Doctor Calls On Governors To Implement Mandatory Masks In Public | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Doctor Calls On Governors To Implement Mandatory Masks In Public | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Dr. Vin Gupta, assistant professor of pulmonary and critical care medicine at the University of Washington, discusses why he's calling for governors across the country to institute mandatory mask policies in public places immediately. Aired on 5/28/2020.
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Doctor Calls On Governors To Implement Mandatory Masks In Public | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. The Governor of my state ( Michigan) did call for mandatory masks..But there are still far to many that ignore it.

    1. @Eddy Hanson Read the comment below that article how some commented how they think the CDC and others bundled all viruses ,flues together to get that unreal number which is probably true.She also stated it’s probably around only 3 thousand that die yearly in actuality then the huge number she thinks is from bundling all those respiratory diseases together!!Read it again and it doesn’t state if the research was only in America or world wide!!If it were 80 thousand a year which was recorded last year wouldn’t you think we’d be scrambling trying to stop it as well!!Wake up and be more sensible like I am in reading it..Theres never been another flu,virus that’s killed more people in this short a time unless its Ebola or the black plague which killed millions hundreds of year ago!!

    2. Don Williams So you send me a YouTube of random dude’s conjecture over the numbers and a bunch of unsubstantiated claims?

      You do know we have morgues on wheels now and are still comparing it to the flu LOL

    3. @peter conway – you just gave me evidence that no one, including the CDC can get the numbers right and then you stupidly bring Trump into this conversation and that he is personally Robson for 100,000 deaths is at least absurd and at worst, hateful and anti-American. You condone election tampering by the media!! That’s sedition which is reason.
      Everyone in this country has the responsibility to know the difference between truth and propaganda and should fight the untruths whether it supports your narrative or not

    4. @KloutKulture – states under-reporting? That’s a false narrative that the Leftists in the media put out to counter the fact that Colorado admitted to over stating the number of deaths by 25%

  2. I totally agree. We must save these foolish citizens from themselves before they hurt others with there uncaring ignorance .

    1. Trump knows he wil lose the Senate and hisi desk, so this is just part of his plan – I won’t try to outguess a pathological lying malignant narcissist on what that might be, but we see a lot of the ‘breadcrumbs’ already

    2. @Jorn Buster please save other people’s lives as well as your own….it’s A small.price to pay wearing a mask ….only saying my friend ..

    3. @David Adams When cars were designed to go no faster than 30 mph, we didnt need speed limits then.

    1. Russian Bot re-electing trump is the very definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and expecting different results ~ Albert Einstein.

    2. Rino Ponce but the idiots listen to trump politicizing what should be unifying. He’s nothing but a tyrant.

    3. Russian Bot – Better get back under your rock come November when the blue tidal wave crashes to shore. Kinda like 2018 except far worse. Vote blue no matter who and oust the turd November 3rd.

    4. @Shirley Rombough the blue will crash. You’ve got that part right. After the treason and Democrat genocide is exposed, you won’t stand a chance.

    1. I was..til he started flip flopping a bit too much to trumps liking. I no longer trust him like I did..

  3. Third week of February for the kids out of school bought mask hand sanitizer shelter in place 12th of March hard shelter in place only left the house once every 10 days to reach for food hazmat suit mask ice Shield. I hear many Trump supporters tell me how Brave they are I hear the virus tell me how stupid they are the virus is right.

    1. What’s really funny is that the virus doesn’t have a brain, and it’s *still* smarter than Trump* supporters.

  4. The value of wearing masks in lowering the transmission rate of the virus is beyond debate. People who think otherwise are mask-debaters

    1. There are smart people, normal average people, dumb people, village idiots, and at the bottom of the stupid, we have trump and his supporters

    2. I thought you only need the mask if you’re the one having the symptoms otherwise they’re not necessary.

    3. @Andy Sleeter The masks themselves won’t block out tiny particle size coronaviruses. Health experts were saying that too….

  5. MAGA hats still think their “messiah” will make the virus magically go away over the summer before the election!

    1. so far 100,000 people are dead, that we know of. How many deaths will it take to practice the basic living skills.

    1. Russian Bot – Correct name for you. Forewarns us that what falls from your mouth is a lie. Vote blue no matter who. Flush the turd November 3rd.

    2. Sperup AD – Silly me – I thought Rump was an apprentice of the devil. I guess he can be both. Otherwise spot on comment.

