fences down to cross further into our state and leave their trash everywhere too. I’m sure you still think money grows on trees too huh kiddo, tell your parents thx for raising another brainwashed social savior lol.

    3. Why would Trump cultists not take HIS vaccine? The largest demographic who are avoiding the ‘shot’ are actually Black Americans-not MAGA goons..

    1. @Dr.Blumpkin Right, you are just ignorant. Still does not change the fact that the vast majority of unvaccinated people in your country are republicans. Ignorance does not change facts.

    2. @Stigma with the lack of long term ..even short term research one might say you are the ignorant one , with the obvious evidence of this being a lab made strain and the inconsistencies in coverage on it , even the contradictory safety precautions they issued …only a fool blindly follows the government , I didnt call you ignorant for getting vaccinated maybe open your mind a little huh

  3. I just saw a similar clip in which the patient asks the doctor for a vaccine while sick and dying from covid, and all they can say is, “No, sorry. It’s too late.” If only they would listen to reason.

    1. CHIEF TAHCHAWWICKAH do you know anyone with smallpox, polio or diphtheria? No? That’s right, because there was a VACCINE

    2. @Stefanie Kokal the first Polio vaccines were very harmful and withdrawn from the market. Look up The Cutter Incident. Some people want more time because when they rushed vaccines before it harmed a lot of people. That doesn’t meant they are against all vaccines.

    3. @Lydia Alexandra

      Millions of people in my country disagree that the vaccine is harmful. IC’s are empty. We’re free because of the vaccine.

      They actually took another vaccine against sars covid / influenza and based this one on that existing one that proved it worked.

    1. @Chrissy Well, I have to give you my heartfelt thanks for being open minded to people with questions. I majored in biochem so I have more of an understanding of this than others. But it shocked me that the vaccine was ‘discovered’ just in time for Biden’s inauguration. I later did some reading on it and it these mrna vaccines were in the works for decades and it was just an unfortunate (or fortunate depending on your pov) coincidence that it was developed when it was. And not only was it MARGINALLY successful, but it was 90+ successful. Those types of coincidences are hard for those of us who are suspicious of the government to ignore. As are the lack of side effects. But again, my heartfelt thanks for being patient with people. Those of us who are not sold on it are not stupid and thank you for treating us like thinking and feeling people

    2. @John Clarke see?? this is the kind of conversation I like to have. And you’re welcome. And may I say thank you to you as well for being open minded. Maybe if more people like you and me get in the conversation this crazy division will lessen a bit.

    3. @Chrissy Thanks for compliment. I’ve been too guilty of thinking everyone here is my enemy and it was a very pleasant change of pace to talk to someone so open minded. I’ll try to be less dickish in stating my opinions in the future. Have a wonderful evening

    4. Fcc should do that to all MSM. They all have an agenda. Even local channels. One local executive said that it don’t matter what the people see and read. It’s about what our CEO sees and reads

    5. Trump’s January 6 insurrection wouldn’t have happened without Fox. Heck, Trump wouldn’t have become president without Fox conditioning viewers to accept lies. And Fox is promoting another attempted coup. Fox might argue that they’re trying to get people to vote Republican, but the non-stop lies they’re spewing about President Biden and Democrats would justify taking up arms against them IF THEY WERE TRUE. Some January 6 rioters have already tried the Foxitis defense, claiming that Fox manipulated them into committing treason.

  4. Just lost a 5yr old to this virus.. It’s so sad because they cannot get vaccinated and their parents won’t keep them safe so they are just screwed..

    1. @shaun duffy

      We’re all sheep.

      My flock just follows science and common sense.

      Your flock is on your way to the cliff. By all means: jump.

    2. @La Tido keep following that government funded science. As for common sense..if u had any..u probably wouldn’t believe everything u see and hear on tv!! The lone ram survives while the huddled lambs are blind to the slaughter that waits for them. Enjoy ur day..lamb.

  5. Them … and the utter stupidity of those who believed the lies. Chaos waiting to happen – criminal leaders and dumb followers.

