Doctor Says Children No Longer Need Masks Outdoors | MSNBC 1

Doctor Says Children No Longer Need Masks Outdoors | MSNBC


Dr. Lucy McBride joins Morning Joe to discuss why she says it's time for children, vaccinated or not, to no longer wear masks when outdoors.

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Doctor Says Children No Longer Need Masks Outdoors | MSNBC


    1. it was under 12 in Australia, with 8-12’s parents to choose if they were mature enough to do it or not & if family circumstances meant it was something they wanted to do or not. Below 8 it was recommended not to for any reason.

      We’ve got a week of mask mandate in Sydney right now, due to an unexplained case, was interesting to go shopping during that, 99.99% compliance in adults, not a single child in one, 12-16’s overall not wearing them either (or social distancing). Seems to be a very clear cultural divide in place here, anyone of school age is living life completely normally, while anyone beyond school age & in the workforce is expected to fully comply (we never did social distancing or anything like it in classrooms here). Kids & teens were at the shops with parents & peers in large numbers & seriously appeared completely unimpacted by covid. They could see their parents & everyone around them wearing masks, but they just took it as normal that they weren’t affected by that decision/that it didn’t apply to them & our case & death numbers make it pretty clear this hasn’t been a problem in management

    1. Only idiots do. It’s. All. About. Control. Social distancing? Social network? 3 letters that are the same………..

  1. Wait … she’s an internist? Why not talk to a virologist or epidemiologist? Would you talk to a cardiologist about a bone disease?

    1. @Moms MADD same story in Australia, some schools were closed in Melbourne so as to reduce overall people movements, NOT cause of fear of kids spreading it, cause there was no evidence to support that!

    1. yeh, I agree with what she said personally, but I also agree with you, that it’s really not appropriate to promote this in the way they did cause one doctor says it

    1. Tucker “ Your mask is making me uncomfortable!”

      Child : “ Your Matt is making me uncomfortable !”

      Gaetz : “ They tryna cancel me!!!!!!!”

    2. Lots of liberals and republicans have violated children. That’s what they do and you defend like it’s one person. Have you ever wondered why Democrats get away with it? Maybe it could be a swamp of disgusting humans that rule us.

  2. Its a courtesy thing with the people working at stores. Who maybe havent been vaccinated ,thats the reason I wear a mask inside.

  3. I don’t get this prioritization of “normalness” over caution. Kids are only freaking out because they see their parents freaking out and whining about mask mandates and such. In my community where masking is the norm for everyone, including on the playground where kids pile onto each other like locusts lol, I don’t hear nobody complaining because its just part of our normal routine like putting on seatbelts and looking both ways when crossing the street. I don’t care how low the transmission rate is, I rather “fix” a temporary emotional problem than take the risk of my kid getting covid ESPECIALLY when we know F all about the long term health impacts, including even asymptomatic folks.

    1. unfortunately & I know you won’t accept this, but the evidence also says taht in those settings, the touching of the mask causes more spread than it reduces. A RCT showed removal of cloth masks in that setting reduced respiratory disease transmission (and they’re wearing cloth ones, cause manufacturers of medical grade ones refuse to make child size ones due to the dangers involved in children wearing them)

    2. @Me Here my kid doesn’t touch her mask. I’m familiar with those findings. I have to remind adults to stop touching their masks and then touching other things all the time. I’m an actual scientist so I don’t only accept facts that are convenient to me.

      Back to the point, most of our hubbub about how hard it is to deal with covid with kids is down to our distrust that kids, particularly younger ones, can learn and be trusted with the age appropriate truth of things. In my observations kids who are given all the info and are trusted will follow protocol better than most adults cause they’re not selfish,invested in feeling smarter than everyone else, or drowning in conspiracy theory and pseudo-science like many adults are.

    3. @Me Here Also note that none of the finding on these transmission vectors are conclusive as in multiple researchers at independent labs confirming these things. Until we get there for me and my family the most reasonable and least likely to harm thing to do is mask up at parks where kids are often literally on top of each other which eliminates the key benefits of outdoor environments.

  4. Can’t get Kaiser to give any information and when they’re going to start giving out the vaccine for 15 and younger.

  5. So to summarize what this Dr. Thanos just said, “it’s Okay for kids to take off their masks and run outside, but as for me and my household we’re getting vaccinated”

  6. It’s all an illusion, what you perceive as freedom, even heaven. That said, it’s better to have a good illusion, these mask mandates…..

    1. stay in yer mama’s basement and watch NBC. oh, and make sure you have AT LEAST three masks on at home. and never.ever.ever. leave home.
      Joe Biden said so.

  7. The doctor was actually inaccurate when she said the risk from getting Covid is low for this age group. This age group is one of the fastest age groups to be getting new infections according to CDC and the AAP. A more accurate statement would have been that the risk from having serious side effects is low for this group. I cannot tell you one day that I haven’t had a notification for my kids school that there was a covid-19 infection exposure. My 12-year-old’s hockey team had an outbreak. My daughter’s high school hockey team had an outbreak twice on the team, once by the coach infecting the team not the other way around. I could absolutely keep going.

  8. Agreed! We’ve NEVER masked kids under 12 in Australia & it’s never caused us any problems in elimination. We VERY STRONGLY recommended AGAINST kids under 8 wearing them for safety & emotional reasons. I actually find it horrifying that Disney is banning anyone over 2 from entering unmasked, regardless of disability limits on wearing!

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