Doctor treating shooting victims gives update

Dr. Lillian Liao, pediatric trauma medical director at University Health in San Antonio, gives an update on the Uvalde school shooting victims. Her hospital is currently treating three children and the gunman's grandmother. #CNN #News


  1. My heart aches so much for those parents that brought their children to school but didn’t get a chance to bring them home 😞

    1. Me, too. There are neighborhoods in our country where gun fights play out daily. There are know guarantees but we cannot make choices that increase the odds of tragedies happening.

    1. @Aioki His mother is a republican.
      What does it have anything to do with anything? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  2. I’m sure Dr. Liao could never imagine what she have witnessed or faced in her experience as a physician. This should never be normal and unfortunately it is a “isolated incident”. This doctor is a hero!

    1. @Robert Miller What’s more outrageous is these “politicians” low life are still giving the same old excuses.

  3. Dr. Liao is such a compassionate and loving individual. She is what Doctors are supposed to be. God Bless her and all those working to preserve the lives of these victims.
    My prayers, my heart goes out to everyone involved in this tragic attack.

    1. @The truth The truth She’s a human. I and others should refuse “political camps” as personal identifiers. It’s ruined us as a country.

    2. She is exactly what we see in the interview. Keep praying for her and the pediatric burn teams working on these little ones. I will too.

  4. That was the definition of an EMOTIONAL interview , I sit here with many tears, and I thank DR. Liao for her work to save the victims of this Evil THANK YOU DR.LIAO

  5. I really don’t know how these doctors and first responders do what they do, but I am so grateful and they deserve the utmost love and respect. They are angels on earth.

    1. @Dana McMorris Your children are very lucky to have her. I she is able to get time to herself soon.

    2. The police showed up, refused to go in as that was dangerous, and assaulted the parents as their children were being slaughtered. It’s not that hard. Any coward can do that, really.

  6. What a lovely doctor. She has real empathy for the victims. She is at the receiving end of this as well. America needs to step up and push for gun reforms

    1. And also better mental health support services. The children who survived, the parents, and these doctors would bear the mental scars of this utterly tragic event for the rest of their lives, especially the children who had to see the terrible sight of their fellow classmates and friends being brutally slaughtered like that.

      Without good mental health support systems, violence would only beget more violence in the long run, violence is a vicious cycle.

  7. I’ve been a nurse for 20 years and over those years I’ve seen some incredibly difficult cases that have given me some pretty thick skin, especially after having worked on a covid unit for the last 2 years, but I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be to see the slaughter of elementary school students.
    We’re good at holding in our emotions no matter what comes through the doors but we’re not robots and this could even break through the thickest of skin.

    🕊️May the victims of this tragedy rest in peace and may their loved ones find it in their own time. They were our fellow Americans and they deserved better! NOW is the time for change… Enough is enough! Save your thoughts and prayers and instead let’s make meaningful changes.

  8. My heart goes out to that Doctor…that lady is hurting and still has to do her job and try to save those babies…

  9. I’ve watched Dr Liao speaking on another outlet and she had tears when she spoke as well…..imagine how difficult it is for her to repeat the same answers from the reporters on different channels and also how hard is for her and her team is facing…..Salute to her and her team at the hospital~!

  10. Anyone who knows the kind of injuries these weapons cause, and still advocates for them being available for civilian purchase, has no humanity. This doctor is a hero.

    1. Can’t believe any of you even take the risk of sending your kids to school in the US. ONLY country this happens in.

    2. Blame assault riffles AND the crazy guy, and also the people in his whole life who knew he was scary-crazy and did nothing about it. Next talk…how to identify the signs that your child is a sociopath/psychopath, and how to make the leap to get help for them.

    3. @Big Blue My brothers/cousins/uncles are/were successful deer hunters. (and bird hunters) Not one of them, or their circle of friends, ever used an assault riffle for deer hunting. I live in a rural area, and hunting with an assault riffle is definitely overkill. You’d be ridiculed for a gut shot.

    4. They are both a very awful thing to be shot by. One blast big holes. The other, you can be shot a zillion times in minutes and look like hamburger. Both are bad but there’s no comparison.

  11. It’s bad enough for adults to witness extreme injuries and death, but for those kids who survived, they’ve literally been to hell and back. ☹️

    1. The mental scars will stay with them for the rest of their lives unfortunately. They will live the rest of their lives every day bearing the utterly painful memory that their fellow friends and classmates were slaughtered like that.

      The US really needs to step up and take action for gun control and better mental health services now.

    2. Especially considering it all happened in one room. Can’t imagine what psychological problems every one of the survivors who were there in that same room have to face.

  12. When I was around five years old, a friend of mine died in a backyard accident. That was over 65 years ago, and I still think of him many many times throughout the year. His name was Timmy… And I still miss him all these years. I have no idea how these surviving children will deal with any of this in the years to come. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. The way she flees is so understandable, she’s a hero. Now just imagine the medical examiner that has to do autopsy on all 19 kids. My heart breaks for them and all.

    1. It’s so sad this one struck a nerve with the whole nation hearing those parents mourn their babies is just to heart breaking to watch.

    2. As soon as it happened immediately after, I said how awful & sad the medical examination will be for the coroner! 😱 😢

  14. “I’m ok”….as an educator, we have learned to just say “I’m ok”…..we have to get outside of ourselves and actually check on our fellow man and see through those words “I’m ok”

  15. She is both doctor and possibly a mother, you can imagine how heartbroken and sad she was facing and treating those poor kids😭

  16. She’s very compassionate. Thank God there are people like this who basically give up their lives to study, learn and be capable and responsible for saving lives. What would we do without them?

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