Doctor Calls For ‘National Comprehensive Plan’ On Virus | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Doctor Calls For 'National Comprehensive Plan' On Virus | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. DUH. Everyone except Donald Trump knows we need a comprehensive national plan to tackle the virus. Only TRUMP is blind to that reality.

  2. Trump’s Covid-19 spokesman is Dr. Scott Atlas. President- Elect Biden chose Dr. Gawande. Sigh. Says everything.

    1. @dkm07305able so “lol” is your reply saying you don;t understand what’s actually going on…got it!

    2. @If you don’t vote for Biden, YOU AIN’T BIDEN lol. Not really, just laughing at how aggressive you are at defending trump yet on here bashing those who you deem are democrats. I hate both parties, but Republicans recently have made it party before country, whether it’s mask, election, etc. Also laughing at all the insults you throw because you have nothing to back up and can’t have a one on one conversation but hey, it is what it is right. You have fun going from video to video bashing those who disagree with you, it gives you some satisfaction (i guess).

    3. @dkm07305able Not once did I even mention Trump, you fumbduck. So how am I “aggressive…at defending” President Boogeyman?

  3. the conclusion is societies ruled by bs like this are a failure in long run because they are divided in front of danger so will perish in long run…keep letting rich people (less prepared mentally because of genetics than non rich) run the society is one of main causes of this failure

  4. Trumps plan, call COVID a hoax and then call it the plague. Lie to American people about the dangers of the virus and act like Herman Cain never existed.

    1. @SMS so you can’t say what it is ? How are people supposed to know if you or him can’t or won’t explain it ?

    1. @David Hale They haven’t, law firms leaving Trump not wanting to represent him. Baseless lawsuits not working. Trump’s lawyers have NOT turned any election results in his favor. The election results have remained the same. Recounts in Georgia but it won’t change the course of the election results. One state won’t change the results of the election. Biden is too far ahead in the electorial count. Biden 290, Trump 213.

  5. The republicans are worreid to death that the democrats will fix this problem and they will lose much of the base they had.. and won;t ever get them back.. like The ACA they fought it but they know they can’t roll out anything better so they just use it to raise donor dollars and the heat on democrats.. but truth is they have no plan and they don’t ever have a plan to help others.. they help only themselves ! It’s the republican way… they do not really believe in a democracy ! And they use people that just don’t know any better… they play their own base.. for fools over and over and over again !

  6. “National comprehensive plan” should be a part of “World comprehensive plan” since Covid-19 does not respect national boundary.

    1. @Jeremy Backup so we locked down once and the cases dropped. We opened and the cases rose. So what’s to say after another lockdown the same won’t happen ?

    2. @David Hale Well, every other country that went on lock down, stayed on lock down for the entire country…..they are all reopened with nearly zero cases of COVID.

      The issue in America, was that we left it up to each State to decide how to handle COVID. Which was as effective as putting a Peeing section in the public swimming pool.

      The US Makes up 4% of the worlds population, yet we have 25% of the worlds deaths from COVID. Nothing screams incompetence at the highest levels of leadership, like this tragic fact.

      Several countries have successfully combated COVID, but they put their citizens over their economy from the get go, so they are now rebounded and moving forward again, while here in America, COVID is the leading cause of death, outpacing Cancer and Heart Disease.

      Doctors without Borders was activated yesterday, to travel to American and help us with COVID. The first time in World History, that ‘Doctors without Borders’ were ever sent to a country that wasn’t a 3rd world country.

      See the issue now?

    3. @David Hale We went from 20,000 cases a day less than 2 months ago, to today, were we are already at 180,000 new cases and growing. I imagine we may hit 200,000 new COVID infections in the US today……….

      To put it into perspective, most countries on the globe right now, are having double digit, or at most, triple digit infection rates, with a larger population than we have here in the US.

      The sad truth is, Trump fought harder to prevent Americans from voting, than he fought to protect Americans from COVID. Now our country is the biggest hot spot on the planet.

  7. Doctor: Calls for comprehensive national plan

    President: Plays golf and rants on twitter

    Americans: Die

    Rest of the world: Facepalms

    1. @If you don’t vote for Biden, YOU AIN’T BIDEN Lol wasn’t Trump the guy who described a dementia test as “difficult”. Go back to Newsmax

    2. @Harris Biden 2020 WON !!! but wait..I thought you frauds were trying to “unite the country”….

    3. @Football Nerd actually that’s YOU continuing to prove how cult-like you dunces are who think MSDNC actually provides you news. And you have the nerve to call FOXtards (and they are) “Trump cultists”.
      A pox on both of your houses. You’re both poison to America

    4. @Victor Smith you’re just too easy to mock, so I’ll let it go for you this time, DNCbot

  8. “You’re fired”
    Hopefully you will pay accordingly.
    Law & Order along IRS
    will be awaiting for you with arms wide open

  9. Emily Murphy, the administrator of the GSA, that is needed to certify the presidential election, has become a central figure in the anti-American activities of the trump republican party.

    1. She’s loyal to the man and that’s what he demands. She took an oath (several times in various government jobs) to the country. Being the disloyal American that she is, she’s siding with the man, not the country or her oath to God. Shame is everywhere in this Republican rats’ nest of an administration/Senate.

    2. @TheChonaman Shes going to be job hunting soon and thinks ‘holding up the DEM transition” will look good on her resume. it might to a CEO like Louis DeJoy but in the long run, she will be very sorry she did this. The internet is forever, and stuff like this doesn’t go away EVER,

    3. @imiss toronto It was reported yesterday that she’s already put out applications for a new job. She’s a disgrace to our country and NO one should hire her.

  10. Every republican president has given a recession but Trump takes the cake 🤕

    When will Americans learn. . . .

  11. My dad was in the hospital 5 days. He had a heart procedure and then drove himself home thevnezt day! My dad passed out at home! Its not ok to not take precautions and put a heavy load on hospitals because then this whats happening

  12. There is no government anymore. Trump is busy to safe his face, and the staffs are busy to safe their exit. They don’t see the important of combating the covid-19.

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