Doctor Recommends Strict Measures To Curb Coronavirus In U.S. | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Doctor Recommends Strict Measures To Curb Coronavirus In U.S. | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Fmr. Harvard Medical School professor Dr. William Haseltine discusses the measures China has taken to curb the coronavirus, why he considers Easter too early to re-open the U.S. economy and what he thinks the U.S. should be doing now. Aired on 3/26/2020.
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Doctor Recommends Strict Measures To Curb Coronavirus In U.S. | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Linda Scott I think Bat boy was being sarcastic and thus poking fun at folks who want to just blame Obama, Hillary, etc.

      Edit: I could be wrong, but hope I’m not. Never underestimate the power of stupid.

  1. This is the kind of valuable information the country should have been getting from the daily briefings, rather than hunches, hopes, and outright falsehoods presented every day by Trump/Pence.

    1. @Any Body “In some cases, the people noticed that the parts went out before the mother went out. She would…come staggering out later, typically throwing up in the bushes and being helped out of the place, after the baby parts had already gone into the FedEx truck,”

    2. And, we need to learn how to fully utilize valuable information like this and get the necessary drug development done to effectively combat this Worldwide Coronavirus Epidemic under control.

    3. @Ed *World Renowned scientist suggested a drug to treat Covid-19. ‘Fact checkers’ branded him fake news*
      Take Didier Raoult, a French microbiologist with undeniable expertise.
      The director of the Mediterranean University Hospital Institute in Marseille *cited not one but three different studies from China showing that the anti-malaria drug called chloroquine has been effective in treating Covid-19 patients.*
      But we’re supposed to blindly trust apocalyptic models produced by panic-mongering political hacks?

  2. But President Trump wants to Re-open U.S this Easter he don’t care about the Americans Health I’m so worried about my parents

    1. @Jamie-Lynn Murray Your reading into things a bit to much.. IMO your seeing things that are not there. I have no motives with my words. Anyway enough.

    2. Gaming Gameplay – I agree with what you wrote but for crying out loud stop calling that vile degenerate “president.” He is in the White House illegally. Vote blue no matter who.

    3. Power corrupts – You are completely correct. We need to keep hearing this message until everyone of us gets it.

  3. Has anyone checked if Trump bought stock in the drugs he’s talking about? I would think he or a good friend of his did. I don’t think anyone would be surprised!

    1. China already has the cure. I mean why spread the virus if you don’t have the cure for it. That’s why China can celebrate early.


  4. I was really hoping one of the many lessons would be to humble a lot of people. Nope! People just won’t learn, and this will get VERY bad.

    1. Yeah I’ve come to realise how little people can think for themselves… trusting Trump at this stage is lethal and has been proving itself true every day

    2. Sadly no humility in the American character now- part of the overall problem

    1. This doc sounds right but how do they pay for 2 week hotel stay for every infected. In America there are 80000 confirmed cases and they average motel price is like 75$/night. My math is not too good but thats a lot. Now if the govt seized Trump Hotels and allowed free corona housing, that would be pretty cool actually.

    2. Election time, investigate to ensure the recently deceased victims of Corona aren’t voting. Just my thoughts.

    3. Lance if he gives up his hotels you dem,s will still complain about free room service, what no turn down service. Grow up

  5. In med school I always hated immunology and found it to be a ‘dead’ science. I now see how crucial it is. I thank all of those who chose to specialize in immunology instead of a more profitable specialty.

    1. I’m a doctor from india, and i do agree that microbiology was a little bit boring. However, once i started practicing under government, the public health sector, i was part of the polio eradication in india, and plenty of others ( india is filled with viral diseases).kyasannur forest disease is one exotic disease which effects my district.
      Maybe that’s why india is not effected that much by the corona.
      My point is you develop an interest after you are clinically exposed to these things.
      Stay safe guys, we are under severe lockdown with police patrolling the streets…..

    2. Toby Washburn I’m not a doctor. I’m in medical school. Still have multiple years to go before I graduate. In the US there are few new viruses that pop up. But when they do they are easily handled in the lab and appropriate treatments/vaccines are made. This is what I meant by a ‘dead’ science. Not many new and exciting things happen in the world of immunology. But this outbreak has shown me that immunology is such a vital component of our healthcare system and is certainly not a dead field.

    3. I salute all those folks in the medical field! All y’all are crucial and especially you nurses. Thank you for all you do.

