DOJ Being Careful In Applying Domestic Terrorism Law To Trump-Supporting Capitol Rioters 1

DOJ Being Careful In Applying Domestic Terrorism Law To Trump-Supporting Capitol Rioters


Ryan Reilly, senior justice reporter for HuffPost, talks about the slow but steady progress the FBI is making tracking down and charging participants in the pro-Trump attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th and the suitability of "domestic terrorism" as a label for what took place.
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  1. trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a fair democratic election

    1. @CJ K What exactly about this is funny to you? What is the point you are trying to make? That the people who were injured and killed were not done so with bullets, so it doesn’t count somehow? Sad and disgraceful.

    2. Drunk guys in speedos and Minnesota Vikings hats armed with cell phones is NOT an attempt to overthrow the government

    3. @YouTube Censorship Sux Trying to stop the vote isn’t an attempt to overthrow the govt and install a dictator instead? Maybe you should read up on just what such an attempt entails. But you won’t. We’re tired of talking to you trolls. See you at the polls next election!

  2. To the police, when you arrest Trump and put him in the police car, dont put your hand over his head to protect his head from hitting the door frame pls …

    1. SEDITION is what they all Should be charged with. My thoughts and prayers to those courageous officers who testified. I felt their pain. They should have been awarded a metal. The deaths and carnage of that day will be etched in Our minds forever. 911 was hard enough. Those seditionists had no right and should be punished for a long time.

    2. @Uniquely Lily
      I agree with you.
      I can’t imagine how these officers felt, after
      putting those ungrateful elected officials’ lives before their own, only to come back and be called traitors by them and have their own lives be threatened by the very same lives they saved.
      It’s hard to understand why those elected officials that were there, were happy to know that they were being led to safety in THEIR time of need, and then turn around and decide to attack those who saved them. Wow. Ungrateful is an understatement.
      I could not sleep at night knowing the whole world is looking at them and wondering why they are not thanking all of those who saved every one of their lives, and protected them from any harm,
      with such an attitude.

  3. If the GQP only had a heart, a brain or some courage, the man behind the curtain would be in prison by now

    1. @INDELIBLE FAECES because trump sends his mobsters to their homes if they speak out. Fear and intimidation just one part of this autocratic plan.

    2. Your right , only a few Republicans Senators had enough courage to impeach trump . The rest of the Senators and trump want only one thing, white supremacy. And guess what ,White supremacist have no brains or a heart much less courage . Trump is a threat to the United States of America just like asis to the Middle East .

  4. Overreaching? No. This is serious stuff that will remain a major event in America’s history for all time to come. By showing weakness you are inviting future contempt, but you are also showing future ill-doers that they can get away with anything if they scream and complain enough. Which is not a wise way to raise your children.

  5. I can find myself in agreement, when people comment if the perps were other than white, the terms used would be a lot harsher, but domestic terrorists would be first among them.

    1. We know what would happen if the perps were black based on the thousands arrested during last Summer’s BLM riots: they’d be immediately released and cases dismissed.

    2. @Bryan I see where you are going with this. If one takes the Fox coverage serious, one would expects scenes à la Atilla the Hun on his way to Rome.(scorched earth).

      Fact: Portland & other cities saw fires, looting and violence on the fringe and the back of the peaceful protests. Right and left have condemned that and urged action for their arrest.

      Just like republicans point out about 01-06: The largest part of the protesters did not even reach the steps of the Capitol. A small group rioted. The same must be noticed about the BLM protests. For a large fire one needs only 1 arsonist and 1 match. Looterrs that follow in the wake of the BLM protest, seeking a chance to smash windows and break into shops of small businesses owners can be compared to the Proud Boys that came to Washington on 01-06 solely for violence and sedition.

    3. I said that many times, I wonder what the DOJ is doing, we all know what a domestic terrorist is, and know there would be no hesitation in labeling CERTAIN groups domestic terrorist.
      The DOJ has NEVER been cautious, or careful before when labeling a situation domestic terrorism.

    4. @Darryl Hicks Is that because of the definition of “domestic terrorism”. Or the lack thereof?

      A reporter asked a white person, dressed in black, in Portland (this was Dec. 2020) why he was smashing windows, Bideen had won after all! The man answered that Democrats were not anti fascism enough.

      In the wake of Antifa are anarchists and nihilists that just want to see a complete breakdown of society (is that domestic terrorism). Tbh, I think so.

  6. Even Noam Chomsky said the republican “organization” – he would not even call them a party – was not only the most dangerous people in the USA but the most dangerous “organization” he has known of in world history! WOW! Even I had said the same thing. It is completely obvious!

    1. And Noam was wrong.
      The MOST dangerous organization in America and around the world is “The Fellowship,” the money and manipulation behind turning America REDtarded, getting “I feared for my life” legislation passed, seeding police forces around the country with White Supremacists and getting Tea Party idiots into public office. When the Orange Daughter-diddler got his picture taken with all those Evangelicals? …that was hierarchy of The Fellowship.
      They even tried to take over the military and nearly succeeded.
      Read NYTBest Seller “The Family” or watch the NetFlix documentary.
      Their aim, declared in a 1935 manifesto, is to turn this country into an Evangelical-Sharia-law nation under their leadership.
      EVERY right-wing member of Congress, the Koch Network of 500 and every ‘conservative’ contributor of means are members.
      Even the ‘smart’ ones can be ignorant: and Noam qualifies this time around.

