Doctor Describes Challenge In Caring For Sick Individuals After Ida

Dr. Ed Racht of Global Medical Response joins Morning Joe to discuss the search and rescue efforts underway after Hurricane Ida slammed Louisiana.

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Doctor Describes Challenge In Caring For Sick Individuals After Ida


    1. It’s at sea level. One cannot dig very deep without hitting the water table.
      That’s why the burials are above ground.

  1. Republicans and some Democrats in Whashington can criticize Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan if they want to, it doesn’t matter, because Biden is right.
    The 82 million Americans who voted for him approve of his choice

    1. Nobody who votes for a president has to agree with everything they do. In this case Trump salted the earth and left America blowing in the wind.

    2. Mark Evans, BS, a CNBC poll states, “Among the registered voters surveyed, 50% say they approved of Biden’s job performance while 48% noted they disapproved”. Quit lying troll.

    3. @Mark EvansAmong the registered voters surveyed, 50% say they approved of Biden’s job performance while 48% noted they disapproved

  2. William H Music 2021 is a troll account that has been banned several times and has to keep changing his channel name. Magamoron

  3. Gosh, just to survive without Power is extremely difficult. Try even sleeping in 80 degree nighttime temps without AC or even fans. Total misery.

    1. @Common Sense Ich denke daß Du in das Grund geleben, weil Biden hat früh über Hilfe für LA gegeben. Namaste.

    2. @Jenny Lemon People who live in NOLA take great pride in their city. It truly is a one of a kind place. They are resilient. NOLA will come back.

    3. @Common Sense Why do you think Biden doesn’t care about them? FEMA was on site immediately. You can’t move people out of this situation and those who evacuated are being encouraged not to come back for at least a month. People in this area work really hard to help each other. Isn’t that what republicans want, no government and people helping themselves?

    4. @Terri Morris Well so far in the 7 months of Biden it seems like the last thing on his mind is to help Americans. He has had one failure after another. Guess actions speak louder than words but so far his actions are a disgrace.

    5. @Terri Morris All they do is complain. They don’t put forward any solutions or policies to actually help people. That’s how republicans operate and why they need to be voted out everywhere.

  4. Omg guys it’s bad here, I thought it was punishment enough being in Louisiana. It like one of those extended shots from 12 years a slave, but it never ends.

    1. Regrets that millions are suffering so terribly. 🇺🇸🤦‍♀️ Strange that we all forget that hurricane SEASON occurs every year.

    2. @Annette youtube
      The doomsday reports we’ve heard all about for 30 years, are,after all, in fact very real, increasingly exacerbated and attempts to reclaim the land from the sea continue to fail. The environmental stabilization of wetlands etc has eroded to the point that it’s a ticking time bomb from here out. I’m in NETX and many moved here in desperation after Katrina.

    3. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I do pray for you and yours to get through this disaster sooner rather than later.

  5. Can’t thank you enough Dr. Racht for your commitment and resolve in doing your best in providing care for those in need. It is not going unnoticed. Much respect and sending prayers for continued strength while sorting through the urgent daily challenges you are facing.

  6. Dr Racht is a hero ..Praying for victims of Hurricane Ida…my heart goes out to all ..I’m soo sorry for those suffering. 🙏🇺🇸💕

  7. My heart aches for these poor people! So much to deal with. Please, I hope they get everything they need to survive. Please, get vaccinated as soon as possible.

  8. Take care of the Ida victims first…the non-vaccinated COVID people can be the ones that wait it out…if there are no beds, then no treatment for them. These other citizens need care and your staff needs to be working with the people who choose to try and stay alive. Tough decision, but the anti-vax people are making their own choices…the other patients that are the victims of Ida had no choice…care for them first!

    1. People who refuse the vaccine then end up in the hospital with covid got there due to their own negligence. I agree with making them a lower priority than other patients who need treatment over something they could not have prevented.

    2. And also be sure to take care of Democrats first now that Biden is in office. Remember, we’re all in this together people

    3. @Winston Smith that makes no sense. I understand placing unvax in a lower priority, but where does politics come into it?

    4. @Jason Morin Profiling, my man! Political profiling. And I was being sarcastic. It’s a very dangerous path to take when you’re talking about denying medical care to people and letting them die in the streets. And I’m horrified that so many comments are saying that. Turning a person away from an ER for ANY reason is barbaric.

  9. Why are we so unprepared for the patients who need lower level care??? We can’t throw up a tent and provide simple suturing, wound care, treatment for ear infections, sore throats, etc? We need to keep those patients away from the ERs!!!

  10. Ugh, I could just imagine and trauma now after a major hurricane like that. It’s enough to give a person PTSD. You never forget it.

  11. Thank you medical services, I was in Hospice care and thank God I made it home. So I believe this world better believe this is not a TRUMP GOP HOKES . Hospital are running out of oxgen , OMG I am so thankful God blessed me to get home.

  12. I think they should plan to start thinking about mass evacuations might be prudent. Very complicated situation. LA is a nice place to visit but not to live in a swamp is my preference.

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