Doctor Describes Staff Dealing With Packed Louisiana Hospitals


    1. Wasn’t welcomed numbnutz the border jumpers brought it into country cause Biden did not secure our borders! Seriously lay off the dope!

    2. @Silence Do-Good So Trump’s big, beautiful wall didn’t stop the border crisis? How shocking. Next thing you’ll be telling me he didn’t lock up Hillary or make Covid vanish in April.

    3. @Silence Do-Good LoL 😂
      You’re blaming the immigrants at the border now !? There is no bounds to your level of ignorance and stupidity !??

    1. @Dog Poo Fairy that would be the ones they acquired from the Afghani’s stupid.
      do you really think we would send out troops back to an area that the Taliban took over and disable everything, do you have any critical or logic thinking??

    2. @Glenn Farris everyone that was at airport was liftedd out, NO Americans were left at the airport, look it up.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis For the last several days they were telling Americans to stay away from the airport because of terrorist attacks.

    1. Neo liberalism and Satanic cancer cells, as these Satanic cancer cells relate to local aficionado’s of tribalism deprograming. The rainbow warrior leather daddy. Torture music and the kinky military intelligence service aficionado. Sing birdy sing. The heart of Patriarchy darkness upon the puppet strings of our national school shootings.

    1. And idiots refuse to be vaccinated against a disease that has already killed over four and a half million people.

  1. Like spoiled children… Inability to grasp certain concepts. Your parents (responsible citizens) are trying to get to Disneyland (post pandemic). You’ll never get to Disneyland if you keep taking off your seatbelt and trying to grab the wheel to pull the car in the ditch, because you feel like seatbelt and roads are too restrictive.

    1. @Hollywood Dodger “…if you did.”

      First, this is about more than a vaccine (notice how that singular element does not come up?). There are a variety of mitigation strategies that have been opposed on all fronts.

      Second, your line of thinking is what viruses thrive on. I’d encourage you to look more into virology; a very interesting branch of scientific discovery. Transmission vectors for viral loads require folks that think like you do… to become more efficient killing machines.

      Unfortunately viruses, not unlike some parasites, do not require host survival carry out it’s purpose.(To replicate, mutate, and spread.)

    2. @Damien Darko247 I was jokingly suggested the vaccine gave you brain damage, but since you didn’t get it, I’m quite sure it did now.

    3. @Hollywood Dodger Ah, I see… The old “I was only kidding” line, eh? Then, that move to totally disregard the entire context of my reply was really a boss move. Good for you. But, for real, study some things, it might prove useful.

    4. @Hollywood Dodger Maybe you should spend some time learning how to spell and construct sentences, but since you’re trying to promote stupidity, that’s not likely.

  2. COVID King DeSantis sez this is all overblown … sez he hasn’t met any dead people. Where are they? No dead people have shown up at his office. BTW this lockdown brought to you by Mutha Nature.

    1. @Common Sense You know it was deliberate. You never heard the old saying of: If you have nothing to say then silence is good?

  3. Immense thanks to the medical and support staff heroes caring for the sick children in hurricane damaged NOLA hospitals‼️🇺🇸👁👁👍🏽☮️💚

  4. I am a retired nurse in Ohio and I remember the difficulty in tornado drills. I can’t imagine a hurricane cat 4.

  5. It is a source of wonderment to me that these medics carry on in extreme conditions. Especially when confronted with seriously sick people who need not be sick. Anti vaxers please note.

  6. thank you to all our healthcare and essential workers you are true heroes and deserve our deepest gratitude … sorry so many take you for granted

    1. Yes, please VOTE OUT the political party that are sacrificing children to make a name for themselves in the Republican Party. Disgraceful.

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