Documents Appear To Show DOJ Warning On Voter Intimidation Tactic 1

Documents Appear To Show DOJ Warning On Voter Intimidation Tactic


Rachel Maddow shows how documents obtained by the watchdog group American Oversight appear to show Arizona Republicans associated with a door-knocking campaign that the DOJ warned in a letter could constitute voter intimidation. 

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Documents Appear To Show DOJ Warning On Voter Intimidation Tactic


  1. If someone knocked at my door and ask these questions, they would get ‘intimidated’ off my property.

    1. @Teddy Robinson if that is the nation state you claim residency and I don’t see any problem with that or find a nation state that better represents your ideals if that’s what you want to do people move from country to country all the time especially in Europe

    2. Brighton Babe…my thoughts exactly. that’s probably why they said they seemed like they could be potential fraud.

  2. 52% show signs of irregularities
    Translation: 52% of people refused to answer or were out, when some weirdo with a clipboard was knocking on their door

    1. @humangeneric 777 it doesn’t even have to be that blatant. I know my rights as a citizen. I would not answer these people, and exercising that RIGHT would most likely be marked as an “irrigularity.” This tactic of theirs is VIOLATING FEDERAL LAW and needs to be prosecuted.the AZ Republican party needs to be voted OUT of office for allowing these criminals access to (and sharing) private voter information.

    1. Aweee i counter with the lefts constant need to call everything and everybody racist..

      Your move..

    2. @Princess Lost I counter your counter with the Radical Rights need to manufacture outrage over Potatoes and things that never happened

    3. @SpicyHotPot and that is why you will be the loser.. Trust me I will take care of the things you can’t hold on to…

    4. @Princess Lost you are already the loser for getting upset about things that never happened. Keep sticking to your Faux reality though, it’s the only place you come in first.

  3. When you are at the very end of your proverbial rope…. you are ina minority group deemed , Rethuglicons !

  4. They have now broken a Federal Law that they were warned not to do. The prosecution is the next step.

    1. @No Name lol, Why thank you. Its always nice when the mentally handicapped can interact at your level of engagement. You keep working on yourself little bud, and you to will win achievements for your self.

      I do hope you understand sarcasm, since your level of intelligence does not appear that great. 🙂 now bugger off since all you have is name calling and insults, nothing to add to the argument in the least. Note: I replied in kind since I doubt you grasp anything but childish name calling. Ta

    2. @Renee Reese which you know how? The rapidly accumulating number of indictments with often pretty crass accusations seems to contradict your “gut feeling” there.

  5. So they were warned…..then they carried on……then what happened…..NOTHING Your justice system is a joke.

    1. Thrasymachus had something intelligent to say about what justice really is.
      He spoke the last true words on the topic, it seems.

  6. Until people are charged, arrested, and have gone to trial, this voter intimidation by republicans will continue. I thought that the DOJ was set up in part to stop this kind of thing from happening.

    1. @MAGA OK what court case???????? There was one against Fox News that rule that fox news is NOT news!!!

    2. @MAGA yea that’s bs ,, you would be correct about Murdoch’s fox , sky channels though !

    3. @MAGA If you google it all the BS lies about it not being news comes ONLY from right wing anti-American russian ran sites!!!!!

  7. Knock on my door with that strange sh*t, and you’re gonna get a whole magazine of voting irregularities. And lots of intimidation. Believe that.

    1. Or, a side by side of irregularities with both both barrels of intimidation….hehe. Let them try that with me.

    1. I’m sorry, due to COVID, actions and responses may be limited at this time. Please check back regularly for updates. :l

    1. Merrick appears to be interested in something else. Remember the DOJ will be representing Drumpf in the sexual assault case

    2. I think you mean the criminals that knowingly and willingly committed all of these federal crimes against voterThere you go,

  8. Can election officials even ask you how you voted?? How is this even legal? Why people even answering? Isn’t it a private matter? Apparently not in the US..

    1. These are “volunteer” election canvassers. Just like those uncertified “pool watchers,” partisan election “auditors,” and alternative “electors.” They’re really a bunch of Trumpist malcontents who are pushing their “voter fraud” fantasy. They think the rules don’t apply to them and get butthurt when people call them out on their bs, playing the fake victim card, claiming they’re being persecuted by big government.

    2. It’s called a secret ballot. Only in dictatorships do they watch which box you put your ballot in.

    3. @Stefan Frankel Do you have different boxes to put your ballot papers in in the US? Here in the UK they all go into one sealed box that isn’t opened til the counting starts after polls close. I just cannot believe what I’m learning about your politics.

  9. Pinochet had his henchmen do this in Chile… people were afraid of saying anything other than that they wholeheartedly supported El Presidente..

    1. They don’t need elections, they will be counting the votes and tossing out anything that doesn’t benefit them.

  10. No republican has faced any charges that I know of yet. This country is seriously in trouble.

    1. the big surprise is yet to come when Merrick Garland declares the Arizona sham audit as legitimate.

    2. Seems that Garland’s talk about protecting elections was just that – talk from a weak little man who is too afraid to do his job.

    3. Do you want charges or convictions b/c the wheels of justice turn slowly but that is how you get convictions.

  11. Needing an “affidavit for an irregularity” is as Jim Crow as it gets, with just a touch of Kafka for extra spice.

  12. When are they gonna just “get it”. Lost the house, lost the White House and then the Senate. People just aren’t into wanna be tyrant dictatorships.

    1. by only a razor thin margin. free people coexisting with people who wish to abandon their freedom for “safety” will be difficult and dangerous.

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