1. *It’s all very well, but the question still remains: Will the republican appointee partisan hacks in the SCOTUS objectively and fairly review the Case? In addition to this and the case of Voting Rights, the icongress still needs to review Structural Reforms to the SCOTUS, specifically in the areas of the **_Number of CJs; Term Limits for CJs; and, Eliminating Political Partisanship in SCOTUS_** to preserve integrity and independence of the Judiciary Branch of government!*

    1. @thegreen iguana you’re confusing the pledge of allegiance with the constitution… BTW, “1 nation, under god” wasn’t even added to the pledge of allegiance until the 1950’s when we had a religious nut-job as a president!

  2. The irony being Garland should have been sat on the Supreme Court instead of one of those SC justices who have decided the US Constitution doesn’t matter unless it suits them.

  3. $10,000 bounty on the woman and those that help them, but no bounty on the R A P I S T S. Fits with Texan values for sure.

    1. @Jessica Gasparini Let’s not be sexist now. It’s not all men, so no, it’s not Male values. Just the minority, particular the psychopathic, ya know violent and rapey, variety.

    2. @m b Exactly…they don’t even have $10,000 bounties for MURDERERS…but women and medical staff get punished for cleaning up the sexual mess that MEN leave behind…REAL fair.
      Republican politicians are out of control A*SHOLES.

  4. Seem the Supreme Court needs to change its name to „really not very good“ court. Or maybe „another thing the Republicans have destroyed“ court.

    1. @V Whisp where did I say that? 😑🙄 “Should’ve been “ is passed tense. He was nominated during the Obama administration, but was blocked by Republican senate control. Please make sure you know what you’re talking about.

    2. God 🙏 has a more important agenda/role for AG Garland and his quest for peace ☮️, righteousness 👍, and justice ⚖️ for all‼️ This is only the beginning of something bigger‼️

  5. Amy Barrett lied to Congress when she said she would hold all Supreme Court precedents. Congress should have listened to her peers when they petitioned Congress to not nominate her.

    1. @Island Time Right, but talking reason to a Right Winger is like trying to hush up barking back alley dogs by saying ‘shhhh, good little doggie.’

    2. @Loare-ain Music The US/Afghan war was going on for 19 years prior to Biden becoming prez. You want to blame him for everything? Ok, but it makes you look like a silly alarmist.

    3. @1180MIMI Beware of men whose ears are lower than their shoulders. I refer to Rudy and Barr, ….but there are others.

    4. She and the rapey one with the freak show calender need to be reviewed and dismissed for this. Replace them with centrist repubs. Then add more seats bc fuq these games.

    1. Exactly! Same about vaccine shots. I have to do it once, twice, 3 and 4 times, as much as Government say you to dot that

    2. Niwotmom has displayed a complete lack of understanding regarding human biology and reproduction. A baby cannot be frozen, but an embryo can. Calling abortion murder is the epitome of ignorance. And who is responsible for all the fetuses, nearly 50% of all fertilized eggs, that are spontaneously aborted? God?

    3. @Tom C and does she know that have an intrauterine contraceptive device doesn’t prevent the pregnancy, but causes the zygote (baby) to abort by preventing implantation. So women who have these devices actually abort every single month.

    4. My wife and I had/have two wonderful daughters. Both are free to do as they choose.
      I had a vasectemy while my wife was pregnant for the second time. Enough is indeed enough.

  6. Merrick Garland shows that he should be on the bench of the Supreme Court, rather than the fundamentalist Trump appointees. Thank you for being a true leader.

    1. We should all be thankful this guy is not on the Supreme Court. Justices who understand the unconstitutionallaity and immorality of R v W are finally making some headway.

    2. @Anty True leaders allow their free citizens the right to choose what is best for them, and their life. Dictators force people to do things against their will. Perhaps you should go reside where dictators rule. I hear North Korea is looking for a few shallow cranium individuals. I’m sure you could get on their list for admittance. Even better, since Texas is allowing self appointed vigilantes to go after people, maybe one of them will decide to target you. Let’s see how you would like that sweetie!

    3. @Al Jirou That’s nice and all but your religion has nothing to do with politics. And, any attempt to impose your religious beliefs upon the rest of society is incompatible with the American Constitution.

  7. Judge Garland is one of the good guys. The way he was cruelly crucified by Republicans will remain a stain on their record for ever more. His moment possibly has arrived!

    1. Next, i’m looking forward for the arrest warrants of McCarthy and the 12 criminal lawbreakers obstructing justice and abusing their powers, threatening the preservation of their phone data records. 🤨DOJ should act on this that NO ONE is above the law.

