'Does he think we're that dumb?': Cabrera slams GOP leader's comments 1

‘Does he think we’re that dumb?’: Cabrera slams GOP leader’s comments


CNN's Ana Cabrera and David Chalian discuss House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) trying to rewrite history about former President Donald Trump's role in the January 6 Capitol insurrection.

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  1. When you have no integrity, credibility, dignity, backbone or shame, you don’t have any problem in making yourself look like a fool.

    1. @Vang Cruz Lol! They should visit the border and see what is going on before they can solve the problem. The border is a federal problem that is affecting the states like Texas and Arizona. Biden’s report on the border and his press Secretary were wrong each time. Bush is not the President but Biden is.

    2. @grandma k. yeah and there are over 80 million who didn’t vote him. Don’t contradict your self. Republicans only lost bye thousands. Not 100 thousands!!! only thousands!! That number doesn’t mean nothing when !! They are so close together. Plus CNN is propaganda trash !! From Canada!! Another country!!! Not even American!! Munipulating votes from another country with. Lies and propaganda.. Making trump look like the bad guy !!! Every chance they got!! people are so stupid!! They believe this none sense !! Wake up!! Its not voter fraud/ But its cheating using the media to manipulate votes in there favour!!! Since social media is so new… there are no laws in place for this!!! So its not considerd fruad… Get more knowledge buddy !!! There is no need to insult you because my knowledge speaks for itself!!! DemocRats all they do is talk and complain with no results Or information . Think they dont have to follow the laws that make America great!!! Who makes them so special???? To force there opinions onto others without providing other solutions for people who disagree!!! But thats a DemocRat for you!!! Always think there way is the only way .

    3. @Fay Maye you are right Bush is not the President. Bush and Bush Jr. Have 3 (Three) terms between them and Trump, 1 term. Biden have been the President for 100 days and you expect him to solved the border problem?

  2. DNC needs to run national ad campaigns on print, radio, and internet showing before and after information of all these slime ball Trumpist flip flops.

    1. CNN staff are stupid. Listen to the clip. This time they called jan. 6 a riot instead of insurrection. Before they kept calling it insurrection and argued it was insurrection..dumb and funny

    2. @James McCormick Well I agree with the establishment part, that the amount of shady things happening with stock buying. The way Pelosi invests raises a lot of red flags, she would definitely fit in on r/wsb. But even on the right, a bunch of them dumped their entire portfolio right before COVID hit.

      I definitely don’t like of what the Dems have come to, and I certainly don’t like some part of the GOP but I still find ,although rare, more reasonable voices within it. It’s too bad you don’t like Manchin cause I actually find him one of the very few sane Dems, compared to the squad which you gotta wonder what their real motives are or if they know anything about what they’re talking about. Don’t get me wrong, right now the GOP has got it’s fair shares of politicians which are equally as nuts, but the majority of the party just plays political theatre back at the Dems and it’s pretty useless.

      Tbh from a right leaning perspective, the left has gone pretty far left and it’s not at all comparable with FDR. The Dems have embraced/normalized the hyperbolic rhetoric against conservative values, like calling people hitler when China is committing the biggest genocide since ww2, which is probably why the people are as divided as ever and even non political conservatives now are political, it’s not gonna be possible for the Dems and GOP to work together on anything. Like there needs to be a way that both party to talk reasonably and with respect to one another. All I know is that right now only the cooler heads will prevail, and both party should either tell the ones participating to stop with the insanity or get rid of them, plain and simple.

      The news media isn’t helping with their obviously biased reports, like we all know that CNN and any other news networks cover news it’s all with accordance to what the owner and execs want to report on

  3. They don’t care about those that call them out for distorting the truth. There supporters won’t listen to that, and they know it. They only care that there are those that will believe them because they only care about opposing everyone else.

    1. @Jason M I don’t care about Foxnews they stroke the right wing egos, just like the CNN & 90% of the mainstream media strokes the left wing egos. The fact is that your favorite network sells propaganda & that came out of someone that works in their network.

    2. @Argent Nexus you have got to be kidding me. Look at our “president” aka kind of corruption.

  4. This country is balancing on the edge of a sword and all it will take is a brisk wind to blow us off in the wrong direction.

    1. It’s crazy that they’ll do or say anything just to keep their jobs or to have a political future if they lose their seats one day

    2. They have what’s called “situational ethics,” which loosely translates as “Do what you wanna do and call it righteous.”

    3. We trumpians do not care about reality. We are the ugly that found a liar that call us beutiful, now we are in love.

  5. Well damn, John just came right out and said everything he felt and not taking the McCarthy BS and I’m here for it! Go Mr. Avalon..

    1. Hey so why the hell is that Chinese News Network CNN, Not covering the “, B. Criminals Matters Movement ,” Riots, Looting like Third world Garbage, damaging worth 2 billion $ . Wow

    2. @Don Nwzad Wait, what? That’s a garbled mess so I have no idea what you’re even trying to type out..

    3. @Paul Wilson If it doesn’t for you, umm ok. And? Is that something I’m suppose to care about?

  6. Nothing makes me more pissed off than when people LIES to my face and then thinks they can tell me they did not lie. WTF???

    1. @Patrick J Mims Yeah, he is just like McCarthy in that he can’t keep track of his obvious contradictions because they are so many and so pervasive. The only cure for McCarthy is to vote people like him out of office so they no longer have a voice in government and there is no obvious fix for this Hartnell guy because he doesn’t view consistency or facts as important.

    2. Nothing pissed me off when they loot cities. Looters are not allowed in red states…Republicans will take them down in a heartbeat

    1. Daily reminder cnn is fake news.
      blm stormed the Oklahoma state capital the other day causing an insurrection, threatening republican law makers.

  7. Heartfilled regret can sometimes serve as compensation for past misdeeds but what happens when Dark Secrets resurface unexpectedly to claim their due

    1. @hodaka1000
      Perhaps they don’t need spines cuz they are segmented, like centipedes and other bugs that live under rocks.

  8. “Quite a lot later” key point. The former guy DJT clearly is responsible. We all saw and heard with our own eyes. You can’t lie your way out of this McCarthy.

  9. McCarthy just runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds and will always return to the rock he crawled from under.

  10. I love when Kevin says “when Trump didn’t see it”. The timeline clearly shows he was fully aware of what was going on and watched a lot of it happen.

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