    2. @gary canterbury Points well taken. But, your last post (somewhat) sums it up. … “EVERY right-wing member of Congress” … They are the ones that can make or break law/legislation. And, by somewhat, I mean, don’t leave out the actual state and local republicans. They are just as bad! Money? They are _always_ going to get money from somewhere. As you have seen, look at their delusional, gullible sheep supporters.

      NOTE: “into public office” … That may have been what I was referring to. Public office, PERIOD!

      And, we might as well add that is why Fox FAKE so-called News was formed, as were/are other right-wing propagandists.

    3. @Ministry Propragranda Chomsky is one of the greatest minds of our generation. Quit slinging terms like commie like you understand their meanings.

  7. The DOJ shouldn’t be concerning themselves with politics, they should be concerned with upholding the rule of law and prosecuting those that break it to the full extent of the law. Insurrection and domestic terrorism should be the base for all cases rather than simple misdemeanors. 20 years to life sentences is a deterrent for future insurrectionists we will probably see in August once Trump is not reinstated as promised.

    1. They use domestic terrorism charges on brown people regularly. Where do you think they are getting idea. Its way to lock you up and throw away key

    2. The Trump appointed FBI Director, Chris Wray, use to be Chris Christie’s personal attorney. As Christie’s personal attorney Wray withheld evidence from the FBI. (Google: Chris Wray Bridgegate cover-up)

      And now the Trump appointed FBI Director, Chris Wray, is (still) the FBI Director.
      🤔 🙁 😒 😞

    3. Don’t they still have quite a few trump appointees/supporters within the D.O.J.? – if so – that would explain a lot

    1. When you think about how many terror suspects we’ve secured at Gitmo, who have had to, “prove,” that they’re not terrorists before getting released; yet these people stated their aims all over social media and to the cops’ faces, while they were attacking them! They are self confessed Terrorists! And they would do it again, if they thought they could get away with it! Making them, collectively and individually a, “Clear And Present Danger,” to any democratically elected government! They ALL should be behind bars, awaiting their trials, being water boarded in the way they’re all so fond of saying others should be, and made to give up all their seditious contacts! US law is CLEAR!

    2. @DLW That mob of 9000+ D.C. tour guides was so white, I have to wear sunglasses to watch the videos.

    1. @Lewis Kazzamo right so what makes you more moral? That you think a certain way? That’s the exact same argument as me saying your not moral because you aren’t the same religion it’s a stupid argument. Second what do you consider peaceful? In those “93% peaceful” multiple officers where injured millions in damages even in the “protests” they called peaceful. By that logic only 10 people were injured and with that exact same logic it was a “mostly peaceful protest”

    2. @bruh Seriously 93% of BLM protests had no violence at all, that’s the 93%, and if you can’t understand the difference between protesting against racism and wanting to overturn a free and fair election then you’re lost. But notice I condemned those and said those whom committed crimes should be held accountable, you still haven’t. That tells me exactly who you are, you probably chanted back the blue at some point, do you only back the blue when it’s against black?

    3. @Annette Jones then why didn’t you say it a year ago when mobs first started offing people.

  8. The violent action in an attempt to influence the government partially succeeded. Insofar as one of the two major political parties are still factoring in, cravenly beholden to and attempting to harness this kind of lawless sentiment.

  9. After listening to these 4 Officers today it is now imperative that TRUMP be called to testify under oath and explain to us ‘all the Love that he saw’, and excuses are not acceptable…

    1. 😣 oof… That’d be rough… He’d likely just freak out and start attacking the questioners or rant endlessly about distractions…so probably wouldn’t be very helpful…but, entertaining nonetheless, I’d imagine.

  10. If they were Minorities that attacked the Capitol, they’d still be mopping up the blood. This country is a joke.

    1. @Thyalwaysseek Are you suggesting law enforcement looked the other way, prosecutors didn’t charge and judges refused to sentence defendants who exploited anti-racist protests to engage in violence and property damage? That’s as specious a claim as Donald Trump’s insistence that local Republican election officials conspired with Dems to rob him of a second term.

    2. That’s right if black they wouldn’t have gotten bail and probably taken to a Military Jail and charged as Domestic Terrorist !!!!!!!!

  11. The hitmen need hard time, it’s all serious. Baby cheezus can’t interfere from prison. Lock them up.

  12. If Trump doesn’t go to Jail over his Coup Attempt and Laws aren’t changed to Fit The Crime, then never allow Republicans to Rule America ever again!!!

  13. Stop it with the kid gloves on these domestic terrorists. Arrest them already and keep them locked up.

    1. Exactly like four years of Trump Bulls—–t and counting he should have been gone in the first year.

  14. I remember after 9/11 everyone was labeled domestic terrorist. What is the difference here? After all that has happened it has opened my eyes. USA is a extremely racist country.

  15. They gave a woman protesting the Keystone pipeline 10 years while slapping the wrist of people who tried to overthrow the government. The question has to be asked, does the current DOJ including the FBI want Trump in power.

  16. The one officer literally read the statute dealing with domestic terrorism to the committee. It is literally what these people engaged in.
    What is the point of having laws if they’re not going to be enforced?

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