1. @Seventh Zign oh yes family can be very toxic. I want to believe her dad has good intentions but he needs to let go his tight grip. Her bipolar seems under control. Then again maybe we don’t see what is going on behind the scenes. I just feel sorry for her, I would not want my kids to become sick because of fame and fortune.

    1. She has to pay the salaries of all of these people. She is out of millions of dollars just so someone else can oversee her money. I can’t believe that she only has $60 million dollars. She is being robbed somewhere. She earned $30 million just with that Las Vegas gig.

    2. @Shay Rollins it wasn’t too many years ago that her worth was estimated at like 120 or 140 million. A LOT went missing.

    3. @Msgt D Oorah I know right. Now if only more people would return to our lord Baal, the world would be a better place. Sadly we have to deal with this interloping christianity thingy.

    4. @Msgt D Oorah One proud daughter of 2 Branches of the Military (bio and step-dad of 55+ years), and ONE PROUD MOMMA OF A SOLDIER, currently on Active Duty.

      Love that/those videos. There are several, and I love a man in uniform lifting his arms up to Him in worship and praise.

      Fav? Judy Jacobs, over 8 minutes long. Crank it up!! Will bless both socks off of everyone in the room, simultaneously.

      Behold, HE COMES…!!!

      Reply back?

      Love and prayers to you and yours, always, from your eternal sister in Christ somewhere near Seattle and around the World…

      Christians never say goodbye.

      We say, “See you later”, right?

      ⚘ 🙏❤🙏 ⚘

  1. She was and is an adult. Unless she is certified insane, she is allowed to blow all her money into whatever she wants.

    1. @Michael Rhodes insane is a harsh word don’t you think but yes it is personal? She is bipolar, that’s a fact, most probably from all the years’ stress, depression and drug abuse. It obviously altered her brain chemistry. On meds bipolar sufferers functions very well and normal. We do not know the severity of her condition, I think when she had that breakdown with her kids in the locked bathroom, it made things really difficult for Britney.

  2. So this grown a** man wants to control his grown daughters life and money?!!!! Sounds a bit ridiculous to me. Maybe an investogation needs to happen to find out what’s really going on.

  3. This is either an insane example of patriarchy, misogyny and ableism, or that judge is getting kickbacks from her shady dad. Wouldn’t be the first time a judge has gotten paid off to fck over ppl he’s supposed to be looking out for the best interests of. (I.e. the judge from kids for sale.) I’m leaning towards the former but wouldn’t be surprised by the later.

    1. We the few … Believe the lord is With Us/Watching and Protecting. We are here to do his will/wishes. Do Not be despaired. We Got This OORAH! LOOK FOR THE MARINES SINGING THE PRAYER “Days of Elijah” on utube. Wake up and feel the light. We are fighting for you and all the people. OORAH!!……

  4. She is an adult. She has commited no crimes. She has had erratic moments in her past, like many singers and celebrities but she has moved on.
    Her money is her own, let her spend it ( or waste it) as she sees fit.
    Her father appears to be another unfulfilled “stage-door” dad.

  5. Her father is only interested cuz of the cash.. 1.5% on anything she earns. Once he’s gone she has no probs making cash. 6 mos at MGM Las Vegas residency and she will easily gross $100 MIL.

    1. yeah I smell bullshit. He took advantage of his own daughter when she had a bad moment in life. It’s really sad.

    2. I think they are way to tight on her but I do believe if this step was not taken she might have lost it all. There were bigger wolfs scratching at her door than her father. So many men came into her life to get their claws on her money, her ex husband included. I don’t think her dad has bad intentions but I do believe he can relent more. Poor girl, it always seems like Britney has this childlike side to her.

  6. This simply isn’t right. It doesn’t pass the smell test, it stinks. There needs to be some serious oversight of the oversight. Including overseeing the judge on this case.
    I don’t trust her father or the judge.

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