Doctors Urges Vaccinating Teachers As A Way To Reopen Schools | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Doctors Urges Vaccinating Teachers As A Way To Reopen Schools | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Dr. Irwin Redlener joins Morning Joe to discuss his latest Atlanta Journal-Constitution column on why vaccinating educators now is essential to reopening the country's schools. Aired on 03/2/2021.
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Doctors Urges Vaccinating Teachers As A Way To Reopen Schools | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I don’t look down on people jumping the line in the vaccine rollout. This rollout is so nebulous.

  2. First Lady Jill Biden is an inspiration to Teachers across USA. Her faith in the President in combating this Pandemic gives faith to the entire nation

  3. Holy Crap! I’ve been saying this sense the 1st vaccin came out!
    Does this make me a rocket scientist or someone with BASIC COMMON SENSE!

    1. Holy crap the vaccines are causing more lethal variants. England , South Africa and Brazil.

  4. This is exactly what my state is doing, vaccinating everyone involved in education or childcare, ahead of those most at risk of dying. It is wrong. Start with those over 55 and with preexisting conditions first, and don’t start throwing ridiculous political ideas into a public health issue. If teachers are older, they should be vaccinated. But it is beyond stupid, verging on evil, to vaccinate a healthy 27 year old before a 61 year old.

  5. I’m a teacher in northern Canada and all our school employees have been vaccinated. We’re getting our second dose this week. I feel so lucky but feel bad for other teachers elsewhere who haven’t been vaccinated.

  6. People who work in food stores and deal with the public every day are more at risk than teachers.

  7. Doesn’t SEEM like rocket science, but, meh… whatta I know. Let’s debate for a couple years first.

  8. Yeah, 4 years of competence cannot be fixed in 4 months.
    A bad year will not damage kids forever.

  9. Well spoken. In person educators to be vaccinated first for a sense of security and confidence in order to teach students. The incompetence and missteps of the previous administration is recognized and must be corrected so the US can move forward to begin healing

  10. Teachers HAVE to be vaccinated-like nurses, of which I am one-they will be directly exposed to hundreds of children coming from hundreds of environments bringing it all to school. It’s a no-brainer.
    PPE or not it is NO substitute for vaccination before going to the front line. I hope they stand their ground until this happens. In the end sick or even dead teachers will not help the children .

  11. This country had shunned teachers/educators for years, forcing them to live at poverty levels. Consequently, many of them have developed all kinds of health issues typically seen in populations without access to health and nutrition standards taken for granted by those in Congress. It should not be surprising then that these incredible workers are unwilling to sacrifice whatever longevity they might have. As a health consultant to a huge school District I have seen them hit the ground running, learning technology that was foreign to most when the pandemic hit. Though I understand parents and students’ plight, I find it lacking in compassion that teachers are being asked to donate their lives when so many of them have not seen a thank you or received a salary increase for the last 5 years and this is Northern California!!!!

  12. Trying to send an ASD child back to school after a year off is even a more daunting task.
    Thier routine needs to be evaluated and a REAL plan needs to be in place before we even consider sending them back.

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  14. I was a teacher for some time and I can tell you that children will get you sick like no one else can! My first year as a teacher I got pneumonia twice. The next school years I never got sick again, even when I got pregnant. I guess my point is… Both teachers and kids need protection from one another .

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