    1. From now on if GOP wants a baby they can grow it in a dish instead of using a woman’s body and that includes no s*x‼️ Let’s see how they like it⁉️

    2. @TheNiwotmom sperm cannot survive outside the male body when exposed to air. and those are living cells. so isn’t that murder too??

  8. The damage has already begun, people feel entitled to infringe in others lives and beliefs… people live in a bubble and want everyone else to adhere to their school of thoughts.. it’s called being respectful of others regardless of the positions you take. Ecstatic merrick is challenging this type of control that Texas is attempting to put into action.

    1. @cryptokens
      Being vaccinated is in the interest of public health….we have been doing it our entire lives….not being vaccinated can affect other people’s health. It’s a public safety issue.
      The decision to end a pregnancy doesn’t affect other people’s health and might be necessary for the womans health.

  9. Thank goodness. The world looks on, Merrick Garland. Women look on. I doubt that Coney Barrett and Kavanaugh do though, nor the other Supreme Court Judges who as Sotomayor said, ‘breathtakingly disregarded precedent and the Constitution.’

    1. The world doesn’t give a rats backside. The world is looking at Democrats leaving women in Afghanistan to despair. Getta clue, nutcase

  10. Separation of church and state in Texas masks 😷 yes but a woman having a right to her body nope. This is ridiculous

    1. @Andrew Burris I mean, arguing with you would be a waste of my time because at the end of the day, you don’t appreciate life and how precious it is. If you don’t understand that, then what’s the point? I honestly feel genuinely sad for you…

    2. @Blue Hero Host 6 weeks not 9 months. Again stop including your religious beliefs plus this bill is allowing private citizens to enforce the law which is no bueno. Stop 🛑 trying to enforce your religious beliefs into law.

    3. @Blue Hero Host I appreciate life, which is why I don’t want unwanted babies born. They become a drain on society. It’s called pragmatism.

  11. RIPublicans are dismantling democracy in a long-term, piecemeal manner. We need to be vigilant and protect democracy by ensuring justice while we still can. Take **that** Texas!

    1. @Zach Riley Yeah me too… because it means we can target PELOSI, KAMALA SCHUMER, ETC…. I mean why else would the companies only do it for democrats…. In fact the GOP has this lawsuit going now.

  12. Good to see action on this. Maybe the Feds should ban the sale of ammunition leaving the gun carriers free to carry arms but no ability to use them and see how they like this sort of legal malarkey.

    1. @Whicker rapists sexual predators who impregnate unwilling women don’t usually use birth control. If you look at statistics most cases of sexual assault are not reported until much later than six weeks.
      If you are so pro-life, tell me what strategies for health care and long term support you are offering for the mothers forced tp carry to term. Are you donating food? Paying the bills for delivery. Ensuring their health and viability once they draw a breath, in what way are you caring once they are not in some women’s womb.
      Do you run an orphanage? Do you advocate government subsidies for one of these unborn children who you advocate for once they ate born?
      I’m awaiting an answer

  13. Remember conservatives when you said “my body, my rights” just because you don’t want to wear masks? Well guess what, you can’t have it both ways.

    1. @David spann , it’s about being allowed to make decisions about your own body, even if it impacts another life (though whether you can call a clump of cells a life is debatable).
      Organ donation or bone marrow transplants also save lives, and bear less risks than giving birth, and have less impact on the donor than having and raising a child has on a woman.
      And yet, no one can force you to donate – even if you are dead and no longer need your organs – it is always the choice (or declared will) of the donor. But women can be forced to carry a child to term, against their will? That definitely doesn’t compute.

    2. @Al Jirou Sure, let’s compare and contrast Ratpublican supporters hyprocrisy! For example, on the one hand, Ratpublicans claim to be all about “pro-choice” but on the other hand. Ratpublicans are against women having the choice to abort the fetus, which is exactly what that Texas law does. It unjustly infringes upon a woman’s right and autonomy to do whatever the woman wants with her bodies. You people are trash!

    1. I think the analogy of a duck looking so peaceful as it glides down the river while its feet are madly pedalling under-water could apply to MG. He, like Biden, was left so much sh*t to deal with. I’m sure he’s circling the wagons on many issues.

    2. Nice! Next, I’m looking forward to the arrest warrants of McCarthy and the 12 criminal lawbreakers obstructing justice and abusing their powers, threatening the preservation of their phone data records. The DOJ should act on this because no one is above the law.

  14. Perhaps Judge Garland’s appointment at this level is having an otherwise un-intended affect on the very party/person(s) that prevented his appointment to the Supreme Court. Yo, Mitch ! Here comes “KARMA” !

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