    4. Immunologists don’t just treat diseases, they treat autoimmune disorders , recurrent miscarriage with immunological components, over and underactive immune responses. As a doctor, you get to choose your specialty. The theory of evolution continues to play out in the human body, so being a doctor period is pretty awesome. However, you may have been a little naive about it being a dead science. Ignore the haters!

    5. It just reiterates my viewpoint of the health industry: a profit-driven enterprise, just like the military complex with strong lobby groups (AMA is #3 as biggest lobby group in government) all about the bottom line. Hypocritic oath is a farce.

    1. @Ben Frank I would much appreciate it you skipped calling me names if you think I should be educated, as emotional as the times are. Don’t you realize that I meant how it all first sparked in Wuhan and how they’re similar to the current events?

      A doctor tried to discreetly warn the Chinese around him about the dangers of a Sars like disease. Yet the local authorities tried to silence him and downplay the events (communist window dressing) and thanks to them the infections exploded. Classic Chernobyl situation – pretending the damage didn’t happen. And now Trump is doing exactly the same thing with his scientists. Obviously he learned nothing of the recent history only few months back.

      I’m tired of people misreading my posts on YouTube and drawing foregone conclusions about me and in process assuming the worst. I could say YouTube comment section is altogether the worst, and you are not helping.

    2. Look up how massively successful Germany, Taiwan & S. Korea have been at *stopping Covid19* with very few deaths!!! They listened to W. H.O warnings, early. They started testing everyone in January! Trump could have done the same! I hope he gets sued.

      *It is highly possible Trump’s family, GOP Senators* And big pharma may be profiteering by creating NYC, California & Chicago bidding wars for medical supplies & patents for commercial testing.

      Why NO use of FREE W.H.O. test kits, like in Germany, S.Korea, Taiwan?

      *Unlike Trump & Sen. Burr* Or many Republicans, Germany, Taiwan & S.Korea didn’t say “Corona virus Impeachment HOAX!” Neither did their governments put saving share prices above protecting the lives of their citizens!

    3. Yes. But in THIS disaster movie..
      Nah, we are all going to be fine when these credits roll…..right?

  6. Trump properties should be available for infected Americans free of charge instead of hosting Kremlin assets.

    1. @David Gainey Lol, free to Repubs? Trump doubled the entrance fee and it certainly isn’t Dems buying influence there.

    2. Marcos Pedroso – It sounds good on the surface but I wouldn’t want to be in one of those bedbug ridden joints.

    1. @Westside 54 I’m not a Republican if that’s what you’re getting at 🙂 .But I’m not for The Corporate Democratic party either. Does that answer your question ?

    2. @Mona M I’m not fishing, to find out your party affiliation, that’s not my concern.I was pointing out the hypocrisy of our elected officials.They have taxpayer funded healthcare, for themselves and their families,which mean my (money) but fight so vehemently to exclude the American people, from having affordable health care.I like respectful debates.I don’t engage with nasty comments and name calling.

  7. Sir that’s exactly what we did in China. And it is working and we are still doing all we can to keep it under control. All new arrivals from overseas and the red zone (it is being gradually unblocked) need to do a 14 days quarantine etc.

    1. Shirley Rombough cannot go along with vote blue no matter who. Biden is not someone I can support. I’ll vote for everyone else on Democratic ballot to try and take Senate and keep the House. I’ll write Bernie in. Hopefully everyone will see this as our only opportunity to free us from corporations and billionaires strangulation. If not we are lost either way.

    2. Richsrd Sprinkle – Then you might as well vote for pigeon brain. Please think before not voting for Biden. When we have a Democrat in the presidency, “no matter who” think of the helpful legislation we could pass. I think Bernie (who is my favorite politician)

    3. – Sorry – The technology failed me. I meant to finish my comment this way: Bernie would work with Biden to get progressive legislation passed. Please don’t vote for Nader to spite Gore.

    1. @Theonetruegod Well darling,
      I am not here to convince you;
      but only to give a warning,
      and to share the good news from the Kingdom of Heaven.
      The decision to believe is up to you.
      Salvation is up to the Lord.
      Take care and God bless.

    2. I 100% agree but I have NO faith in the population to do their duty. Some will, but they’re a minority. Unless people are forced to stay home, they will continue to go out just because they are bored.

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