1. Bannon’s such a slim ball, I want to know why he’s being given a platform to put his face out there. Take him away…please!!

    1. Reeeeeeee orange man bad .my butt hurts so much from his meanie tweets I will believe anything they say about him even after every attempt has failed miserably and proven to be lies. ….(insert sheep noises here )

  2. Its just a ruse to avoid going to jail for failing to comply with a congressional subpoena. You know he has already planned out with Trump’s legal team what to say. He is going to plead the 5th over and over again.

    1. @Mary Lamb Do you have similar criticism for Trump whenever he tries to think and talk at the same time? Multitasking isn’t his thing and never works out well.

  3. So scary that he probably knew what was going to happen several days in advance. All he said was strap in. Omg 😱 creepy

  4. Don’t let Steve Bannon buy the time. The court must prosecute him as soon as possible. His guilty will be two years in jail and fine with cash.

    1. @Faith is all that’s needed not just in United States. Inflation and high price gas happened around the world. You must open your eyes very openly.

  5. That must be quite an insult for Bannon to be called “irrelevant”. I wonder how his ego will survive.

    1. @Jim M.
      I hope not to the ministry of truth. If you just want to shut up dissenting voices, just say so jim.

    2. @NoWay You spammed the exact same thing to at least 3 different videos. That’s not a “dissenting” voice. That’s just copy/paste annoyance.

  6. BANNON TESTIMONY – “I take the 5th over 1,000 times”. Then walks out to reporters & cameras claiming “I’m innocent!”

  7. Bannon’s first condition is likely that he gets to ask the questions and the committee has to answer them under oath. Ignore him, please.

    1. @NoWay you’re right. They don’t want anyone to go against the narrative, especially on the talking picture box.

  8. Too late. Hes already charged with contempt. He cant undo it by cooperating after the fact. What a putz!

    1. he gets a fine, for multiimillionaires that snot even a slap on the wrist. So unless he gives damning testimony AND proof to back that up. It means nothing.

    2. @Philip Quaglino If a jury or judge find him guilty, there is mandatory sentencing of either 12 or 24 months for Contempt of Congress, and the sentencing judge has no authority to reduce it under the minimum. So, if he’s found guilty and it’s hard to believe he won’t, he will spend at least a year in a federal prison.

    1. @Retired Arthropod The operative word is “may”. Meaning ‘not always’.

      Senators typically make opening statements at the beginning of a hearing, then witnesses are introduced and may be sworn by the chair. “
      “Senate Rule XXVI sets forth many of the hearing regulations to which committees must conform, including the quorum requirement, advance submission of witness statements, the opportunity for minority party Senators to call witnesses of their choosing, and procedures for closing a hearing to the public. “
      There has been no minority party cross examination. It’s a joke.

    2. @Retired Arthropod “Yeah, but uh, uh, Biden’s dog stole the cookie from the cookie jar!”

    3. @Retired Arthropod That didn’t actually happen. Typical of fools though. Shakespeare improved most of that. But that’s the liberal take on history. Improv.

  9. They are responsible, yet plead the 5th over and over… That means they are guilty as hell.

    1. @Commenter Nowadays there is a different way of doing things, a different ways things are done, a different rule of law to contend with. It provides while that may have been said at one time, the latter figured out, realized later. Innocent people go to jail. It does happen. The self incrimination occurs when an individual says something but means something else and it is interpreted as such. God knows who is and is not.

    1. Nah, let “Sloppy Steve” testify, on video. Make sure the video and audio are crystal clear when he says “I invoke my Fifth Amendment right to not answer this question on the grounds that my truthful testimony may incriminate me.” Don’t let him get away with pulling a Flynn, where on blurry video, filmed from a distance,, he speaks into a horrible mic and simply says “Fifth.” If he wants to invoke his rights, make him clearly state exactly what he’s invoking and why. Use that video/audio against Rump and Rump supporting candidates in upcoming campaign ads. Then, if appropriate, charge and try him. If necessary, let him strike a plea deal for his testimony against bigger fish. However, if his testimony is unnecessary, offer no plea deal. I’m a Republican, but more importantly a real Conservative (the kind Rump now calls a RINO), and I approve this message.

