1. Our health care system is terrible at caring for women. Our medicines are mostly tested on male rats because companies don’t want to deal with hormones from female rats, and want to get consistent results.
    Doctors do not listen to women and dismiss their complaints… Again blame their health complaints on hormones or being too sensitive.
    I have seen this first hand as a nurse, and then experienced it when as a pregnant patient. It’s dangerous and it’s degrading.

    1. The treatment of alfie evans was a disgrace. Forcing a toddler to die because it costs the government too much money is the legacy of British healthcare

  2. They have absolutely no idea what’s causing all of this, but they’re absolutely certain that it’s not from the C V One Niner Magic Potion.

    You know what else is on the rise?
    A. Cognitive Dissonance

  3. I’d love to see those percentages also broken down to Household Income – that might explain the numbers and the disparity between race.

    1. @Ray Whiteheadhow about you do it and let us know wtf does that have to do with America not providing adequate healthcare for women?

  4. I sure hope the CDC is coming up with a new way to make the pharmaceuticals companies some more money. Shut down all the companies again and let Brandon hide in the basement again so he will not have to debate anyone. And shots, shots and more shots for everyone.

    1. That’s because everybody likes to Google their symptoms and immediately assume the worst, that’s why you don’t do that so people who are actually suffering don’t get played out like their pill seeking fiends, like most Democrats.

  5. Most “peer industrialized countries” have public health care, well accessible for all no matter the colour or size of the wallet.

  6. “Racism isn’t dead, but it’s on life support, kept alive by race hustlers who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as racists.” — Thomas Sowell

    1. “How do you get rid of racism?” – CNN host
      “You stop talking about it” – Morgan Freeman

  7. The American people deserve to know what role the experimental *you know what* is playing in the excess mortality rate.

  8. I went to a hospital ER for a herniated disk in L5 S1 (complete herniation) and I was turned away because the doc said I was drug seeking. I had high blood pressure too and the nurse pointed that out to him. He still turned me away and I was in massive pain. I have never gone to the ER looking for drugs in my life. No matter what I said he stood his racist ground. He even asked me how far I went in school, and when I said I had my masters he grilled me about what school I went to and where it was located. He was firing questions at me trying to stump me. Total creep. $1000 is taken out of my paycheck biweekly for taxes and this is the care I get.

    1. @hello You could be right. But the fact that he grilled her about her education and didn’t seem to believe her doesn’t look good. I can see why she got that impression.

    2. ​@whitequeen96Why exactly would you believe this persons racial grievance fantasy? This didn’t happen. It would be illegal if it happened as described. Most likely if any part was true it was that she was in the ER looking for drugs and got called out

    3. Same here. Debilitating sciatica, turned away at the ER! Turned out I had the worst disc blowout my surgeon had ever dealt with. Discectomy at L4/L5. I’d rather pass a kidney stone.

  9. I was really hopeful for that segment, but then there again was race, equity and skin color. I guess, If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.
    Control those numbers for drug abuse and socio economic factors, and I am pretty sure you don’t need race based concepts to explain outcomes.
    If you want to look into why socio economic weakness persists, check public school performance and single parent household numbers. And yes, there is racism in the world, but not only singular- it is against black, brown, Jews, Arabs…

  10. Midwives! Give birth back to the midwives, teach our daughters not to fear birth and trust birth keepers create community rooted in wisdom, care , and love again.

  11. I’m a black woman and nearly died giving birth to my son 15 years ago scariest thing. I’m educated college degree work in corporate America for over 20 years. No one listened to me complaing about pain and not being able to breathe actually told me to be quit I was scaring other mothers. Well when my vitals dropped I started bleeding out literally. I had postpartum hemorrhaging.

    1. ​@Bud Fuddlacker Yes. It’s called having compassion for another human being. Maybe you should try it sometime 😉

    2. @K8tina maybe you should realize most comments are AI bots. Even if they were real, you have NOTHING to do with some stranger in the internet and their bleeding

    3. @Bud Fuddlacker  Thank you for your ‘concern’ over my response to @SwitchB and the ‘warning’ about AI bots in the comment section. Even though she may be ‘a stranger’, there is nothing wrong with showing kindness towards another person in the comment section, in this case a fellow mother who had a complicated delivery outcome. I don’t see the significance of what her being ‘a stranger’ has to you. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    4. ​@K8tina y’all were cursing the names of the people who were involved in that train incident in Palestine, you can’t expect the same level of compassion for your people if your bashing the lives of others who disagree with you. That’s the problem with y’all.

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