Doctor Who Pronounced George Floyd Dead: 'Oxygen Deficiency' Likely Caused Cardiac Arrest | MSNBC 1

Doctor Who Pronounced George Floyd Dead: ‘Oxygen Deficiency’ Likely Caused Cardiac Arrest | MSNBC


Dr. Bradford Wankhede Langenfeld, the emergency room doctor who pronounced George Floyd dead, testified that he believed asphyxia or "oxygen deficiency" was likely the cause of Floyd's cardiac arrest. Aired on 04/05/2021.
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Doctor Who Pronounced George Floyd Dead: 'Oxygen Deficiency' Likely Caused Cardiac Arrest | MSNBC


    1. Hes white. He’ll walk. Probation, therapy, he is “finding jesus”. Its always some bullsh*t excuse. There will be war if he walks, though.

    2. BK Lulu of he walks it’s on us as Americans. He is being tried by a jury of his peers. The system has worked in this case and had brought him to accountability and it will be up to the “jury” the “people” to deliver. It’s out of the systems hands at that point. If the judge dismisses e case with no re-trial after a “hung” jury then that’s the system being corrupt.




  1. The professional Doctor’s diagnosis is Oxygen Deprivation, NOT DRUG OD! Chauvin is GUILTY!

    1. @tenerife sea yes good point he should’ve been paying more attention, but that doesn’t mean he lacked empathy.

    2. @Chaos How many doctors and police officers, giving evidence, will it take for you to believe Officer Chauvin murdered Derek Floyd?



    1. @residentevil9922 george already couldnt breathe while he was standing up so chauvin puts his knee on georges neck??

    2. @Blu3balled George was lying about not being able to breathe. Drug addicts usually lie on a constant basis.

  2. So difficult for this doctor, caught in this huge political turmoil. He was professional and honest. He deserves credit, I hope that’s what he receives.

    1. @Chaos no doctor would lie under oath because of an imaginary threat. That’s stupid. You are desperate to make the facts wrong because they don’t fit your narrative. Why? What’s in it for you? Is this about you wanting to demonize Black people? Because it sure looks like it.

    2. @Scott Raider Antifa abuse intimidate and humiliate anyone who doesn’t raise their fist and say black lives matter. They are basically using Maoist tactics. Fact!

    3. @grannypantsification why have liberal news media stopped talking about the recent killing at the capitol? They were all over the story when they thought it was a Trump supporter. I wonder.

    4. @grannypantsification what have I said that could lead to the conclusion that I could be racist? You people call everything racist, you’ve diluted its seriousness, which is a shame because there is real racism out there.

  3. Placing his knee on Floyd’s neck was the definition of deadly force. And deadly force is only authorized when your life, or the life of someone else is in imminent danger. Guilty, case closed.

    1. @FENTANYL FLOYD u take them n let us know how it works for u . just out of curiosity . where were u January 6th ?

    1. @FENTENAYL FLOYD it’s a case where you take the victim as you get him (an egg shell plaintiff). If he is vulnerable you still have no right to trigger a death.



  4. Did we really need all this to know not to kneel on a man’s neck for 11 minutes? Lock the monster who did it away, what an inhuman and utterly evil act.

    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson hey Goof. 11 min or 2 min the pos didn’t need to kneel on the man’s neck cutting off his air supply causing the man’s death and you trying to defend it is pathetic. No one has the right to take another person’s life you embarrassment to humanity.

    2. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson you shouldn’t be calling people what your mother raised and father didn’t want in the first place

  5. When you drink and drive it is the CRASH that kills you…Floyd was killed by the knee on his neck.

    1. Is that why his drug dealer and gf couldn’t wake him up in the car and he was complaining he couldn’t breath while sitting in his car

    2. @Joel Rivard doesn’t matter. If “I” kneeled on YOUR neck for 11 minutes even after someone told me there was no pulse, I would be charged with murder, and you know it. Now say some other stupid chet…

    3. @Joel Rivard I just bet you believe the some 555,000 Americans who have died from COVID-19 really succumbed to preexisting conditions, not the infection caused by the novel coronavirus. That, or you just post your nonsense in order to further divide a divided nation..