  10. Trying to go back on your criminal contempt by changing your mind and obeying the subpoena is a bit like trying to return the cash after you’ve been charged with bank robbery. Not gonna help. Doesn’t turn back time, dude.

    1. Yeah exacrly
      If it was my call I’d just say sure transcribe and swear on your written notes. We don’t need it but go ahead.

    2. The robbery Analogy : surrender After he dispersed all the money . Too few too late. Do not pas Go do not collect , go directly to jail

    3. Aw, you beat me to it. With the added happiness that most of the thousand guys he robbed the bank with … got together and returned the money already.

  11. Absolutely hilarious!! Bannon thinks that because HE’S an idiot that the Department of Justice is too……I LOVE IT!!!

  12. I would not even consider Bannon’s request to testify until he produces all the documents that had been requested by the subpoeana

    1. @w kahn They did not cancel Bannon. The Jan 6 committee asked for emails and phones calls. He has not provided that, the criminal court case continues as he refuses to do that. You should listen to actual lawyers.

  13. The idea that he wants to do it public is absurd. He’s had his time to be public during his ongoing broadcast. He would only be valuable if he could be trusted to lie.

    1. You actually think that’s absurd for the entire story to be heard unedited by the public and it’s entirety and rather prefer to hear a 15 second edited and heavily produced soundbite from a 13 hour interview and testimony under oath like they have been doing? I can’t believe that you guys would rather not hear the entire story and be fed a 15 second soundbite and be told what you should believe. What are they so afraid of? He’s testify under oath and many others have offered to do the same and they either turn them down because they refuse to do it publicly including Trump himself has offered to testify and get his time to give his story in front of the committee in public as well as the secret agents that were inside the limousine who completely refute Hutchinson‘s testimony coming from someone who was never there but they prefer the hearsay bogus claims that fits their narrative and talk this nonsense about how she must be telling the truth because she testified under oath as if anybody believes the committee has any interest in indicting people for lying to them when we all know that is exactly what they want because they have already decided the verdict and now looking for the crime. What have Democrats done in the past two years other than use the federal government to go after their political opponent and specifically the guy that they absolutely destroyed in a landslide election that they claim was the most “fair insecure election of our lifetime” lol any Democrat who believes this should be campaigning for Donald Trump to run again and begging him to be the nominee so they can secure another easy victory because if empty shell Joe Biden could destroy him in a fair election without even campaigning then he must be a pretty pathetically weak candidate… That is if you actually believe the election was legitimate but you obviously don’t which is why you’re doing everything you possibly can to make sure he is barred from running for office again. Don’t take my word for it, ask the Democratic Party why they are wasting their two years and power going after Trump when they could be solving your problems that you elected them to do or is going after Trump more important than your own well-being? 😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  14. He’s not flipping. Don’t fall for it. He’s either going to cause chaos, misinformation, and confusion or make crazy lunatic statements on TV.

    1. @B Bodziak
      That last paragraph of yours” I can’t believe Trump’s lawyer’s”
      After that name TRUMP is spoken, nothing is much believable!!!!
      Remove and Improve, Vote Blue!!

    2. A life time of contempt of authority that he disagrees with does not change overnight – he’s planning chaos, You are correct.

  15. Exactly. Committed contempt in Oct. Cant just try to get case thrown out and then try to “ok ill testify but only publicly!” And magically get charges erased. Kick rocks traitor

  16. The committee is going to do it their way. Period! Bannon’s request for a public interview is moronic.

  17. Fascinating to watch America rediscovering the values of truth, honesty and honor. May they prevail, to help preserve Democracy and Civilization.

    1. All of the above will not be discovered, by all parties unfortunately.

      Depending on the number of ppl that do will decide on if there is a democracy immediately following the next election.

      No pressure.

    2. Amen, this is the fluid aspirations of a great people perfecting the union vs tyranny then, and now.

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