Documents show assassins used company seized by Saudi crown prince 1

Documents show assassins used company seized by Saudi crown prince


The two private jets used by a Saudi Arabian assassination squad that killed and allegedly dismembered journalist Jamal Khashoggi were owned by a company that less than a year prior had been seized by the Kingdom's powerful crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, according to recently filed court documents seen by CNN.
The documents, filed as part of a Canadian civil lawsuit earlier this year, are labeled "Top Secret" and signed by a Saudi minister who relayed the orders of the crown prince, the young de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia.
"According to the instruction of His Highness the Crown Prince," the minister wrote according to a translation, "immediately approve the completion of the necessary procedures for this."
The filing lays out how ownership of Sky Prime Aviation was ordered to be transferred into the country's $400 billion sovereign wealth fund in late 2017. The company's planes were later used in the October 2018 killing of Khashoggi.
The Kingdom's sovereign wealth fund, known as the Public Investment Fund, is controlled by the Saudi crown and is chaired by the crown prince, who is known as MBS. The documents establishing the link between the planes and the prince were filed by a group of Saudi-state owned companies as part of an embezzlement suit they opened last month in Canada against a former top Saudi intelligence official, Saad Aljabri.
The embezzlement accusations against Aljabri came after a lawsuit he filed last year in Washington, DC, District Court against MBS. Aljabri has accused the crown prince of sending a hit team to kill him in Canada just days after Khashoggi was murdered. MBS was served a summons via WhatsApp, and in December, a lawyer for the prince asked the court to dismiss the case.

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  1. Prince Murder By Saw (MBS).
    If you listen to the murder tape, it is clear this was not the only murder as one killer recommends headphones to drown the noise.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em Nah, it’s the truth. Even people who are American citizens and have American ideals know it is true.

  2. The fact that Team Trump protected MBS tells us all we need to know them. MBS is just another petty despot. One in a long history of despots that have plagued humanity.

    1. Trump protected MBS to distract the news cycle from Ivanka getting caught using a personal email server for her government work (something Trump had criticized Hillary Clinton for).

    1. @J Groovy who cares? It is historically proven that every time the US intervens in a region it only makes it worse. The US did not bring justice to the 6 victims killed on the 6th of Jan only because of Trump so that would be a better place to achieve justice.

    2. Not Killer Killers and the former is Confederate with him he love those kinds of government he dreams of running this country the same way.

  3. The Crown Prince has totally disgraced his crown. Total royal disgrace and shame! How will Saudi Arabia hold the murderer accountable? The world is watching!

    1. let’s face it, there ain’t no jack sht gonna happen. sure people are upset, so the fking what? nobody gonna do nothing about it. it’s just sad to see american lives don’t mean jack sht anymore.

  4. Everyone knows he did it! He question is What can the U.S. do about it? Very sad that he’ll get away with murder!

    1. It’s not really our job though. We don’t need to start a war over the killing of a man.. It isn’t fair but that’s just the truth..

    2. That’s what MOLLY BALL’s Article in time magazine on 2/4.. Rich people can do anything

    3. @Josh Turley bullshit. He was an American.. an American working for America should receive justice if murdered by a foreign government.

    1. IIRC tRump was Saudi’s first visit after becoming president…..he was putting his hand on the orb, and shaking swords with each other like genitals.

    2. @Michael Appel it merely a love to see her and her kind (liberals and Dems) to be absent from the world within 5 years, God willing.

    1. @Sinistre Cyborg correct the rulings only hold when both parties agree to honor their treaties and agreements. For example Chile and Peru agreed to respect and uphold the courts ruling regarding disputed borders. Chile lost territory and they upheld the ruling.

    2. @Margaret Nicol Ah the racist deflection, I was expecting it. You know that the genocide is not against the occupying Arabs, but the indigenous Jews. But, you daren’t speak the truth, so you blame the victim for the aggressors atrocities.

    3. @Deborah Freedman Perhaps you can explain how come millions of US PPP was given to the Israeli military when companies in the US are still waiting for it?

    1. @Jacqueline Rimmer That’s what MOLLY BALL’s Article in time magazine on 2/4.. Rich people can do anything

  5. When you lay down with dogs you get up with flees. We need to hold this monster responsible & stop playing their evil games

    1. @Wayne-O 5169 So you’re saying it’s not a conflict of interest that the media is basically controlled by just a handful of corporations? Yes or no.

    2. @Danny Jameson No, mainstream media in the US is basically owned by the Oligarchs. Every major outlet, yet people don’t seem to have a problem with it, which explains why this country is so uninformed.

  6. This is a Perfect example of whatever you do in the dark always comes out into the light no matter what bad you do in this world God has a way of making you pay for it eventually

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