  6. People are afraid of the ingredients but they smoke and drink like crazy. They eat at subways and don’t know what’s in the tuna.

    1. @The Lone Journey Do you not know how vaccines work? Are you one of Trump’s poorly educated deplorables?

    2. Well what about the people that don’t smoke or drink or eat processed fake food that still don’t want it ? Why can’t people just not want to take it ….why is it being forced down our throats everyday????

  7. What’s this, someone with medical qualifications thinks they know more about medicine and deadly diseases than the experts in the Republican Party like Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene?
    Who in America would fall for that?

    1. John Clarke as an ophthalmologist he DARES to argue with leading infectious diseases/immunologist. Arrogant bully

    2. @Stefanie Kokal He went to medical school. And then did a residency in ophthalmology. He had a massive amount of schooling. But at least the lying left isn’t saying his degree is fake. But you people DO keep bringing up his neighbor. All you do is smear. That’s why you lost all credibility and nobody believes anything liberals say

  8. Those who refuse to be vaccinated should only get palliative care. Reserve the limited resources for those who are personally responsible.

    1. Anything to have systemic bias work for you, right?

      This is literally why I stopped trusting the left.

    2. I haven’t seen a doctor for any kind of health problem for over 20 years. Back when I was in college, a doctor told me “There are two types of people you need to avoid: Doctors and lawyers.” I took his word to heart and I’ve been using natural remedies ever since. Exercising and eating right will help a person stay healthy. People don’t need the evil and corrupt modern medical system.

    3. @Tom Collins I was just like you. Aside from my essential tremor, which I had for 46 years. I never had a problem.
      One day I gave blood like I did every 8 weeks. The next day it was hard to breathe. I couldn’t sit up on the toilet. The furnace in the house stopped working in October and it was now February. My cousin owned the house and didn’t want to fix it until Spring.
      I texted a coworker and she got back to me 2 hrs later. At the ER they said they were surprised that I had a body temperature less than 50 F and I was still conscious. I got airlifted to Peoria and I ended up with a blood clot on my lung. I was in hospital for 12 days.
      Don’t take anything for granted. The 5 or 10 year plan means nothing when you have no health.

  9. Isnt this the Dr who argued with Pence when they were trying to get rid of Obamacare? Look it up. He was great. He knew more about the bill they were trying to pass than Pence did.

    1. @Kaz K it was not him. That was Tucker Carlson. Another brainwashed ignorant cultists and cospiracy theorist.

  10. I’ve heard more then one story of some one dying, going on respirator, still denying they have covid, telling the doctors they are lying to them.
    Fanatics will cling to a belief to the bitter end.

    1. And it’s soo scary too, even I used to be an anti-covid vaccine person. False/Misleading information is a real threat to society

    2. @Lindblum_Castle what made you change your mind? Asking cause I’m trying to convince my dad to get vaccinated.

    3. @L L Simply about the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines being highly effective against the Delta variant. I live in the midwest and saw the rise of the variant in my area and didn’t want to take any chances. I just received my 2nd Pfizer dose yesterday and haven’t had any symptoms so far. Oh and I also got tired of having to wear a mask at my job too (that’s the other reason why)

  11. IQ45: I deserve the credit for the vaccine
    Fox: Don’t take the Trumpoison

    Nobody cancels GOP voter better than Fox

    1. @YouTube Censorship Sux And all this time l thought it was Fox (all those mandated to be vaccinated to work at Fix by the way) who kept warning everyone the vaccine was experimental, we don’t know the long term effects, you have to wait for FDA approval, etc. as their loyal, but credulous, voters kept dying off. No wonder they are now changing their tune! They have been killing off their audience!

    2. @YouTube Censorship Sux No one is debating your ‘opinion’. They’re saying the “facts” you use to make your opinion are trash.

    3. @Tim

      Sure buddy how so lol?


      Your the soft other side I’m talking about lol, I can tell it bothers you I have my own opinions

  12. So can opinion shows be required to have a big banner saying “this is the host’s opinion only and should not be considered absolute truth”?

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