    4. @Joel Rivard Try to set aside your denial and disdain for just a moment. Mr. Floyd was clearly alive and well before he became the victim of the brutal and unfathomable actions of Chauvin. Mr. Floyd repeatedly told Chauvin that he couldn’t breath, which should be all the more reason to RENDER AID-NOT INTENTIONALLY OBSTRUCT AND PREVENT HIS AIRFLOW. But yet he deliberately and continually put the weight of of his body on Mr. Floyd’s neck cutting off his air supply causing his death. According to your statement, Chauvin was aware of Mr.Floyds inability to breathe before his murder but Chauvin chose to willingly and knowingly disregard this crucial fact, then that proves that he Deliberately murdered this innocent man. But as we know, Chauvin is a recipient of the WS welfare system.

    5. @Christine King
      On the subject of covid there is infact ambiguity as far as the number of deaths caused exclusively by covid. When you consider, Medicare pays out 13k for every registered covid patient and an additional 40k for said patient being placed on a ventilator…that kind of cash might…you draw your own conclusions.
      Per Chicago health official Dr.Ngozi Ezike’s statement “if you were in hospice and had already been given a few weeks to live , and then you also were also found to have covid you would be counted as a covid death”. Plus, covid was a political weapon used against Trump (ironic Biden called Trump a fear monger in February of 2020 and a xenophobe in January 2020 for taking steps to curb the influx of people from a covid hotspot.

  6. Once they had him on the ground, handcuffs on his hands behind his back, 5 officers present, they should have let him be until they arrest him and get him to jail. But who knows what happens when he would have been taken to jail, they could have killed him then too.

    1. I have always wondered what Chauvin was waiting for. Back-up? An ambulance? Kneeling there with his hands in his pockets looked like he was waiting for a bus. But seriously, what would have caused him to stand up on his own instead of having to be removed from George Floyd’s neck by the ambulance crew? What was his objective? The man is down, handcuffed, no longer a threat… And the ridiculous claim that the officers were “afraid” of the “mob” (kids mostly) is meaningful how? How did continuing to kneel protect them from the “mob?” No reason in the world to keep kneeling after he was handcuffed except hate and fury.

    1. @FENTANYL FLOYD You made an account just to troll coverage of this murder trial with nonsense? And of course the witnesses are all saying the same thing; they witnessed the same thing. The falsities come from trolls like you.

    2. @Geralt Rivia I’m lost as to why he thinks that’s an argument in his favor. “The witnesses are all saying the same thing, so we can rule that thing out as a possibility, obviously.”

  7. The physical signs of Asphyxia are unmistakable. Consciousness is lost within seconds of interruption of the brain’s blood supply and within one to two minutes irreversible damage to the brain due to anoxia develops. If the lack of oxygen lasts only a few seconds after loss of consciousness, the injured person or patient regains consciousness on his own. Physical signs used to attribute death to asphyxia include: visceral congestion via dilation of the venous blood vessels and blood stasis, petechiae, cyanosis and fluidity of the blood. Petechiae are tiny hemorrhages. The Doctor is correct death by Oxygen Deprivation occurred.

  8. I watch the updates and feel my blood pressure boil every time. I can only hope that the murderer is not acquitted like George Zimmerman and so many others. I have read some comments that try to defend Chauvin. I get so angry.

    1. yeah they make me angry too. i don’t think floyd was some kind of martyr but i literally don’t get why anyone would defend a cop who is clearly unfit for the job. they’re a danger to anyone they encounter including law abiding citizens. don’t understand why people are so overjoyed he took out one criminal, when all he did was just take his place

  9. Everybody knows that he strangled that man with his knee his hand in his pocket and using his body wiggling on the man’s neck while the man was not moving a muscle it was as though he was trying to asphyxiate him

    1. Guilly yes …but hand wasn’t in pocket ,, he had black gloves on.. this has already been proven. Always best to verify please

  10. Kind of sort of just watching the highlights now; hearing those cops say what was said last week was all I needed to hear.

  11. My sincere condolences to Mr.Floyds family and girlfriend. And this hurts all those officers that would NEVER do this evil doing.

  12. Chavin killed this man. He sat there with him begging, cuffed, he urinated on himself, he turned “purple” as a young bystander testified, he DIED with his knee on his neck! Chavin literally felt his soul leave his body and did nothing until the paramedic, who testified “he looked dead” told him to get off. This is MURDER

    1. Didn’t one of the other officers suggest Chauvin check for a pulse and that he [Floyd] wasn’t responding? I will have to go back and watch the body cam footage again to check but I think that is correct. And Chauvin’s response to him was a resounding “No”.

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