Doctors Call For Equity In Vaccine Rollout | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Doctors Call For Equity In Vaccine Rollout | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. Historically, the rich could pay someone to take their place in the military. Money buys a lot we don’t even know about.

    2. Rich and powerful aren’t dumb enough to take it. They are taking saline shots to convince the useless feeders this is safe, so they take it and will die in a couple years.

  1. We’re spending all this time for everyone over 65 since the rollout. WHEN will it be available for all? Especially like myself with pre existing conditions?

  2. The millions that have been vaccinated, how are they doing? Maybe if everyone saw the progress of the vaccinated????

    1. The vaccinated . . . 🤷‍♂️ The media hasn’t been very reassuring in their ability to just report the facts over the last year.

  3. We don’t play the equity game in Florida we have this thing called common sense. Equity is white supremacy.

    1. Most places have and will.its cute the federal government recognizes its need but thats not going to magically create equaity in a capitalistic soaciety filled with greed.

  4. In America, if you are rich, then you are treated better.
    If you are rich, white, and male, you are treated the best.

  5. I’m 54 have lupus, diabetes, high blood pressure, I live in a rural area and it’s not even in my county or area anywhere to get vaccinated.

  6. First you tell us that Afro Americans are more reluctant to take the vaccine. Who’s fault is that if people are reluctant. If people don’t get over the past because of a past unethical medical experience, and they don’t realize covid vaccines testing is a whole new ballgame, oh well.

  7. AND HANDWASHING!! WHY ARE ALL OF THESE “ExPERTS FORGETTING TO REMIND PEOPLE TO WASH THEIR HANDS!!! I haven’t heard any of the “experts” talk about, washing washable masks after every use, or disposing of disposable masks in their proper place or alcohol swabbing your phone or steering wheel. We can and should be doing a lot more than just wearing a mask! Come On “Experts”!

  8. The rollout is a huge mess (thanks to the prior admin) and the disabled (many who are more vulnerable) are not even prioritized for the vaccine.

  9. It is not about race or income, the virus hates everyone equally. If you do not want to get a vaccine, wash your hands, wear a mask, or social distance, no problem, just do not go to the hospital when you catch it. Make you own call, the end result is the same. Everyone will catch it, there will be herd immunity, those that followed the rules will have fewer problems and deserve medical care if they need it.

  10. Ask yourself, with respect to the new and more dangerous strains, would it be reasonable to ban travel that is not within the borders? When a person or family travels to England, I am having a problem seeing how that lowers my risk of catching the new strains when they return. When travelers from outside America come to visit, it seems that it would not lower my risk of catching the new strains, either.

  11. Is he really serious when he says, “Tens of Millions,” of Americans have been vaccinated??? I am in the front tier group and I am on three waiting lists and no one has any vaccine anywhere and they are going to open the second tier in a few days.

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