DOJ Investigating ‘Bribery-For-Pardon’ Scheme | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

DOJ Investigating ‘Bribery-For-Pardon’ Scheme | The Last Word | MSNBC


Fmr. U.S. attorney Chuck Rosenberg joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss a potential “bribery-for-pardon” scheme involving presidential pardons and why prosecutors wanted to keep the documents under seal. Aired on 12/1/2020.
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DOJ Investigating ‘Bribery-For-Pardon’ Scheme | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @PianoMan 2018 haha you’re so deep in the liberal spin machine you’re commenting on a comment in a 3 minute video by your dreaded “msm”. Every right-wing sycophant’s argument is “Just you wait the evidence will come out blah blah, I have zero proof or evidence of my own to back MY claims besides random articles from right wing sources, but you stupid liberals and your fake news!” The burden of proof seems to only be on the left. Understand something bud, EVERY election has discrepancies. Your boy (Diaperdon) is a HUGE cheater and liar. Does that mean Biden doesn’t lie? NO. What it does mean is the better liar won by over 6 million votes and the sooner you simpletons get over it and realize even if you threw out 3 million votes for Biden he still wins by 3MILLION. God luck trying to throw 6 million American votes down the drain. Find some validation in your OWN life and let the world move on for Pete’s sake you bunch of nerds!

    2. @Ragnar Lothbrok love right-wing dog whistles hah. “ Do you ever research for yourself” Its funny how EVERY Time you read a comment like this (and Ive seen it used plenty) there is never a list or an example that follows of their supposed magical source of nonpartisan pristine unbiased factual information, but ill wait for that list from the wannabe viking.

    3. @PianoMan 2018Haha do you want a list of people that went to jail over that same investigation, or how your boys trying so hard to pardon all of them and his corrupt offspring. But hunter right. Classic projection. This is fun! Im employed and happily a progressive science loving capitalist, but keep those OAN curse words coming.We all know You’re just a lonely silly incelly belly. Theres still love in this world open your heart! Let the hate, and judgement out in more constructive ways.

    4. @PianoMan 2018 hahaha I actually work for myself so are you me lmao. You saying youre a 1%er automatically proves you are 100%er not. You are just a lonely troll who has overindulged on the drama of politics and have become a glutton for propaganda and fear mongering, but the time draws near for you to find a new source for your obsession and compliance. Keep kneeling to false kings. Funny thing about snakes is they lay low on their bellys. Seems to be the trend with your type.

    5. Aww poor 1%er snowflake pianoboy2018 with an account from june 2020 ran away and I was having so much fun..anddd erased his comments.. Nothing but cowards and illiterates projecting their fears on the rest of us. Stay happy people, not hateful!

    1. @HappyFnDeplorable if that’s what you keep hearing trump say, stop drinking that Fool-Aid and clear your head.

    1. My late Mom once quipped that the whole Trump saga was like Tom Clancy and Hunter Thompson spent a lost weekend writing the trashiest novel they could come up with, while on acid.

    2. @Darktolight you’re accusing a news network of giving ‘aid and/or comfort’ to which enemy exactly?
      Is that liable?

    1. @Richard Cory Mitch McConnell: “I think the President is 100 per cent within his rights to use his Constitutional power of pardon to grift a few million bucks to fund his legal options.”

    2. @John anderson Did the fact that both Barr and Durham have said Biden is not a subject or target of ANY criminal investigation plum evade you?

    3. @undeadpresident Over a dozen of instances of obstruction and over a dozen instances of retaliation firing are crimes he committed. Tax fraud has been admitted to by Trump. Bank and insurance fraud is lurking for Trump as well There is evidence of multiple crimes.

    1. Corporations are meant to be held in check by the consumer. We went for decades not doing our jobs for fear of losing our nice little toys if we said anything. Corporations played their roles well. We the consumers didn’t. Point the finger in the right direction.

    2. Corporate protection should have limits! No more moving money around! If your a holder of a corporation’s you should have to disclose all corporate holdings in full with share and offices held.

    1. @teacup3133 Joe Biden wasn’t the one who colluded with a foreign superpower to steal an election. Nice try though.
      And you *REALLY* shouldn’t like your own comments. There isn’t too many things more incredibly lame than doing that!

    1. Had corn n cob over for 50 member family Thanksgiving get together, there weren’t much left overs.

  1. brilliantly said and explained, ty mr rosenberg and mr o’donnell. and yep, those involved must be sweating bullets right about now, lol.

  2. The ONLY thing I’m surprised is that the Justice Department is actually investigating something legitimate!

    (sarcastic) *congrats* barr, is he finally remembering his job is representing the people and not his “god”

    he acknowledged the legitimacy of 2020 election

    President -elect BIDEN & Vice President elect Harris are indeed the WINNERS

    AND trump-pence are LOSERS

    1. @Dean Romanado And in case you forgot, the man’s a Billionaire, do you know how often people attempt to Extort a Billionaire in search of a Payday?

    2. @Dean Romanado But, I honestly don’t believe you can Sight Evidence of your Claim’s. I think your full of Sh*t.

    1. The sketch artist drew a bronze-colored elderly man with platinum blonde hair, and white circles around his eyes. This mystery could go unsolved forever.

    2. @Christopher Colon did they enter evidence into record in court?

      Then it was an anti-democracy anti-choice fund rally streamed live for sheep who think they are wolves and that some lady is a “kraken”

    1. @John Dough Lol, yeah they’re investigating Clinton for alleged Pardon for Pay in Trump’s watch. You are Insanely Funny, even without trying to be. Thanks for giving me a Good Laugh


    3. @John Dough
      Hurl insults??? You mean like your orange leader? Has the con man EVER done a day’s work or talked about FACTS? He is Mr. fiction. Educating your kind somewhere close to accepting facts, truths, science, reality, humanity, civility will be futile. America should try to save your next generation.

    4. @John Dough Hahahahaha, Oh man, I’ve seen a lot of Trumpers huffing COPIUMi in these comment sections, but you, sir, take the cake. You know that Bill Clinton left office in January, 2001, right?

    1. biden’s handlers will stop most of the dirt and will only hang out enough dirty laundry to appease people.

    2. @Richard Worden jr. thanks for the Q-annoying propaganda
      You’ve been doing this how long and you’ve helped no one and solved nothing?
      And you whine about “sleepy” Joe?

  3. Maybe we should restrict the powers of the presidential pardon? In case we ever have a president that is a complete crook…

    1. There is already a crook in the WH and it is not Nixon. Alas, the constitution was written by gentlemen for gentlemen and not men of mischief.

    2. I so agree because the next crook in office with be smart for real. These crazed wannabees have the Trump Playbook now. All they need is a brilliant (not fake brilliant) man to totally rile up the crazed base.

    3. Presidential pardon is supposed to be an executive check on the judicial branch, but clearly things have been broken.

    4. @Made Up Alas yes, and not just the presidential pardon. Nepotism is alive and well in living in the WH. Just because of Bobby Kennedy Trump thought he too could bring his entire family. But his enablers enabled him.

    1. It’s always amazing to me how you are willing to just believe things before investigations even start. Are you able to see your problem here?

    2. @Crispin Fornoff only gets his news from “the source”… Q and Stormfront ? Maybe a Jones?
      He won’t say… they never do

    1. He didn’t sell them, he gave them away! He gave Kislyak classified information that became “sensitive” information in their first meeting, he gave him Israeli intelligence in their second meeting, and warned them of the impending missile strike in Syria so they could move equipment and personnel. Do you think they didn’t warn their Syrian allies?

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