1. False Promises that this will end, don’t believe in these False Promises , it will never end unless we end it ourselves.

  2. This whole concept of taxing the unvaccinted is not right everyone has a right to choose what goes into one’s own body without discrimination.
    And this is discrimination.

    1. @forallgood24 but smoking and obesity related healthcare costs is still considerably more expensive than Covid related costs

    2. This is not discrimination. The unvaccinated are taking so many hospital beds and end up in ICU. The unvaccinated force hospitals to delay care for cancer patients, surgery and ….

  3. They can tax you for what is harmful that you put in your body, no way should a person be taxed for not accepting a medical procedure. Especially when there is no liability.

    1. @Yggdrassil I have a friend who is an EMT tripple jabbed and caught covid and gave it to his entrire houshold, so expalin that with your mental gymnastics chief.

  4. this is very obviously a mental gymnastics exercise to try to confuse an issue that is not complex at all. it is illegal. we do not make the laws that are the foundation of free democratic society into the subject of democracy , to do so destroys democracy because you will have put the foundation on top of the house. this is not a complex issue , it is a simple issue and the only reason to make it complex is to obfuscate the truth you do not wish to live by.

  5. The fact you’re asking this shows you how much the Charter is worth. We need to throw it out and have a constitution with “inalienable rights”

    1. @MrBoratWOW We already have that, its just not the monarchy doing it anymore. That would be your Big Oil and Big Business.

    2. @Joel Brittain I know we have it. The question is, why do the plebs like Arkroyale continue to embrace their servitude and slavery?

  6. Yes, yes it does. How is this even a question being asked? All of a sudden it’s perfectly fine to discriminate I guess?

  7. If you’re unvaccinated in Quebec you should talk to an attorney and challenge this in federal court.

    1. @violetgypsie It may not stop the spread but it drastically reduces long term hospitalization and death. Like you said “DO SOME RESEARCH” practice what you preach. What a joke.

    2. @thom perry I’m watching web sites with Alberta information now. How is going there ? Everybody told me that Alberta will arrive to the same mesures that Québec has now , but I’m now sure ….what do you think ? Covid mesures will get harder or remain the same place ?

  8. We should have changes to the tax system in Canada. We need to remove sales tax from all Canadian made products. Encourage local manufacturing. BUY LOCAL. The Canadian economy would benefit immensely.

    1. @Shawn Pitman No offense, but please explain your logic. I would think that less tax would increase sales of products. Increased sales, increased profits. Increased profits, increased tax revenue.

    2. @Gloria Vinez not enough .. they want it all!
      Lol I’m from Ontario and the tax is worse then the weather…..

  9. I’m unvaxed and haven’t been to the hospital in over 2 years for this covid crap. So how am I strain on the system and how is this even remotely fair?

    1. @Carole Wilkins oh yeah…everybodys just walking around with Cov 24 7 huh?? lmao…you know how ridiculous you sound?

    2. Well I don’t wanna have kids, why should I pay school tax? I’ve never been in an accident, why should I get fined for not wearing a seat belt? I only listen to a few songs on Spotify, why should I pay the full subscription amount?

  10. Totally unacceptable in Canada. There are many kinds of poor lifestyle or reckless behaviour that could land you in a hospital bed and we’ve all done one or another of them. But in our society we pool the risk, especially the financial risk.

    1. @manuelabeltran you don’t have to take my word for it but I’m a frontline healthcare worker and I’m seeing it firsthand

    2. @DigitalCabal consciously indulging in poor lifestyle habits that lead to chronic disease absolutely burdens our healthcare system. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

    3. @DigitalCabal But being vaxxed does not prevent spread so there goes your theory. They are only saying unvaxxed take up more ICU beds. Nothing to do with spread.

  11. Not one Cent of this tax will actually be used in our health care system. It will go into our elected officials stock portfolios….

  12. So what happens if you don’t pay the tax? Will it be linked to your driver’s license as so many “fines” are and they won’t renew your license thereby preventing you from working, thereby preventing you from paying your bills and losing your home, etc? Will they deny you healthcare? Will they celebrate when you commit suicide because they have CRUSHED you for non-compliance?

  13. It’s fairly obvious just how equal we all are under the Canadian Charter of Rights…..One rule for thee and one rule for me.

    1. It’s worth everything, just isn’t being followed by the criminal government right now. You have to resist or loose everything.

  14. The proposed tax is opening up a dangerous discussion. Are Canadians okay with being taxed for behaviour that burdens our medical institutions ? If this is the case then should we be looking at taxing obese individuals, smokers, diabetics ?

    As a believer in universal healthcare this is a territory we should be avoiding.

    1. And how far could it go?
      ” Did you have a child knowing ‘such and such disease’ (example ‘heart disease’) runs in your family? Your taxed!”

    2. @Theyseeme Trollin’ HA HA HA its Alberta. BTW Calgary had an over capacity on ICU beds and so did Edmonton. Are they under-served too? How about Sarnia Ontario? Have you even looked at the data at all? Do you even understand what ICU beds are? How many ICU beds do you think AB has?

  15. Every single time , before pandemic, I had to wait for 10 hrs average in the emergency room. What exactly have they done to improve that in fact any of it related to healthcare system? By what percentage have they improved the healthcare capacity in last 2 years?

    1. Improve what? Why would they improve anything? They don’t want to. They want to suck you dry and sell you a dream. That’s the true definition of Canada. The true North strong and weak.

    2. The government has only spent $500 billion since the start of the pandemic. How could you think anything has changed? You can’t make improvements when you are only using 20 times the budget of any previous government in history.

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