Dog Paw Shot in St. Andrew, Jamaica | TVJ News

The police are keeping a close watch on sections of Papine and surrounding areas in Jamaica as they attempt to prevent reprisal attacks after Christopher Linton also known as Dog Paw was shot and injured.

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    1. And that I would be concerned about than another idiot gangster taking up space on this earth. Who cares.

  1. Morewhile when dem let out dem bad man deh a fi set dem up n kill dem after鈥︹..I saw this coming but dem mek a mistake鈥︹im nuh dead

    1. Who is “dem”?馃
      People still will argue when I say,;Jamaicans who only speak patois poses some of the poorest reasoning abilities …Just leave Jamaica and you’ll see it for your self.

  2. I actually thought this was a follow up from the little girl who just got attacked by dogs. 馃う馃従鈥嶁檧锔. Thankfully he is okay but don鈥檛 understand the hype. Psst

  3. Bad boy but him nuh have no money! Y would you go back in the same getting after prison? If u did have money u ting would a ser different…since u a big time bad boy! Ppl should a wonder..yow! Nuh man nuh see dem deh fr him lef prison…a tv a lone we see him pon a do interview man ting should a set a way….bout deh a roadside a have cole drinks…lol 馃槅 馃ぃ

    1. A nuff people him kill, and a nuff people him make get killed… a man reaped what he sow 馃憤馃従

  4. Ironically, dog paw woulda safer ah wuk’ouse!!! Hard man fi dead!!! Ah nuh nuttin, dem soon catch up wid im!!

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