Doctor’s warning on COVID-19: “Variants have won… every single one of my patients has the variant”

Doctor's warning on COVID-19: "Variants have won… every single one of my patients has the variant" 1


    1. @Heaven WheelerI’m sorry I don’t speak in french and I do speaking english, my family come from england in almost 200 years ago

    1. It’s not effective. Even the company which manufactures the drug (Merck) has stated there is no benefit in treating Covid 19 with it. The major fealty agencies in North America and Europe advise against it and have not authorized its use in treating Covid 19. So maybe you should go back to sleep and wake up when you aren’t spreading false narratives about supposed cures.

    2. @harkmi3 hmmm….well, according to many studies throughout the world, all signs point to it not only being very effective, but also safe. Many countries have been using it with great success.

    1. @Sainte Jeanne d’Arc who do you think makes the decision on staff levels? Hmmm that just might be the government since our health care is funded. That’s what this Dr is trying to address. The government’s failure to allot more money for increased staffing!!!!

    1. @yourmanwatson Trudeau doesn’t scare me as much as you guys. The fact you think there is actually a leader who is worse than Trudeau truly shows that the downward spiral isn’t ending any time soon.

    2. @yourmanwatson the logic behind your belief that the ‘right’ is the biggest problem Canada is facing.

    3. @yourmanwatson I don’t care whether our government is led by liberals or conservatives; I just want them to be competent and get this pandemic under control.

  1. It would seem that collateral damage has been worse than COVID itself. Also, it seems obviously political for the top doctors…it sure is for Bonnie Henry in BC

    1. @yourmanwatson but it is well known how skewed and untrue the death toll numbers are as per the long line of nurses and doctors who have said, shown, and proven that many, many deaths have nothing to do with COVID, but have been labeled as so. It’s so fundamentally wrong, yet no one is keeping any kind of track for the numbers of OD’s and suicides directly from everything being implemented.

  2. How much kick backs or coercion are these doctors getting or being threatened with from higher ups.?

  3. Remember 6 months ago when the numbers were way higher and all the nurses had time for posting tic-toc videos? Pepridge farm remembers.

    1. @William 👍🏻
      Ya, cause that’s what hospital staff do when the world is being ravaged by a deadly virus – dance.
      If this was a real pandemic, the Emergency Broadcast System would be running 24/7. Movie production would have been shut down and the military would be manning the grocery stores, not our teenagers.

    2. It’s like nurses aren’t allowed breaks or something…

      They have to be at work, 24 hours a day, getting their meals through their IV’s and looking miserable the whole time they do it!


    3. @William ya because nursing is apparently a physically demanding job or out of the thousands of hospitals in the world 10 of them decided to make tik tok videos, how dare they! Where do yall nut jobs come from? The 2am Youtube Conspiracy videos with your PhD’s in Knowledge of Everything? Yall losers real crack me up.

    4. Yes the Tic Toc videos were represented from the Masonic 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony a Harry Potter spell on the country with the dancing nurses. and floating hospital beds…oh back to the news report of two Masonic buildings burned in Vancouver today.

  4. Sounds like provincial government is not funding hospital’s enough if there are beds available but not the nursing resources to staff them.
    But since when has ICU not run at capacity.

  5. According to the National Defence Act of 1985 anyone in recievership of a Canadian Emergency Recovery Benefit payment has been now placed on the Draft list for possible war with we can only guess who.

  6. Hey Doc, if I have diarrhea, should I stay home? What if I shart in line at Starbucks? What if I have the scoots? I really should be at home at least 3 times a week.

  7. What is your thoughts on Predictmedix ​ or pmedf a Covid -19 and Drug impairment screening A.I. Technology that was used in Tampa at the Super Bowl.

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