1. @Pamela Wing Well, you could ask, are there any honest cops? do they exist? and no, unfortunately, they do not. Statics show 100 out of 100 thin blue line thugs is a pdf file, for eample

    2. @Do you feel… that you lack critical information? There was an easy answer to the question in a fairly lengthy read, graphs and everything. I gave the way I found it and it was what I am assuming she was asking for. WTF is wrong with you people? Everyone is out of their effing head.

  1. It’s wild that RSV is a childhood disease.

    I didn’t get it for the first time until I was in my mid-30s…*last year* THANKS, WHOLE FOODS!

  2. Florida didn’t have a mask mandate and RSV was surging all summer long in hospitals. Don’t blame the masks when no one was wearing one.

    1. @J.C. Denton my daughter coded at a month old, over 15 years ago from RSV pneumonia. She wasn’t able to get any vaccines.

      She did survive. She wasn’t expected to. She’s almost 16 now. Oddly she had whooping cough twice also in her first 2 years. Now, she never gets sick.

      I lose my immunity to vaccinations, from an immune issue.. seems she takes after her father. Haha

    1. Forced mask mandate is a way to constrain speech. Among other consitutional violations.

  3. I caught RSV at age 69 and it’s NASTY. I was hospitalized for three days on supplemental oxygen – more or less the only mitigation.

  4. And pediatric flu shots don’t arrive til next week at the soonest. My kids always have to wait til November til the office gets them.

    1. I’m glad you’re getting your children vaccinated, but respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is not influenza virus. There is no vaccine for RSV, yet.

    2. @Deborah Freedman Hopefully someday. I just mentioned the flu shots cuz they did in video too.
      Interestingly, when I stopped getting flu shots, I handle the flu better. Still a mystery why my heart reacted to the 2nd pfizer shot,(4hrs body aching & headache, normal, but by the 6th hour 104 fever, then 9hrs later 🚑). My body likes to confuse doctors tho, not even my first time something baffled us. If I didn’t get the shots tho, last christmas I would’ve been in the icu.

    1. Never wore a mask, never got vaccinated. And I’m not the only one, we are everywhere. Aren’t you afraid now to go out? Don’t you think it is just better for you to stay home ad not go out. You’re so much safer there.

    1. Because they are both respiratory viruses, are caught the same way, and have similar symptoms, at least in the beginning.

    2. Also, as we see such high numbers we have to add that these aren’t the pandemic hospitalizations, or else someone will take it as misinformation ( omission of details, not telling the full story, etc)..

      As someone who had her youngest ( she’s almost 16 sighhhh) code at a month old from rsv pneumonia, and who wasn’t supposed to make it, but did (obviously is she’s 15 right now, lol).. this is extremely important information..

      Also, they did mention the flu, and how it isn’t even flu season yet – which will be bad this year since we’ve been wearing masks for years, and now public health broke, and people think the pandemics over..

      Did you know there’s multiple waves across the world right now, in different areas, and so it’s to also remind people it isn’t over.

  5. I work in vaccine development and the RSV vaccine has been under development for decades, my particular employer has been working on it for at least 15 years, I wonder when it’ll hit the market.

  6. We’ve been dealing with a lot of respiratory issues since tRump. His failure has made everyone more vulnerable. This aftereffect has been warned since 2020. But ‘our leaders’ wanted to get re-elected so the failed. 2016-2020 was a lesson for americas failures. So we should learn.

  7. So I would like to know how many of these children we’re vaccinated from covid-19 and now lo and behold they have a respiratory problem?

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