Doctor Says It Is 'Selfish At This Point To Not Get Vaccinated' 1

Doctor Says It Is ‘Selfish At This Point To Not Get Vaccinated’


Dr. Kavita Patel joins Morning Joe to discuss a rise in coronavirus infections and ways to encourage individuals who are vaccine hesitant to get vaccinated.

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Doctor Says It Is 'Selfish At This Point To Not Get Vaccinated'


  1. The pandemic could have united all Americans (possibly the world) to defeat a common enemy as WW2 did. The virus (not the vaccine) is the koolaid folks.

    1. @Lisa Ortiz I keep seeing people known to be vaccinated heading to the hospital and nurses telling us the same. I believe you’re one of the flat out liars in the game Lisa.

    2. @Louise Dumais BS. My daughter is a nurse. She just got back from the U.K. France, Poland. Many countries are rejecting the vax. Stop listening to these lying news agencies.

    3. @Lydia Alexandra You do realise mRNA vaccines, while not distributed to the public until the pandemic, have been researched for over a decade now, right? And even if you don’t want an mRNA vaccine, there’s still the Janssen vaccine, which is a more traditional vaccine, using a different, disabled virus to teach your body how to fight off the virus. There’s honestly no reason to not take the vaccine when you have options other than to not swallow your pride and say you were wrong about the vaccine.

    1. Those most at risk (supposedly the unvaccinated) *dont even wear masks* so who you really doing it for ?

  2. I’m very well aware they’re several states permitting motorcyclists to ride without helmets , ( which is completely ridiculous , I’ll wear a helmet regardless ) , however if you drive a car , seatbelts are mandatory , if you are navigating a watercraft , you’re required to have a life jacket . Even though it’s common sense ( and the law ) , many still choose to ignore it and pay the fine because they believe they’re invincible or incredibly stupid , perhaps both . Far too many are conflating vaccine refusal as valor or bravery , however I get the sense their main motivation is to see the Biden administration’s efforts to control the virus fail , whereby the economy suffers and hospitals are overwhelmed , in order to own the ” Lib’s ” . Selfish attitudes are definitely apparent in many of these cases , nevertheless vaccine hesitancy is not only abhorrently imprudent but reprehensible as well , is the point .

    1. Some people are concerned about possible adverse effects. Is that selfish? Yes, but so is asking someone to take on the risk of adverse effects just so you feel safer. Saying the vaccine is safe and effective does not work very well when so many people have experienced adverse effects and so many people who are vaccinated are testing positive. If these concerns are not properly addressed (which will never happen with the media), then do not expect people to cave in to the coercion tactics being used.

    2. Very well said…this is a foolish and ignorant pro-death activity….selfish and irrational.

    3. @Channel 99 So what part of your “identity” is refusing to protect your own health and safety. How is being a man, being White or being Christian determine how you brush your teeth, eat a healthy meal, hug your family, lunch with your friends, or sit on a plane? If you really think people hate you and want to hurt you even though they don’t know you, shouldn’t that make you want to live as a way to “stick it to the libs” You do understand that if you die, you may win “your game”, but you will also “lose your life” there are no do-overs!

    4. @Channel 99 We can’t just worry about ourselves because the virus mutates and could lead to a strain that the vaccines don’t protect against.

  3. 7 week sleepaway camp for 7-16 year olds? Who’s sending their 7 or 8 year old away for 7 weeks?! These people competing for the parent of the year award??

  4. She got a nasty attitude and funny looking teeth why you so mad cuz others choose to not be brain washed

  5. YEP, I just posted a current headline with 850,000 views that COMMIETUBE does not like — goes against the narrative and has tremendous implications for the immune system —- SAD SAD DAY IN AMERICA!!!

  6. There is no connection saying that wearing masks will lead to a lock down….usually you are so very careful with your words.

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