Doctors in Egypt were able to extract a live fish that was lodged in the throat of a local fisher. 1

Doctors in Egypt were able to extract a live fish that was lodged in the throat of a local fisher.


An Egyptian fisher is recovering after doctors successfully extracted a live fish that had become lodged in his windpipe.
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    1. @Jennaerys Targaryen That still doesn’t make sense. Why would somebody put a live fish in their mouths, and how did it get all the way down his throat?

      It’s the stupidity I can’t get over.

    2. @MSMSilences WhistleBlowers sure it does. A live fish in a confined space will look for escape. The throat would be it’s only route. The fisherman was fishing by hand and had just caught the smaller one when a larger fish presented itself. He needed his hands free to attempt the second.

    3. @Jennaerys Targaryen Why would anybody put a live fish in their mouths? Also since it is that small, how strong would it have to be to force itself down somebody’s throat?

      Why not break it’s spine quickly and put it in their mouth?

      The stupidity around this is astounding. You would have to be the dumbest of the dumb for this to happen.

      Also it sounds too fishing, no pun intended, that it happened accidentally is what my point is.

    4. @MSMSilences WhistleBlowers his reasonings are his own. Stupid thing to do lol. He was thinking he could hold onto it in there and deal with the bigger fish then get to shore with both. Didn’t consider a live fish may wedge it’s way down his throat.

    5. @Jennaerys Targaryen That still doesn’t make sense to me.

      It’s not strong enough to do such a thing on its own. He was obviously doing something so embarrassingly dumb that this was the best story he could come up with.

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