  6. the Czechs had a mandatory mask law since march 13th,they now dont need that law as the have dont have the cases ,

    1. @W J It’s not evolution, you’re still alive. If it was evolution you & yours would’ve been gone like the dinosaur, asshat.

    2. Japanese people are also very polite and follow directives but it’s more important to have an Executive Order against Twitter FFS! 100,000 lost souls!

    3. @Ondřej Škoda thanks for the update , the Czechs have 200 killed by covid the swedes have 4000 and rising and the swedes have a much lower population density , both countrys are roughly the same population . you are a example to learn from with your use of masks best wishes from
      the uk

    1. All over the friend in Indiana got one 2 weeks other friend in Long Island N.Y. got one tuesday..havent checked to see if my area has them..but if not..we will..

    2. Its found to be only 50 percent accurate, that’s why they are not using it. Until they can get better results, there is no point.

    1. And now with more information showing the effectiveness of masks in countries who have successfully contained the spread of the virus, they have now changed their minds. This is what intelligent, open minded people, without big egos do Don. Try it some time.

    2. @280z318i why would you believe anything you’re being told??. Do you really think the establishment has your best interests at heart..??
      There’s a reason why we’ve dumped the CDC/WHO/GATES Predictive Contagion Model.. Because it’s WRONG!!

    3. @Harry Singh The mask is to mostly stop the spray of moisture that comes from people when they speak. Yes the virus is super tiny, takes an electron microscope to see, but the moist air from the mouth is much larger.

    4. I know No Way. I guess you also believe pigs fly and Bill Gates is an alien from another planet sent here to take over the world. When will you conspiracy theorists ever stop!

    5. @No Way We? Speak for yourself, clown face. You believe everything told to you by a certified pathological LIAR with a recorder 18K lies perpetrated on the world. The countries showing a decrease in the infection rate are the ones who attacked the problem early, did NOT call it a HOAX & instituted strict social distancing requirements, quarantines, wearing of masks & curfews. Educate yourself…..your partisan ignorance is embarrassing. If you’re looking for perfection, you’re on the WRONG planet….they all made mistakes. The negative effects of a virus never seen before…we’ll be learning new things about this virus for years to come, Einstein.

  7. You should avoid people not wearing masks as much as possible..Stay healthy at least until there is a good treatment protocol..or get sick now and they can practice on you.

    1. Masks are a non issue because 99% of the people that contract this “virus” recover and life another day…

    1. Why would you believe anything the CDC says..?
      We need to audit the COVID death counts like they did in Colorado..
      Theres a reason we’ve dumped the CDC/WHO/GATES PREDICTIVE CONTAGION MODEL.. Its because its WRONG!!!

    2. @Andy Sleeter If you want to go down that road, this happened long before Trump. Trump is merely a symptom that acts as a catalyst.

    3. @Don Hosteen Stop making cellular life (virus) an adversary, and start using its benefits as viruses are the most efficient transferrer of knowledge in the Universe.

  8. Study in HK already show is not only to protect yourself, it can also protect yourself to some degree, and even if you do get infected, because the mask will expose you to less viral load, hence chances of milder symptoms or illness.

  9. It’s said that most people out there are decent, smart, considerate people who do things not only for themselves but for the benefit of others…

    …then there are some that will do things out of ignorance, malevoence, and pure selfish spite.

    Edit: Trump falls into the second category.

    1. @Don Williams you wear the mask when you go out into public. That’s the whole point!!! This virus is not like the flu in that it can be transmitted by asystematic people, hence social distancing and mask wearing.

    2. Damian Draven So you’re telling me that during the FU season no one can be Asymptomatic?  And if they are the Flu can’t be transmitted? So how does MILLIONS get the flu every year? 10’s of thousands die? 100’s of thousands hospitalized. Tell me Doctor Fauci.

    3. @Don Williams Trying to explain the difference to you is like explaining it to a potato or Trump.

  10. Yes! Pass a law! Exactly, you can’t smoke in a public place. You have to wear a seat belt in a car and a helmet on a motorcycle.

  11. Japan is a mask wearing country..has been for years..look at their transmission rates..masks work..20+year mask wearing Nurse here..

    1. CherBear probably has nothing to do with it being a little bigger than Texas and having 125 Million people. SMOG maybe? Like having all of Texas, California NY and Florida all living there.

    2. Keeping in mind that Japan is one of the most densely-populated countries on earth with one of the largest economies, this really says something about the masks’ efficacy.

    3. @Don Williams Now don’t let the smog get to your head; actually it seems like it already did.

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