Doctors & Nurses Threatened by Armed Thugs at CR Hospital #TVJMiddayNews – April 26 2022

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  1. This is serious. Now the government need to put a security post on the compound. Man by soldiers of course

    1. Seriously???? SMH these great bosses really need Reneto Adams for real. He will definitely take it to them.

    1. Everywhere, why are people so surprised. Ungodly human still doesn’t Repent before it’s too late..GOD SAYS IN HIS WORDS, HE WON’T LOOK AT THEM..PRAY ALWAYS FOR THE LOST.. OR SIN 🙏🏿

  2. What is the PM going to do about this.They should send him out they have their own under cover doctor.The doctors ,the staff and patients lives are important more that don.These heartless gunmen cannot be tamed.

    1. Sadly he won’t do a damn thing!! Also, God forbid if a doctor or nurse lost their today then he will come and run off his mouth!! They are always reactive not proactive

    2. @Juda Mom so how the hospital open up so like Mango Bush?
      These should be security Guards working at the hospital to and the prisoner should under police guard..
      What really happening in Jamaica?.
      The country running like miss Matty little patty shop..

  3. Its unfair for doctors and nurses to work in that environment .Its the people who do those things to have a change of heart and to develop the country for those coming behind

  4. Poor garbage collection is every where look at the runaway bay communities and surrounding areas, it’s a disgrace..

  5. Poor garbage collection is every where look at the runaway bay communities and surrounding areas, it’s a disgrace..


  7. Once again the So-call Gunman get away ,what about the injuries one in the hospital him got away too is it ?and if not is this criminal don , under Police Guard, and he have to talk who is these tug ,The security apparatus on the Island is too weak, These kind of incident involved so-call gunman the entire area should have cording off these guy shouldn’t get away.

  8. Citizens need to get involved in keeping planet 🌎 earth clean and safe. Talk talk talk, and no action, doesn’t solve problems.

  9. The government needs to do something and ensure the staffs are safe at all times they need to put soldiers to work the gate the government doesnt give the security guards weapon therefore they will not step to armed mens ,,, security guards have family too

  10. Mi nuh rang dem! Tap wuk! Now, let our leaders step in and resolve the issues.They have their lives and loved ones to take care of.

  11. Unbelievable, the question has to be ask. Who is in charge of the country the criminal underworld or the government?

  12. I can’t understand why Jamaica doesn’t have a recycling system put in place for glass, plastic and metals, it would put an immediate end to those elements on the street.

  13. I don’t blame you, Miss Limehall that is a good argument, those places are peaceful communities in St Ann.

  14. With all the security forces that flood the place and them soso, the bad men them is in control of the city. All these things are shocking, most people never know that scene like this would happen in Jamaica, youth kill in the middle of the streets in the middle of the day and just walk away in thin air, I think the police are confused by the murders that happened so frequently in succession that they don’t know which one to pursue..People might want to say is the citizen who are killing off each other, yes that’s so , but is the government responsible to have it under control , in any other jurisdiction the minister of security and the commissioner would resign or tendered their resignation, it’s horrible and bloody and dirty under their watch.

  15. as a nursing student in the states this is disgusting.. we put our lives everyday with this pandemic and help preserve life.. we deserve the respect that we earned

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